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And now you’re back on Instagram and Youtube consuming more feel-good videos on how to make yourself look spectacular with your new brow […], What collab opportunity do we have lined up in the world of fashion? TohoFit is looking for fitness influencers with a passionate active lifestyle that would like to share this brand with their followers. Shop the Yoga Luxe Leggings: $100 at Nike. Then there’s the Drakon collection with my fav emoji love high waist leggings. Sort by. Each meeting covers new topics and projects. Progress. Become a Brand Ambassador Join the NavyOaks Family! Yes, these leggings are a little pricier, but they’re made by people who just get it. Here are 8 top fitness apparel brands looking for influencers in 2020: Squats. Receive a 25% discount code for your own purchases, get a 15% coupon code to share with your followers and you’ll also earn a commission on sales. Our Brand Ambassador application is always open but we evaluate new ambassadors on a quarterly basis. And loads of sunshine and happiness. Monisha is a writer with a background in publishing and digital media. H&M is committed to accessibility.

Fitness is certainly one of them. We’ve spoken before about how sustainability is unfortunately not something one can simply click and “add to cart.” When it comes to the world of leggings at least though, there are some options that are a bit friendlier to the planet. And let me tell you right now, learn from me, don’t be like me, if you’re a yoga-hoe, just embrace it and get yourself a pair of these.

That’s a yeehaw. Would you like to share and inspire your followers with your active lifestyle? so there's a going on rn. Plus, don't miss out on all your Member rewards, birthday offer and special invites to events! Promote Girls Got Fitness and you’ll earn some tasty influencer rewards. As much as we’re into the Outdoor Voices range for #DoingThings, sometimes it’s also nice to #DoAbsoloutelyNothing in these ultra-soft leggings.

Our editor-in-chief Mahalia is a Nike fan, I have succumbed to the cult of Girlfriend Collective and Julian is eyeing up a pair from Adidas for his next pick.

But how about more gain? Legging outfits in your favorite game teams. Monthly Leggings Subscription Leggings delivered to you monthly for $16.95! These are our picks for the best leggings, may they be a stretchy palliative in these taunt times. We’re looking to celebrate those who share the highs and lows of their fitness journey — but never give up.

And when we’re allowed outside again, these are gonna be our pick for hikes and aesthetically pleasing trips to the farmer’s market. Hot jumpsuits. From stone washed, black, grey, teal, maroon and more. Are you passionate about your lifestyle and do you share your fitness enthusiasm with your followers? Then there’s the Drakon collection with my fav emoji love high waist leggings. Men; New Arrivals. Dazzling boutique dresses. Offers & Deals ; Sale; Socks : B2G1; Join Loyalty: Get 10% Off; Student Discount: Get 15% off; Trending Now.

Whoops. Like the gorgeous black Jessie burnout leggings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Like the pretty laser-cut sports bras that you’ll immediately fall in love with. And that’s what Fervid Fitness Apparel is all about. You’ll get all the activewear you need to complement your fitness lifestyle. You must be passionate about the health and fitness lifestyle and must be able to take high-quality photos.

The waistband is also very thicc and flat, meaning you can also tuck the bottom edge of a t-shirt in without it looking weird and bunched up. We are in a pandemic, there are bigger things to worry about than the ontological status of clothing. These IG-fave tights from Nimble use 6 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles in their creation, stopping them from ending up in a landfill.

Then this collab opportunity is definitely for you. Shop the AIRism Soft Leggings: $29.90 at Uniqlo. Lost in the dazzling world of beauty and makeup. Especially when it comes from Progress Gym Wear. You’ll also have an opportunity to be featured on the brand’s social accounts. the U.S. el. These leggings are one of my most worn pair: they’re the highest waisted of the bunch, I enjoy the clean single-colour and patternless aesthetic and they feel supportive enough for a HIIT workout, but relaxed enough to wear all day on the couch playing video games. I resisted Lululemon leggings for SO LONG. As connoisseurs of leggings, (or yoga pants, sports tights, skins or whatever else you wanna call them), we’ve road-tested many and saved even more to our IG wishlist folders. Get excited for exclusive deals, trend alerts, first access to our new collections, and more. Fashion-forward influencers, here’s an opportunity to promote a hot fitness apparel brand. Stunning laser-cut sports bras and leggings.


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