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They obtain their ferocious name from their striking patterns of bars and stripes. Also known as a Fox shark, it has two relatives, Pelagic Thresher and Bigeye Thresher. When a Thresher shark hunts, it uses its tail to lash and snap against schools of fish, stunning and/or killing lots of fish at once, leaving the shark to feed at its own pace. Prionace glauca The Thresher shark might seem like a creature out of fantasy, but rest assured, it is an actual shark. You rely on hit and run tactics that require powerful tail, but once mastered the fastest shark in the game is a force to be reckoned with.
Tier 3: 60 Damage, Breaks walls and consumables, The Thresher is about as durable as the Mako, yet has none of the thrash-damage that his aforementioned rival has.

This skin pattern is actually more vivid in juveniles and it will gradually fade as the shark matures. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Tiger sharks are registered as one of the most dangerous sharks to humans, only rivaled by the great white and a rival itself of the bull shark. As a matter of fact, this aggressiveness makes them even more dangerous and prone to taste-test humans more often compared to most other sharks. Its active ability is Mark Prey. I don't think the differences in balance in a objective view are enough to warrant any weight at all.

Tier 2: Duration: 3s, Damage Reduction: 40%, Ignores tranquilizing effects. Releasing rage built from nearby diver activity, the Bull proportionally gains up to 160% Health, 200% Stamina, and 166% Damage. The Whitetip's pilot fish switch between assisting in attacking prey and protecting the shark. The Hammerhead is a difficult shark to utilize on all maps since its damage does not come from simple thrashing, but rather ramming divers into walls and objects.

A straight, full speed tackle into a wall will almost instantly kill any diver caught between the Hammerhead and its goal.

The shark depicted in the game is a Common Thresher shark, the largest of the known thresher sharks. The Blue is a nimble shark with a unique sense of smell.

If the target dies while the Mark is active, the killer heals a portion of its health instantly. The Bull shark is a medium threat with an anger problem, making it an aggressive and unpredictable foe. Communication is important when playing Bull since it has a harder start than others. The Goblin is best known for its terrifying extendable jaw packed full of needle-like teeth, and it's distinct surfboard-shaped like nose. Great whites often perform test bites, comparatively more gentle bites that allow the shark to determine whether something offers any decent food value.

It's not the best early game, but if your teammate is at least capable of getting kills you will quickly be able to snowball out of control and be unkillable. © Valve Corporation. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

Thresher sharks are not aggressive to humans and no real records of deaths are attributed to thresher sharks. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Here is mine: 1. People playstyles varies, some are better at some sharks.

All rights reserved. Smelling out delicious prey, the Blue can help other sharks heal, or perform its own hit and run attacks. Picking the correct evolutions for your shark can, and probably will be difficult without extensive experience with different diver mentalities, players, weapons, and upgrades. These test bites can, however, be devastating to a weak human body and blood and limbs can be lost. S tier: Mako - Really impossible to deal with a good mako. Though it lacks immediate force, the Bull's true strength lies in its ability to Enrage, temporarily becoming one of the strongest beasts in the sea.

The Whitetip's pilot fish switch between assisting in attacking prey and protecting the shark. © Valve Corporation. Strikes fear in the divers, causing them to hallucinate another goblin shark.

It's been a while since we had a thread on this, so I'm curious to see how everyone currently feels all the sharks stack up. Applies a Mark to the diver the Blue is facing.

The Mako may be the smallest of the trio, but don't let that trick you; he's fast as hell and twice as mean. Good on every map. Tiger - Best all around shark.

Although sluggish in nature, the Goblin makes up for this in combat with its intimidating appearance known to incite panic in divers.

A good hammerhead should always be on top of any list, and (((goblin))) being on bottom because its cancer trash. The bull shark, similar to the in-game depiction, is a very aggressive shark and is known to have higher testosterone levels than any other animal, making it one of the most aggressive animals on the planet. Goblin SSS++++SSSS++++++++++SSSS+++SS Tier. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The Thresher damages all nearby prey and temporarily disables flashlights by snapping its tail like a whip to create a pressure expansion., Tier 1: Duration: 3s, Damage Reduction: 30%. Utilize its. The Hammerhead shark does not rival any of the other sharks in pure stats but rather excel in its nature of quickly killing of divers then moving on to the next.

The Thresher has a unique passive feature. Most hammerhead sharks, compared to other sharks, are typically more social during the day and hunt alone at night.

It's been a while since we had a thread on this, so I'm curious to see how everyone currently feels all the sharks stack up.

The Lemon is a master of stalking its prey, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. The reason being that the pectoral fins of a shark are very rigid and cannot bend upwards like most species of fish.
What is your shark tier list? Diving in and out in quick succession lets a Thresher use his quick damage to take down his target then escaping, much like the Mako. Despite some shark species being referred to as males in their descriptions. Thresher sharks, as well as its two relatives in the, The fastest known tail-snap done by a Thresher shark was measured up to 80 miles per hour (30 miles per hour is the average), Tier 1: Duration: 4s, 100% Rage Gain, Cooldown: 15s, Tier 2: Duration: 4s, 120% Rage Gain, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 3: Duration: 4s, 140% Rage Gain, Cooldown: 8s, The Bull shark does not have the same direct power as the Great White or Tiger shark has but makes up for it using its, Trying to dive in and out as Bull is a very effective strategy since it can quickly give itself temporary health and stamina through. 1. This species specializes in aggressive tactics, with the highest durability of all sharks. There is one record of a provoked Thresher attack happening but never resulted in any deaths. The upgrade 'Powerful Tail' grants The Hammerhead a more flexible approach even when speed your speed isn't at it's best. The Bull shark is one of few sharks in the world that can survive in freshwater. Often seen living in a mutualistic relationship with pilot fish, the Oceanic Whitetip and its friends live and die together. Tier 3: Duration: 3s, Damage Reduction: 50%, Ignores all crowd control effects for the duration.

It's worth spending time learning all maps, not only for getting used to different routes for clever picks but to remember health, ammo stations, breakable walls, diver camping spots and how to counter them.

The Thresher has a very agile jiggle bone that acts as its tail. Try and build up enough speed and lunge at a diver to reach max velocity before impacting a wall. It does, however, use its head occasionally to pin down rays, which they then devour, venomous barb and all.


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