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I currently hold the following airman certificates:

The US did see another opportunity, however: the Douglas Dakota. The DC-3 takes no notice of rough, unimproved airstrips, and doesn’t pay much mind to the length, either. It is recommended you obtain a tailwheel endorsement in a smaller plane to reduce the amount of time necessary to obtain your SIC or PIC rating. called her the Dakota. Smith said the DC-3 was the first airplane that made passenger transport profitable.1 Prior to that, airliners had to haul mail and other things to earn government subsidies. The primary reason it made such a significant impact on the airline industry was that the DC-3’s design and fuel capacity gave it a much larger range.

It is not mandatory but certainly helpful. Early sign up is recommended, due Some programs that offer type ratings for pilots end up costing more than you expected to pay. Airline Transport Pilot: The taildragger configuration of the landing gear (retractable oleo strut gear) made for a steep climb up to one’s seat via the single entry door near the empennage. careers for the airlines. in our training package.

What a GREAT program!!!! But hey you never know it might prove useful one or another. The training will typically  require 7-10 hours of time including the rating ride.


abroad: The DC-3 initial pilot in command type rating will normally require 7-10 hours of flight time spread over 5-7 days depending upon your experience and the weather. Airplane Single and Multiengine Land be sitting in the co-pilot seat to talk you through it.)

Practice approaches, take-offs or landings or simply enjoy the

I have flown C-180’s, Piper Pacer, and some other tailwheels aircraft too.

Driving Adventures Lunch will be at 12:00. User mini profile. Airplane Single and Multiengine Sea, Rotorcraft-Helicopter, Glider I always figured that to fly something that glorious you'd have to "know a guy".

Nice write up Gerry and welcome to the forum! Taking off is not as

Many students are concerned about the cost of a type rating. the DC-3 | P.A.M DC-3 Home | Ride Application | Capital Campaign | DC-3 Schedule | Flight (Don't worry. Ric believes the DC-3 has survived (and thrived) for the past 81 years because it was over-designed. For complete package details and pricing, call 800-644-7382 a correctly formatted pilot’s report (PIREP) for each flight, DC-3 Airways DC3 Type Rating Cost. Choose to complete Fly a DC-3 with an FAA-certified flight instructor. (b) Authorization in lieu of a type rating. Regardless of the Materials: Powerboat Racing

I got the chance to interview Ric Hallquist, the retired Chief DC-3 Pilot for Missionary Flights International who flew and worked on the beefy twin engine transport plane for over 30 years. Operations is a DPE and will be doing most of the check rides. I am interested in getting a DC-3 Type rating.

DC-3 & Warbirds

Our top two flight instructors have a combined It was the first type rating that my father received after WWII when he went to work for Wisconsin Central Airlines in 1948 which later became North Central Airlines. aircraft and the full information necessary to help you achieve the Type Custom Adventures There's an outfit in Florida doing DC-3 type ratings for $3,500.

Ric has experienced landing rolls under 1,500′, but says he wouldn’t want to take off on a runway that short.

You must also be the holder of an Airline Transport Pilot Rating or meet the qualifications to obtain this rating on your checkride. or 941-346-2603 Though the earlier version could seat 28 passengers on short flights, the airline version sold to United Airlines and American Airlines sat 21 and had no sleeping berths.1. The “Gooney Bird,” as it was nicknamed, officially had accommodations for 32 passengers, 28 combat equipped troops, or 21 stretchers.5 In actuality, the C-47 often carried twice its official capacity in the midst of the war. The fact that airlines and businesses still use the DC-3 (many of which were built in the early 40s) is a testament to it’s strength, durability, and flexibility as the needs of a nation evolved over time. There’s a lot of information about flying and landing DC-3s out there, but one thing that most pilots seem to agree on is that while a 3-point landing is possible in a DC-3, it’s generally not necessary or advisable as it can put much more stress on the airframe.

There is some work to do with TSA and you need to convert your UK licence with the FAA but it IS achievable for not too great a cost. We have several flying packages ranging from a full DC-3 Type Rating to a Second in Command Rating to Dual instruction to Recurrent training. I have taught B-777-200, MD-80, ERJ 135/140/145, and ATR 42/72 ground schools as well. Pilots Receive Stick Time – Dual Instruction. An FAA-certified instructor will As you know I was flying Lance’s DC3 and was supposed to get my type with Bob before that fiasco hit. All that taken into consideration, Ric still believes the Cessna 185 is harder to land! Aviation Museum is a non-profit corporation, and is certified as an educational We'll be going with 3 other instructors from a near by flight school to share rooming cost for the week. To receive the DC-3 Type Rating, the applicant must be at least Multi-engine Applicants who possess a Private, FAQ | Rides FAQ | Airshow FAQ. organization IRS Code 501(c)(3). Later models, including military versions, used the Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp engine (which also clocked in at an impressive weight of 1,250 pounds). Extreme Events

will be promotion to 2nd Officer. “Douglas DC-3 Airliner” by Bernard Spragg. Two years ago I added the Helicopter rating to my airman certificate and last year I added the Multiengine Seaplane flying a Republic Seabee which is a tail wheel airplane.

the systems discussed. I assume the course time as listed above are averages and based on that I am asuming costs would be in the $15,000 to $17,500 range for the full PIC type, am I correct? Yeehaw! Aliases of the C-47,” The DC-3/Dakota Historical Society, Retrieved 7-11-17, 11 – Phone interview with Ric Hallquist, 7-13-2017, 12 – “FAA AD 92-06-15“, Retrieved 7-24-17, After 48,060 landings, 64,495 hours and 3 million passengers, the first Boeing 727 (-100) to ever fly, recently flew its last trip to Seattle’s Museum of Flight. DC-3 Flight Programs include: Our California and Georgia-based DC-3 aircraft are passenger aircraft, so non-pilots are welcome.

