edmonton tornado deaths

According to Environment Canada, by 2005 Edmonton had been struck by 18 tornadoes. Debris from these structures was scattered hundreds of yards away, and damage in this area was rated high-end EF1 to EF2. [31] During the early-morning hours of April 13, the pre-frontal squall line shifted eastward into eastern Georgia and the Carolinas, with numerous well-organized embedded supercells forming within the line, producing many strong tornadoes across the region. The tornado then weakened slightly, but maintained EF2 intensity as it crossed SR 255 and moved directly through the central part of Sumac, where a house was destroyed and a few others sustained minor damage. Due to these limiting factors, a high-end EF4 rating was applied as a result. EF1 damage continued as the tornado approached and crossed Brown Farm Road and Radisson Road.

All Rights Reserved. [6][8] Increased instability associated with anomalously warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico has been associated with an increased risk of severe weather and tornado activity. EF3 tree damage continued along Three Notch Road, while a mobile home and two frame homes were destroyed nearby. Twenty-three people were injured. [110], In heavy-hit Monroe, Louisiana, the National Guard was deployed to assist in debris removal. The tornado than crossed over the Lena Expressway and destroyed another residence at EF3 intensity before reaching it maximum width of ~3⁄4 mile (1.2 km) and mowing down a large swath of trees and destroying a cell tower. At least 1,200 homes and 75 businesses were damaged or destroyed and losses exceeded $10 million. The death toll in the wake of the F3 tornado that struck Sudbury and nearby communities on August 20, 1970, wasn’t the most significant in Canada or even in Ontario (Windsor lost 17 and 9 people in two separate outbreaks in 1946 and 1974, while 12 Ontarians died in a 1985 storm, including eight in Barrie).

Six others died on June 14 in 1892, when a tornado hit Sainte-Rose, now part of Laval. [101], More than 1.44 million customers from Texas into Pennsylvania lost power at one time during the storm, and more than 4.3 million customers in total were impacted. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? The tornado then weakened back to EF2 intensity as it crossed Felix Road and Holmes Road, as several power poles were snapped and a large swath of trees was flattened. [17][38] The tornado maintained EF2 intensity, crossed the Ouachita River two times, and impacted Riverbend Drive. A trailer was tipped over at LA 34 before the tornado reached EF2 strength as it moved into West Monroe. [91] The Twin Cities recorded 5.1 in (130 mm) of snow, setting a new Easter Sunday record going back to 1891. Canada’s most lethal tornado killed 28 in Regina in 1912. Large swaths of trees were snapped for several miles, including some along Interstate 59 between the Heidelberg and Vossburg exits.


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