eddb void opals

Min buy price: 0 Cr. It's insane. Press J to jump to the feed. Use Inara to locate the stations buying the commodity at the best price. Nothing about "Void Opal".

Edit: But im still struggling to identify the correct asteroids with void opal cores - guess i have to put in more hours. I found a “void opal hotspot” but none of the asteroids I prospect have void opals in them, including the ones that light up yellow... I’m in a Major Reserves ring. But the 1000km radius around the nav markers (which is the best place for doing asteroid mapping) can get mined out with around 1000 mining runs over 6 days, which could feasibly happen. Murder hobos will love it though. Drop at hotspot then fly in one direction until you are around 120km from the hotspot. The logistical issue are ... not inconsiderable ... Every minute of the day there'd be about a million pirates going towards the sun from the gas giant in supercruise in order to top up their fuel tanks.

I misread that. .] does something like kinetic resistance help, or just overall shield strength like when you. Commodity Ngadandari Fire Opals in Elite: Dangerous - Find the best buying and selling stations

Could you send me a pointer so I can check it out? For cores, FDev have changed that to 6 days, which is more easily depleted. This way of doing it is a lot of extra work but its so much fun and i saw a real increase in my yield as a result. I usually go for a uninhabited system.

Watch out for pirates, they appear when you enter the asteroid field. However, it's actually in one's own best interest to avoid the 1000km radius, too - since the CMDRs who discovered these places have very likely already mined there - I certainly have! Can anyone please suggest stations where I can sell Opals and Low Temperature Diamonds at a high price? That's part of the reason I waited until I had a few places to post. I haven't been able to experiments with it yet though, so I don't … This. Once these yahoos from fdev fix pwa they broke for no reason , yeah go have fun getting grasp of core mining. Thank you, CMDRs, for respecting my 'claim' - I've twice harvested my inside-1000km map at LHS 1857 1 without seeing other detonations. Keep in mind the prices do change, so check Inara daily to keep yourself updated. And that's if ... and it's a big IF ... the game matches you up in the same instance, which is by no means guaranteed. You can go on eddb.io and look a void opals and highest selling price. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. EDDB does not have (Void) Opals listed. The Krait MkII I like as a combat alternative with its handy fighter bay. (in case of Commodities, it's down to 50LY - which can easily be insufficient to get a proper quote i.e. as of 21/12/2018, now selling for 182.952, Never even thought of checking INARA, thanks. Made like 50 mill a run! What works for me is finding my own hot spots. Pristine icy rings. Heading back after I get the kids to bed. I'll be staying here and checking everytime i play. If you're out mining for two hours and then spend five minutes cruising back to the station that's a 1:24 ratio. I don't want someone posting my ring. If you're seeing clouds, you're in previously-mined territory. Scan ring for hotspot. If this is how the pilots guild treats us, maybe let's hear the 'goids counteroffer? Highest I can find is around 400,000 and even then, I’ve been going from system to system for probably an hour looking for just a hotspot or two and FINALLY just found one after looking at probably 16-20 rings but the family wants to see a movie so I’m probably not going to even be able to get to mining tonight.

