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This “auto correct” option may not cover your needs, especially if you like to have empty spaces before and after the em dash. Step 1: Place your insertion pointer where you need to type the em dash symbol. It's amazing the number of workarounds readers have come up with! I'll admit it — I'm nerdy enough to have opinions about grammar, especially about the em dash. In the past I would open the Character Map program (Start > Run > charmap), search for “dash”, and then copy/paste. Step 4: Release the Alt key after typing the Alt code and you’ll immediately see the — symbol inserted. So, basically, there's no way of getting an en dash, in general, on a (very normal) PC laptop, except for finding it somewhere and then copy-pasting it, right? In such cases a keyboard shortcut is the best way. They’re practically invisible. For some reason, this trick isn't widely known among writers. I go to Google Chrome if I'm not there already,)

}. Em dash (—): Shift-+ Alt/Option +-hyphen or Command + M, Book Cover Ideas: The Ultimate Guide To Bestselling Book Covers, Metaphor, Simile, And Analogy: Everything You Need to Know, How To Outline A Nonfiction Book: A Step-By-Step Guide, How To Become A Publisher (The Ultimate Guide), First Line Generator: 101 Sentences To Get You Started Writing. Shit, I need an en dash, fuck fuck fuck,

It probably depends on which operating system you're using.

In Microsoft Word, you don’t need the numerical codes. How to insert an em dash on Windows PC. There are also predicate functions that return true it the character is a single quote, double quote or a dash. }. Here's what you'll need to know. Write and Edit Efficiently with Word’s Quick Access Toolbar. Select the AutoCorrect tab and add these keyboard shortcuts: Now each time you type .em (dot em) in Microsoft Word, it will be replaced by an em dash, and .en will give you an en dash.

then select Ω in the emoji keyboard — from here you can find and insert your em dash Hold down ALT + type 0151 then release the alt key (this may not work on all Windows PCs) Use a free … 1. While a standard keyboard allows you use a regular dash (-), it may not have the impact or excitement you intend. So, you can try this: In Word 2010 and up, go to Tools, Options, Proofing, and click on the AutoCorrect Options button. For my purposes, I just wanted to replicate Mac’s keyboard shortcuts: Alt+Minus for En dash, andAlt+Shift+Minus for Em dash.

. And while your editor might recommend removing some of them (especially if you happen to use one in every paragraph — no judging here), ultimately, whether you keep those em dashes or replace them with commas or parentheses is your choice to make. Press the WINDOWS key + [ . ] I didn't know about alt-shift, (on the Mac it's option-shift, same key, different name), so thanks. There isn’t an autocorrect option out of the box for an en dash, though. But they’re worth a few extra steps, and knowing how to use them correctly will strengthen your writing and impress your editor. With this set-up, there are no problems creating em and en dashes in my usual way—using Alt codes. I hear you.

Thanks for a great article! If you're among the uninitiated and have no idea what I'm talking about: the em dash (the — symbol here) might just be the most superior punctuation mark there is.

The two easiest ways to insert the em dash symbol is to either use the alt code shortcut or simply copy and paste it.

Word can automatically insert em dash if you type to dashes immediately after the final letter of a word, followed again immediately (without an empty space) by the letter of the next word.

Doing the M dash is very simple--just put 2 hyphens together. Leah Williams is a writer specialising in video games & entertainment. Another Microsoft Word shortcut, pressing CTRL + - (on the keypad) will type an endash. If there were ever a competition for the most versatile punctuation mark, the em dash  would without doubt be a front runner for the title. 5. and I then mark and copy the en dash that appears under result number one, With Google Docs, you can either copy and paste either one from the Windows Character Map, press the em dash on the iOS keyboard (if you’re using a Mac), or use Google Doc’s Special Characters Window: Scrivener has autocorrect options, too – like Word and Google Docs – and can be set up to replace double dashes with em dashes. This code is designed to be used to type any symbol that has no dedicated key on the keyboard. Example 2015–2017. 1. My Favourite Web Developer Interview Question: Do you really understand arrays?

You must also turn on your NumLock key to be able to use the numeric keypad. and emdash is -,-,-. I'm hoping that if you publish it here people will eventually hear of it. Learn How to Improve Writing Skills And It Will Change Your Life, 15 Tips to Help You Write Better And Attract More Readers, 10 Simples Steps To Writing A Book (We’ve Sold One Million Copies Using These Steps). Use them correctly in your writing and you will impress a copyeditor!). An em dash is an em dash is an em dash is occasionally two dashes when your word processor drops the ball. There’s several ways to insert an em dash on PC, but not every technique will work for you.

So, unless you’re working in Microsoft Word, the best way to get special characters like em dashes and en dashes is to use one of the following options: With the first (and slowest) option, you’ll look for the symbols on your computer’s character map, then select and copy it to your clipboard and paste it into your document. I then paste it into my search field (the address bar) in Google Chrome to remove all formatting (I need to make sure nothing fucks up anything), Click on the Shortcut Key button.

You can see this post for more alternative ways to type this symbol. To create either one of these, you have the following options. However, if you want this symbol on Mac, there’s a shortcut for you. So – an em-dash ([char] 0x2014) or an en-dash ([char] 0x2013) become a simple dash (0x02d). 7. and then copy THAT no-format en dash,

To type this symbol, just press and hold the Option key whilst you type the letter M on your Mac keyboard. Parentheses are more polite, since they face a certain direction, which tells you for sure what's in the bubble and out of the bubble. You can do this by pressing and holding the Alt key whilst typing the alt code (0151 for the — symbol) using the numeric keypad.

Hooray. Oh!

If you’re currently using a Windows machine, it’s a bit more complicated. endash is -,-,. Here are a few choice picks: if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') {

Privacy Policy. In Google Docs, go to Tools, Preferences. Use an en dash (–) instead of a hyphen in a compound modifier when: One element of the modifier is an open compound. I have all-in-one laptop that weighs the same as a tablet. C.K.

For instance, to type ⓒ - just press the compose key and type (, c, and ) and it will insert the symbol. 01/19/2018; 2 minutes to read; In this article. To use an em dash on your Mac or PC, you'll need to use some quick keyboard shortcuts. You can most certainly do that, and people will know what you mean. That's absolutely brilliant! Em dashes are a fun way to let the reader inside the head of the characters and get to know their personalities. Mac operating systems all have the same shortcut for the em dash, which makes the process quick and simple.

Lindig, On a regular-size keyboard with a number keypad, I can use keyboard shortcuts to create em dashes and en dashes: My usual keyboard shortcuts don’t work on my portable laptop, though. It's not elegant, but it is workable. Name Last Name.

For the en dash I use the two hyphens and then go back and search and replace.


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