equine vaccination record printable
The risk of death for horses infected with EEE can be up to 75%, while the mortality rate from WEE is less, at around 20%. The vet should retain a copy of this document. If a product from either of these categories is administered to an animal, that animal must be permanently excluded from the food chain and the passport declaration should be completed at Part II of Section IX by the owner or by the vet. (source). Horses can be infected through open wounds or from eating forage that has the toxin in it. (source). If you only have one horse that never leaves the farm and never is around other horses, this vaccine is not needed. (source). I've personally worked with hundreds of horses, founded an run a successful 501(c)3 and even run a program promoting adoption of wild burros in cooperation with the US Government. Vaccination Record. The horse will then need booster shots at intervals recommended by the manufacturer to keep its immunity. This inactivated vaccine is recommended for all horses, however, it is most needed in those residing in areas prone to breakouts like Kentucky as well as the mid-Atlantic states.

Transmission can occur from the horse coming in contact with a surface that is contaminated with the nasal discharge from an infected horse, including feed, tack, stalls, water buckets, troughs, and others. Note that with this illness, vaccinating a pregnant mare that is infected will not prevent the possibility of abortion. Influenza One of the most common respiratory diseases in horses, influenza is highly contagious. The recommendation for these vaccines will be based on geographic location and the risk of exposure. There are currently 3 different types of WNV vaccines available. Stallions and mares bred to stallions that are carriers tend to be the horses most often treated with the EVA vaccine. This is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug which can be used for non-food animals and is useful in treating orthopaedic conditions. Please read my disclaimer for additional details. The one inactivated vaccine available for use with this illness has been used for over 20 years and is reportedly safe to use. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It is still possible for your vaccinated horse to get a different strain of the virus. Severe side-effects to horse vaccines include but are not limited to skin rashes, colic, and anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction that can result in low blood pressure and airway closure. Jul 4, 2015 - Horse records are an important part of the maintenance for any stable. Prevention of exposure to illnesses is just as important as vaccinations. Once excreted into the environment, it can survive for years. You should always consult with a vet before administering any medications to your horse. The vet, pharmacist or SQP must issue a document which details the medicines given to the horse. Plus, Durvet Dewormer reference chart. Horse medicines record template (MS Word Document, 51.6KB), Horse medicines record - Example template (PDF, 110KB, 1 page). Tiredness and fever are also expected reactions that shouldn’t cause much worry but should be monitored. I've owned horses for 25 years and have a particular love for gentling wild horses. Losing an emotionally-valued horse is a price you don’t want to pay if the illness could have been easily prevented with a simple vaccine. Ferret SEX Male Over 50 lbs. Currently, there are 4 different core vaccinations recommended by the AAEP including equine encephalomyelitis, rabies, tetanus, and West Nile virus. For others, depending on their location and travel plans, certain risk-based vaccinations may be needed.

Vaccination Certificate Format. Click on the button to the left to download the 2-page PDF and print this easy-to-use HEALTH & VACCINATION RECORD.

There are currently 3 different types of equine influenza vaccinations on the market including inactivated vaccines, modified-live vaccines, and the canary pox vector vaccine. I have a B.S. Since this is a preventable fatal disease, the AAEP recommends an annual inactivated vaccination against rabies for all horses. Both strains are transmitted through nasal secretions and can cause hidden infections resulting in horses becoming carriers of the disease. Vaccinations are recommended for pregnant mares as this is the best method of prevention for newborn foals. Small amounts of swelling in the injection site and soreness are normal reactions to vaccinations. Currently, there are both modified-live and inactivated vaccines available to prevent this disease. You should work with your vet to decide which one is right for your horse. There are limited data regarding the use of vaccines in other equidae (i.e. The, vet, pharmacist or SQP should inform the owner or keeper they need to obtain a passport for the animal from the relevant Passport Issuing Organisation. asses, donkeys, mules, miniature horses, and zebra); vaccination of these animals is at the discretion of the attending veterinarian. West Nile Virus is another potentially fatal disease that is the main cause of arbovirus encephalitis in both horses and humans in North America. While most adult horses experience less severe symptoms and can easily live through an infection, pregnant mares can suffer abortions if infected. If you know or suspect your mare is pregnant, you should wait to give them this vaccine until after they foal unless otherwise recommended by your veterinarian. These vaccinations are beneficial to the horse and have a low risk associated with their usage. Record your pets name, date of birth, breed, physical description including distinctive markings and address info. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.


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