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Austria, Saxony and Poland, if they look strong. The Tsardom is a special government for Orthodox Russia and Ruthenia with fixed empire rank. Brandenburg starts as an HRE elector. +0.1Yearly absolutism Press J to jump to the feed. With this guide you can get at least 2 good achievements. First diplo, defensive, innovative. [1] This limit can be turned off in options before starting a game without disabling achievements.

Secondly, rather than plummeting as soon as Prussia owns more than about 5-10 Provinces, Militarisation is coupled to the new governing capacity mechanic (which replaces the old maximum number of states). And Prussia is a very strong nation with one of the best militaristic national ideas. Stability cost modifiers are so useless imo. As a nation develops technologically, it unlocks the ability to gain additional idea groups. I really hope those new bonuses are actually interesting ideas rather than bland samey things we've seen before. very convenient with no bloodshed. If I manage to get hold of all Teutonic Prussia and Pommerania I often pick exploration ideas. But once you get all national ideas done along with couple of military ideas, your armies are basically unbeatable and you will have very high army tradition which means godlike generals too, making wars very easy.

Name Idea Group Key; Aristocratic Ideas: aristocracy_ideas: Plutocratic Ideas: … The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Wait till December 1st. Those 3 are a must. This way it is possible for Prussia to enjoy a fully militarised country with +20% Manpower Recovery Speed and -20% Land Maintenance Modifier as long as it does not expand too much. This strat works very well if Poland is strong and you don’t want to fight them early on. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Once you have naval superiority over Denmark and its subjects, you can start taking Danish lands. The second idea 'Divide the Estates' (-10% Stability Cost Modifier) also was moved to the new Brandenburgian Ideas. Going over the governing capacity will hurt Prussias militarisation and the Prussian Governments (there will be a republic version of the Prussian Monarchy) will have a reduced governing capacity (a 50% penalty). -You can always leave the HRE as well, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This way it is possible for Prussia to enjoy a fully militarised country with +20% Manpower Recovery Speed and -20% Land Maintenance Modifier as long as it does not expand too much.

Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 1.28. It will probably remain the old 'Regimental Cantons (+25% National Manpower Modifier and -10% Recruitment Time).

Once picked, a policy cannot be canceled for a duration of 10 years., Has completed the Prussian mission 'Empowered Junkers', Has enacted the nobility privilege 'Junker Supremacy', Has enacted the Republican government reform 'Stratocratic Administration', Playing with normal or historical nations, gains a permanent claim on all non-owned provinces in the West Prussia and East Prussia areas. You can get discipline by national ideas, quality, offensive, policy, ruler trait, advisor and militarization. In fact, you can do world conquest without it as well. The rest of the nations, who lack unique NIs or don't share a common NI group, draw their national ideas from a common generic set of ideas.

It also exists in campaigns started in 1525 or later. It has Admin Tech 10 and is about to reach its current governing capacity. Eh, I'll take bonuses that are actually achievable over super powerful bonuses you can maintain for like 6 months at the cost of 500 mil. The last is for any other country with Prussian, Saxon or Pomeranian culture, representing another German country taking the path that Brandenburg did historically. As you can see a Player planning his/her expansion well can build up a quite sizeable Prussia before starting to loose the benefits of Militarisation. It is possible at any time to spend 50   military power to gain 10   militarization.

Brandenburg starts with 6 provinces in the HRE with only 57 development. You could kinda do anything as Prussia really. Current militarisation was literally of no use, unless you started as the teutons and stayed in your borders for 80 years. Get level 1 mil advisor. Look to start the war fairly early before any major nations have joined the catholic side. Enabled by most republics (except the Noble Elite reform) and monarchies with the Plutocracy reform. One random owned province with Pomeranian, Saxon or Prussian culture: One random owned province with Saxon or Pomeranian culture that is not the capital: If Königsberg (41) is part of the HRE, but its owner is not a member then: Prussian missions centre around building up their influence and expanding their borders. Quantity sounds good cuz of added value but the way the game works it actually is better in the long run to take offensive/defensive/quality (heck all 3 if you want even). The second idea 'Divide the Estates' (-10% Stability Cost Modifier) also was moved to the new Brandenburgian Ideas. +20%National manpower modifier 2. It is important to note, however, that doing so will result in losing all the given bonuses from said idea group and will only refund 10% of the monarch power points invested in the group[2]. Historically, the state of Persia was formed in the early 16th century by the Safavid dynasty and their Qizilbash (half tribe; half "military quasi-order") supporters. The first idea 'Found the Kammergericht' (+10% National Tax Modifier) was moved to the new Brandenburgian Ideas. It was a bonus to tap into to win big wars. All rights reserved. For the subcontinent, see Persia (subcontinent). (there will be a republic version of the Prussian Monarchy). Each idea group consists of 7 ideas. Bahmani idea 7: Great Madrasa of the Deccan, Bengal Sultanate idea 4: Attract Sufi Scholars, Brunswicker idea 4: Herzog August Library, Deccani Sultanate idea 2: Promote Deccani Regional Identity, Hamburger idea 5: School of the Johanneum, Lotharingian idea 4: New Carolingian Renaissance, Mainzian idea 2: Center of Religious Learning, Mughal idea 3: Ibadat Khana - House of Worship, Northumbrian idea 6: The Literary and Philosophical Society, Trebizondian idea 3: Legacy of the Alexiad, Frankfurter idea 1: Establish the Buchmesse, Malayan sultanate idea 4: Classical Malay, Tuscan idea 1: Birthplace of the Renaissance. They do not. Enlightened Reforms of Fredrich The Great– Another 25% idea cost discount is huge. There are a lot of good events associated with playing as Brandenburg- Prussia.

Once you form Prussia, you get claims on the TO provinces and your government type changes to Prussian monarchy which has some very good modifiers. They won’t ally you at the start, but they will RM you. Especially the Roman empire, which theorietically couldve governed much more land with their style. Are you sure you dont want to ask for a colonizer and 20% heavy ship modifiers too? One is for   Brandenburg, based on the Electors of Brandenburg, having inherited the Duchy of Prussia, crowning themselves King in Prussia in 1701. Some would benefit more from the Expansion idea group; but Expansion doesn't allow Explorers or long-range island-hopping. It's a dev clash... you're assuming the devs know how to play the game they made. Here is every bit of information I could get my hands on. Prussia is one of few country where you get incentives for playing tall. Picking a policy provides a bonus to the nation at the monthly cost of 1 monarch power per policy (type of monarch power used depends on policy affiliation) if the limit is overwhelmed (base: 1 policy of each type can be picked for free) . Improve relations with Poland. then all its provinces are removed from the HRE. then it changes its government to monarchy and enacts the government reform, Owns core provinces Königsberg (41), Warmia (42) and Danzig (43). You will usually get the provinces before getting to admin tech 10. Firstly and sadly the Discipline Bonus gets removed as Militarisation would be too OP with the new changes. ... to reach its current governing capacity. Religious– Since you are going to convert to Protestant or Reformed to form Prussia, it makes sense to go religious.


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