eastenders barmaids list

On Christmas Eve 1987, after desperately trying to convince Mary to return to Stockport, a very drunk Chris abducts Annie and tries to drive her home, only to crash into a wall at the local bed and breakfast on Bridge Street. Sick of being forced to live in an arranged marriage with a husband she loathes, Naima makes a stand and shames her family by filing for a divorce. Ricky made a brief return to EastEnders in June 2012. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. She moved into the pub in 1997 and even gave birth to son Brad in the back room.

Guido allows Donna to stay in his flat for one night, only to throw her out for overstaying her welcome. He returns to Walford in 1988 with his daughter Elizabeth (Lucy Bayler), after his marriage has hit a rocky patch.

On 17 February 2020, Tracey revealed to Mo Harris that she and Phil Mitchell slept together. Gillie Hampton, played by Clare James, is the wife of prisoner Victor Hampton (Michael Brogan).

Whilst out working, Mary leaves her daughter, Annie, in Sheena's care, but she is caught by Sue 'entertaining' a man in Mary's room with Annie in close proximity.

Mantel and Vinnicombe are good friends, and Mantel reports directly to him. She and Dot Cotton (June Brown) are lifelong friends and although they wind each other up, they are completely dependent on each other. The women of the Karim and Ahmed families meet in secret, to discuss the possibility of Shireen and Jabbar marrying. [22] Kris Green, also from Digital Spy, said that he wanted to ask scriptwriters to give more lines to Tracey,[23] in addition to calling Tracey's scenes with Sean Slater "iconic". The next day, Tracey is present when Ronnie is arrested on suspicion of Archie's murder, and looks shocked.

A list of all EastEnders characters, in order of first appearance.

Bennison has "mixed memories" about her role in EastEnders, commenting in 2003: "it was the start of the soap and the fame was very instant for everybody.

Frank agrees to get her the car free of charge. She has an on/off relationship with her ill-fated boyfriend Andy O'Brien (Ross Davidson). In April 1986, Hannah and Cassie arrive on Tony's doorstep with the disturbing news that Neville has been beating Cassie with a riding whip. She viciously attacks Mehmet in the middle of the Square and leaves for Northern Cyprus, taking her children with her. Tina worked in the Rovers from 1989 to 1990. Tracey[11][12] (known to fans as Tracey the barmaid[13]) is played by Jane Slaughter. Andy makes his appearance one month after the show first broadcast in March 1985.

Colin's liberal opinions clash with Guido's more conservative ones.


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