flies and negative energy

The Ganga’s spiritual purity is minimally affected by the physical pollution. 4 Paving the way for new research in disease prevention? Releasing negative energy, a lot of flies. Sooner or later its walk begins to get feeble as if it is in a drugged state. Take Ownership of Your Own Life The house itself was attacked by swarms of insects. It seems possible though. Therefore, as two massive objects move towards each other, the motion accelerates under gravity causing an increase in the (positive) kinetic energy of the system and an increase of the same amount in the (negative) gravitational potential energy. Dr. Athavale’s room. 2. 3 The phenomenon of flies dying in the room of His Holiness Dr. Athavale and at the Spiritual Research Centre. This simple observation may indeed have far reaching implications and opens up an aspect of healthcare that could well save governments millions of dollars in disease prevention. Instead of dying they are found playfully sitting on the seekers in the premises. Fly tells you to stop this behaviour and replace it with positive reminders of your beauty and inherent worth in order to find your way to health and nourishment.” – © Ravenari. Even when we look at the above photographs, we can perceive negative vibrations being emitted from them because these insects are spiritually impure. Even if prodded, the fly does not respond to the threat. 2 Insects can be used by negative energies, 3 The phenomenon of flies dying in the room of His Holiness Dr. Athavale and at the Spiritual Research Centre. This 3-step process is one of the ways how you can start clearing your negative energy to turn it into positive. When one butterfly found its way into the room of H.H. Video on Flies and Insects Dying Without a Known Cause. There are different ways to get rid of negative energy. Negative energy is a concept used in physics to explain the nature of certain fields, including the gravitational field and various quantum field effects. Having negative energy can really suck. However, during the course of our research, we came across a phenomenon that sheds new light of a possible natural deterrent to such pests. There was another resident who complained of a severe case of bed bugs which was unaffected by nine rounds of pest control. Dr. Athavale and sat on His fingers, its wings turned luminescent.

One form of this subtle-attack was that the house would be invaded by swarms of insects year-after-year during the monsoon season. As like attracts like, butterflies, which are spiritually purer amongst insects, naturally gravitate to the spiritual purity of the Spiritual Research Centre. Their vibe is off-putting. Negative energy appears in the speculative theory of wormholes, where it is needed to keep the wormhole open. 1. Nowadays, there are various pest control measures at our disposal to control pests. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Its waters are considered Holy and spiritually pure. Given that flies can be bearers of 100 or more pathogens, we wonder whether the same effect seen in flies in a spiritually pure environment also impacts the pathogens that it carries. Spiritual research conducted by SSRF on the river Ganga shows that even in 2014, despite the high levels of physical pollution, the waters of the river Ganga maintain its timeless levels of sāttvikta and spiritual purity. It felt so good I could feel my feet pulsating in the sand. 4. In the zero-energy universe model ("flat" or "Euclidean"), the total amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero: its amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly cancelled out by its negative energy in the form of gravity.

This theory was developed to explain the anomaly of negative-energy quantum states predicted by the Dirac equation. I've never heard of releasing negativity being a biting fly attractant. According to the theory of the Dirac sea, developed by Paul Dirac in 1930, the vacuum of space is full of negative energy. I certainly dont know much about flies or whether or not their attracted to negative energy. Dr. F.C. Press J to jump to the feed. The strength of the gravitational attraction between two massive objects over the distance between them represents a negative amount of gravitational potential energy in the field which attracts them. Copyright © Spiritual Science Research Foundation Inc. All Rights Reserved. Wow, never experienced the flies but there was a time where I lived in an apartment that always looked dark and was always cold. Their behaviour plays a role in several important phenomena, as described below. You can see the scale of insects that were found crawling all over the house, forcing the residents to vacate the premises as it became uninhabitable until pest control measures were applied.

Something strange happened to me today and I was wondering if someone could explain it. Many Divine phenomena such as Divine particles, Divine perfume and subtle-sounds originated in His room, which is in the SSRF Spiritual Research Centre and ashram at Ramnathi in Goa, India. No picture or text may be duplicated or copied without the express written permission of the editor of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. As I continued I started feeling little stings on my legs, I'd look and then there would be nothing. You intuitively feel insecure, unhappy and tense around them. The repetitive waveform of light leads to alternating regions of positive and negative energy.[4]. A Saint’s physical body, even if dirty or ill, will minimally impact the Divine consciousness emanating from Him or Her.

When we practice Spirituality on a regular basis, we increase our spiritual purity and the spiritual purity in the immediate environment. In more speculative theories, negative energy is involved in wormholes which may allow for time travel and warp drives for faster-than-light space travel.

In the Casimir effect, two flat plates placed very close together restrict the wavelengths of quanta which can exist between them. Negative energy can be seen as a low point in mood that can pervade throughout your whole body and to those around you. Some of these virtual particles can have negative energy. Nowadays, there are various pest control measures at our disposal to control pests. Gravitational binding energy is a kind of potential energy. Something strange happened to me today and I was wondering if someone could explain it. Yet it was only after a specific ritual based on the Rigveda was done on the premises that the insect attack stopped for the first time in 2014 after many years. Quantum field theory (QFT), developed in the 1930s, deals with antimatter in a way that treats antimatter as made of real particles rather than the absence of particles, and treats a vacuum as being empty of particles rather than full of negative-energy particles like in the Dirac sea theory. SSRF appeals to scientists to help us study this phenomenon in more detail. I went to the beach since that is my place to find my center and started releasing all of my negative energy into the ocean and the sand. [1], A universe in which positive energy dominates will eventually collapse in a "Big Crunch", while an "open" universe in which negative energy dominates will either expand indefinitely or eventually disintegrate in a "big rip". spooky stuff. “Fly as a shadow aspect also challenges us to review our own self-image. This is because the law of conservation of energy requires that the net energy of the system will not change. Dr. Athavale, within 15 to 20 minutes it is observed that its movements become very sluggish and gradually it is not able to move at all. On the other hand, butterflies (even though they are part of the insect species) displayed a different behaviour in the premises of the Spiritual Research Centre. The Alcubierre drive comprises a solution to Einstein's equations of general relativity, in which a bubble of spacetime is moved rapidly by expanding space behind it and shrinking space in front of it. Empath - a person with the ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation. The fly stops flying and instead walks around slowly on the floor.

Then I would continue and there would be more bites. This is a picture of some of the various insects that have died within a short time of entering the room of H.H.

To clear that out and raise your vibration, you will need to retrain yourself to choose a better attitude that supports you in everything you do.

5. The Dirac sea theory correctly predicted the existence of antimatter two years prior to the discovery of the positron in 1932 by Carl Anderson. The problem subsided when the tenants started to chant Shrī Gurudev Datta, applied strips of paper with the Deity’s Name on their walls, blew Holy ash and lit incense sticks. However, the Dirac sea theory treats antimatter as a hole where there is the absence of a particle rather than as a real particle.


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