forbidden dress vs forbidden lance
It's also good in floaty decks (particularly ones that miss timing), because defense position monsters don't mind handing out attack but are afraid of things like Castel. Dress can't stop things that have already targeted while lance can. • Jews are a Race. The ATK difference can also make up quite a bit when boss monsters go head to head. This page notes details of Forbidden Dress (Spell Card/Quick-Play) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. i think the card you're thinking of is forbidden lance it's not Dress but it does what you're asking :-p A majority of the time when you chain Lance to in essence negate something, you chain it to the following: Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential.

lancing their monster does not work, mask change sends as cost so either the monster is sent before lance is activated or they chain to lance and it still resolves as normal, EDIT: it would seem the latest errata says otherwise, nvm me. Lance! If your opponent runs trap heavy non destruction such as Compulse, D-Prison, etc. I could, but I barely know anything about that, so I’d rather not make any comments on it.

Lance is clearly the better card but dress can find its niche in decks like evilswarm. Dress isn't too good now, but it's an out in damage step to destruction as well as targetting flip effects because you use it before the flip effect activates and they can't target your monster. Advantages of Lance: Prevents the effects of all spell and trap cards. Lance can also stop Field Spell boosts to monsters. Wrong, Raigeki Break is still a destruction effect. Otherwise Dress serves the exact same purpose, except its slightly better cause you can use it in the damage step, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The spell should fizzle because it would have no target. It hits for more attack (making it better for pushes), and it can respond to cards that target (Dimensional Prison, for example). It works with black rose dragon super good 3 forbidden dresses plus sylvans !!! Good to mention, if your opponent targets with a DESTRUCTION effect (ie. Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like. It must summon the ogre first, and the ogre can't OTK. level 1 I want to know which one you use and why. Sorry, we aren't online at the moment. Forbidden dress DOES NOT UNTARGET YOUR CARDS, if your monster gets targeted by e-con you see the animation of targeting right?

Decks like Gladiator Beasts also use Lance, and the attack difference is almost irrelevant to them and the added bonus of being able to respond to monster effects is likely worth the change. If the card was something like Dimensional Prison or Phoenix Wing Wind Blast it would not protect it. Can also be used to reduce your opponent’s monster’s ATK. I'm doing some tests and it works great with brd, you keep your brd and nuke the board, super effective, Yeah I was thinking about the same, Sylvans back in the meta after more than 1 year. Overall, Lance is probably better considering everything, but Lance is by no means superior in all ways. 99% of the time the targeting prevention of Dress is useless. This can now work with Black Rose Dragon, but I'm not sure how good that is. .. when this card is going to have a play? That card has a lot of different uses - nice card all in all. First off, its gorgeous! Cookies help us deliver our Services. But in most regards Lance is better than Dress because if you are already being targeted by say Compulsory Evacuation Device then Dress can't help you, but Lance can. It doesn't stop commonly played threats like Compulsory Evacuation Device or Dimensional Prison. Dress is essentially a temporary Safe Zone and is only reactive to any destruction effects - the targeting restriction will not work if your monster has already been targeted. Lol not anymore.

Forbidden Chalice, Lance or Dress and why? Once your monster is targeted with an effect.

It also protects you from pretty much any other generic destruction effects that might come your way, like Darkworlds or maybe Bear from the new Brotherhood of the Fire Fist archetype. It depends on the format and deck, they both have unique quirks. Chalice is great in Qli and any deck where you need your monsters I'd suggest lance. Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like. I normally run 2 chalice and 2 lance in my actual decks because both are situational helpers and problem solvers. Forbidden lance, though, says it's unaffected. Well it can be activated in response, but it might not do anything, The only situation where Dress is better is in the case of monster effects which involve destruction, such as Blaster or Ryko. Feel free to leave us any additional feedback. So check it out if you want to, THANKS. It's sheer versatility has always granted it a spot in my decks. This guy also hold me at gun point to just the Web site.

For example, if someone Compuls'd a monster you control and you chain Dress, that monster is still returned because it has already been targeted by an effect. Lance is also slightly better in allowing you to beat over tough monsters. It can protect him against monster effects (unlike Lance), which is needed more than Spell/Trap protection because they have easy access to Pandemic. When the monster flips you see it’s a Snowman Eater, in the past you would bite the bullet, but with Dress you can evade this. Reginald Kastle Unlock Event: Shark Attack - Number Appears!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How does forbidden dress work with this guy? Duel Links! If anyone has anything they’d like an article on for next week I’m always looking for ideas! A 4000 ATK Noble Knight? When you chain Dress to Stuff like Prison or BLS Effect, your monster will still get banished, because your monster got already target. Lance is great for when you need your monster to power through backrow but that isn't really as important as it was in like HAT format so idk.

On top of that a flat 800 atk. Dress can still save the monster regardless of it already being targeted. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I.e. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Run Chalice when you need effect negations, either on your opponent or your own monsters (think Skill Drain).

Are there any situations I am missing where forbidden lance is strictly better? Pretty nifty. It's only really good against the destruction of many cards. Dress can't protect you from a Dimensional Prison unless you did it prior to. If the monster is gaining a bonus from a Field Spell Card, then it loses that bonus. Forbidden Dress may be activated at any time during the Damage Step, but not during or after Damage Calculation. If you really need to get a summon off it stops Bottomless and Torrential. Crazy. Lance is amazing and will probably never be completely obsolete.

i mean i understand now, that dress only stops cards from being targetted before they are targetted.

Lance is a nice option to replace MST or a good option in Gladi Beast. Since the effect of "Forbidden Dress" that reduces the ATK of the target by 600 and makes it unable to be targeted or destroyed by card effects is applied when "Forbidden Dress" resolves, the monster is destroyed by the effect of "Raigeki Break". MBaaS only prevents destruction at the cost of 1500 LP rather than attack. But for the most part decks that utilize Lance in this fashion wont be sad from the minimal attack loss between the two cards if they switch. Overall I think Lance can be splashed almost anywhere, but Chalice needs your monster to benefit from it at least some of the time to be used instead of breakthrough skill or fiendish chain. -----­­----- Check out the New Web site that some guy name TeamSlopyTaters made. It can be even better against Snowman Eater since he’s always forced to destroy a face-up monster. Learn how your comment data is processed. Which would you recommend in Gem-Knights? Unfortunately though they lose out on the 2400 attack threshold they gain with Lance, which is something to be desired. Which is a valid question.

You can chain it to cards like D-Prison and Mirror Force, but that’s unlikely in my experience since most of the time you get D-Prison’d when attacking into an opposing monster and if you where to use Lance to save your monster, you would then proceed to lose the battle due to the attack drop, so essentially not being able to chain Dress to attack stopping S/T is a non-issue.

But take note of destroy itself vs tribute itself. Forbidden Dress is able to protect your monster from some of the most prominent cards being used in the current meta as described. The subreddit for players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Negates cards that target your monster with card effects, by making your monster unable to be targeted. So I wont get killed plz go and check out the web site THANKS­­--------------go and sub to my back up channel if you want to and as all ways thanks FOR EVERYTHING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­--------------This is my facebook page in this page you see what is coming up next in this channel and what is happing in my world. It also isn’t permanent or prevent destruction through battle like Safe Zone. fizzle and your play keeps rolling.

Straight to the point, Forbidden Dress is a strong card with many facets that make it viable in the current meta and a better choice than other similar cards, and in this article I discuss why. 1 0. Why this card doesn't work to negate enemy controller s efect?

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