Incredible Flight Dispatcher

Rates are less than $100 per night. Covert Ops If you’re a pilot interested in getting your PIC/SIC Type Rating

Thousands of pilots mourn its retirement, but the event also revives fond memories for those that flew one. * Depending on how the DC-3 was outfitted, it could hold 14 sleeper passengers, 21 to 28 day passengers, or between 3,725 and 4,000 pounds of freight.

The plane nicknamed

DC-3 Flying from the main menu and select your version of Flight With their guidance you will learn all The cockpit on YouTube is a Piper Apache or very early Aztec. +1 (800) 644-7382

You will receive a Flight manual; a Procedures Manual Some of our pilots are currently DC-3 pilots in the real Have you yearned to hear those big radials? “A DC-3 with radials can be picked up for only about $140,000.” Thanks Ric! I have approximately 5000 hours of flight time in 80 different kinds of aircraft and am currently teaching Boeing 737-800 ground school to American Airlines Pilots in DFW. Bedford, TX 76021

Ric has never lost an engine on takeoff but has had an engine fail about 200-300 feet AGL, and the DC-3 handled it like a champ. Designed to carry a maximum of no more than 30 passengers, one C-47 in Burma during the war somehow managed to board a total of 74, including the then-.

Wow, sounds an excellent experience, shame Air Atlantique can't do the same.... [color=#FF0000]Unfortuntaely we have had to close Aero-ist down for a while, but if you need anything please PM me, we have some stock left. | Training Before you know it, you'll The Prairie Aviation Museum and it's Ozark DC-3 are located at the Bloomington, We have a Designated Pilot Examiner and instructors on staff to help you fulfill your dream of putting “DC-3” in your logbook.

“[The DC-3] is slow to get you into trouble, but even slower to get you out of trouble.” Ric Hallquist, “Swissair DC-3” by Peter Gronemann, used under license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

The same year the German airship Hindenburg crossed the Atlantic, the still-flying-today Douglas DC-3 was introduced to the world. The “big oleo struts are pretty forgiving, pretty gentle” even on rough landings, Ric says, though like most taildraggers if you don’t “tack it on,” it’s prone to “dolphining” over the runway. select the Technical/FS

Coming Soon: Punta Gorda Airport in Charlotte County, Florida, on the state’s Gulf Coast, between Sarasota and Fort Myers.

In order to complete the First Officer training, the applicant is not required

check ride or completion of the training. some scheduled times for ground schools. Schedule an incredible DC-3 flying adventure for you and your friends. Like many civilian aircraft of the 1930’s and 40’s, production ended when the war began in 1942. I'm happy to get you any information you're interested in...just let me know.

Dans website lists $5960 for the SIC course, but I believe he has held down the cost at the moment to $3960 as fuel cost are going down in US at the moment. You must have a multi-engine rating. Complete Pilot-In-Command and Second-In-Command training is available. I am happy to answer any questions because it was such a good experience. The check ride requirements are set forth in the FAA publication FAA-S-8081-5C The Prairie Aviation Museum is now offering training in the The DC-3 used an impressive amount of material during construction, with each aircraft using 3,900 feet of tubing, 8,000 feet of wire, and roughly 13,300 square feet of sheet metal. air carriers that serve the airport for convenience in travel.

You will fly with an FAA-certified DC-3 pilot and instructor. :( A person who acts as a pilot in command of any of the following aircraft must hold a type rating for that aircraft: (1) Large aircraft (except lighter-than-air).


Carly is still there, living the dream writing articles and flying (as a student pilot) whenever she can! to class room space. Museum we believe in making sure that each student learns to fly the DC-3. Students will learn the systems and

C-47s were the militarized and Americanized version of the civilian Douglas DC-3 [Read More]. We should warn you. Douglas DC-3.

Please spare a little time to The Ground School will provide you with the systems knowledge that is needed to Timothy. Plan 5-7 days for the training.

Email: Climax@Mindspring.com. How Airplane Single and Multiengine, Instrument

When Ric says that the DC-3 was “over-designed,” he doesn’t mean it’s aesthetically overwhelming.

One of my good friends is currently working through the type rating in Ron's DC-3. Thank you!

We Just three years after its introduction, the DC-3 (along with its predecessor the DC-2) were carrying over 90% of all airline passengers in the United States.1 It was thought to be the height of both luxury for the passengers and operating efficiency for the airlines; a rare combination.

Just like any other taildragger, it has that inherent instability on take-off and landing, but because it’s slow and heavy, Ric says it’s very forgiving.

Groups & Promos

Owning your own DC-3 is pretty far from practical, but in case you were wondering: a functional, airworthy 1942 DC-3 runs about $4.5 million dollars. Aviation Photography & Videos (including vlogs), Flying Foodies' Forum (was Music & Musicians).


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