Commodities in Elite: Dangerous - Average prices, maximum profit and station coverage On EDDB the selling ship list is visible on the station page for now. Drop at hotspot then fly in one direction until you are around 120km from the hotspot. Has it been confirmed that ring quality influenced crackable asteroids? The simple answer to your question is any icy ring with pristine reserves. Void opals sell good, but mining is fun now and there are plenty of valuable rocks out there ! A search function will be added later! Well, I think it's true haha. Dsign mentioned to look for red, but HUD color edits will change this, which is why I said look for bright-brighter returns. Category: Minerals. Yeah just do your homework. Log in sign up. Was mining around Hudson Observatory (near Delphi) with Painite selling for ~200k a pop. Scan your own Void Opal hotspot by probing the ring with your DSS. Get some music playing, grab yourself a cold one and mine for a few hours, then change for a bit and come back later, Great post by Dsign, so no need to go over it again. I don't take that to be a realistic worry. Greetings Commander, want a more instant approach to your questions and need for help? This is the subreddit for everything related to mining asteroids in the space trading and combat simulator game Elite: Dangerous. I returned a while back and saw my friends all had made a killing on the Void Opal market and I wanted in. I could probably mine there for the rest of my career and be set lol, Why not just use EDDB and Inara to find the closest Icy ring with pristine reserves to your location and then the closest highest selling station? You control your own spaceship in which you can participate in exploring a 1:1 scale Milky Way, trade between star systems, participate in bounty-hunting wanted ships, and even pirate other ships for their cargo. Then use eddb to search for pristine ice rings “ near by”. If you go to galaxy map and filter by powerplay you'll see a big bubble of colourful forms around stars in a small little bubble of the galaxy. I'll update as/when I find other great places! Awesome!

Anybody who says go outside the bubble is wrong: There are two sites you should use. Use weed. Use EDDB to locate Pristine Icy rings using the station's system as a reference. Just made like 30 mil at 1.6 mil per.
This is the bubble. Having a public log of where to go mining is also a terrible idea. Try looking for extraction economy systems to mine in because those should have more hotspots in theory. I've been hearing tale of 350 mil and hour from many players, and far higher from youtubers.

Yes ice rings. Void opals sell good, but mining is fun now and there are plenty of valuable rocks out there ! Greetings commander personally I search for ice rings the more pristine aka further from the center the better then I fly out and hit the ring with a detailed surface scanner and hope I get a hot spot. You can also mine materials, which can be usefull if you visit engineers. What are they going to do, drop into the ring and hope that they picked somewhere within 20-50km of you ... in a radius of ~14,000km??? Locate with eddb. I made a few hundred mill a couple of days ago and then started dipping my toe into Engineers. Pulse wave scanner : will display "hot" asteroids withing a ring, letting you know which rock to blow up or not. Any good opal hot-spots nearby?

Making it hard to fight the urge to go back to mining. I have seen no hard info from FDev on this though -- just my perception from my own experience. User account menu. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Made quite a bit. (Hint: it's the name of a recent Disney movie). https://imgur.com/gallery/Syz2dYn Even low temp diamonds dropped pretty sharply for me. So please respect those CMDRs that have been generous enough to share. I just made 150 million on void opals selling them for 1.6 million per ton. Well there's two problems with that - firstly that miners spend a vanishingly small amount of their overall time in supercruise. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Get close to it, send probes on the rings with the Detailed Surface Scanner and locate the hotspots : you are looking for Concentration of Void Opals (I thinks that's what they're called in english). Went to EDDB and found some Pristine Icy Rings, but the first 4 i scanned had no Viod Opal hotspots (some even had 0 zones) - is this normal? Remember to keep an eye on your mining spot aswell, lots of people mine opals, you may not be the only one on that ring. Scan ring for hotspot. The simple answer to your question is any icy ring with pristine reserves. Might as well share where I've been mining the last week, Pandhis 1. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If it's not close enough, then just wait. I cannot find (Void) Opals listed on EDDB.io. They either changed that deliberately or it died in the LTD crossfire. So you are saying EDDB is useless? I Used surface scanners on every ring. If mined out, it used to be the case that the contents would respawn every 2 hours. Only 3 jumps from a 1,6m sell station! Now I know that there are some people who will insist that if one station pays 1,000,001 per void opal and another pays 1,000,002 per void opal that it is utterly impossible to sell at the first station, not everyone is that inflexible.
That's the basic stuff you'll need inside your ship. You can go on eddb.io and look a void opals and highest selling price. Use EDDB and search for bodies with pristine(can't hurt) icy rings. It's also roughly 2,100 Ly from Sol so you might want to pack a lunch and/or hitch a ride. Just find a hotspot on your own, it's not that hard.


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