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View production, box office, & company info. John Robinson, However, strands of hair reveal another possibility. The murder of an American tourist at a Mexican resort brings investigative teams on both sides of the border together to uncover a sinister plan. Bruce Bennett, In a race to stop a serial bomber who's attacked two churches before he strikes again, investigators pin their hopes on following a copper wire. After murdering his family, an infamous killer eludes the law for years until a forensic sculpture and a true-crime TV show help bring him to justice. A victim and the truck that deliberately ran over him have vanished.

Investigators turn to forensic science for evidence in a murder case when two witnesses' descriptions of the culprit don't match the prime suspect. Dorothy Malone, Approved A woman grows suspicious that her seemingly perfect mate is slowly poisoning her.

A woman argues with her husband, goes to a bar and disappears. Mervyn LeRoy 97 min Stars:

The list of suspects is long until forensic evidence helps police focus their inquiry. Wei Zhao, | A killer stuffs incriminating evidence into a plastic bag and throws it into the river, but his plan backfires when the bag gets caught in a tree. | There are 90,000 "missing" US soldiers since 1941, and scientists in CILHI (the Central Identification Lab in Hawaii) not only search for fragments of remains worldwide, but also use DNA from maternal relatives to identify them. Investigators discover that an envelope's manufacturing flaw may lead them to a murderer willing to kill strangers to get at his intended target. | Lynne Roberts, Soldier Stories Salma Hayek,

But an ATM security tape and other crime scene clues reveal the truth. Stars:

When a scientist mysteriously dies, investigators analyze his hair in the hopes of nailing down a timeline and discovering if he was poisoned. Stars: Duccio Tessari Investigators create a composite sketch of a man whose body is burned beyond recognition, and decades-old building materials provide key clues. | 95 min

When a nursing student goes missing, investigators find her car, which contains the key to an unknown location that could provide important clues. A FRONTLINE investigation finds serious flaws in some of the best-known tools of forensic science and wide inconsistencies in how forensic evidence is presented in the courtroom.

Two murders in one town have police looking for a serial killer, and they catch a break when clues reveal a link between the victims. Shake-Up Inside Forensic Credentialing Organization, Mississippi Doctor's Autopsies at Center of Wrongful Conviction Filings, Forensic Credentialing Org Responds to "The Real CSI", Live Chat 1 p.m.

When the founder of American Atheists vanishes, the investigation homes in on several suspects, including one of the organization's own employees. A police officer and his wife have an argument and a shotgun goes off, killing her. When a graduate student disappears and is presumed dead, a geology professor at Michigan State University lends his special expertise to the case. | The Brain Fitness Program | Spark, The Search For Another Home | Planet Hunters | Spark, My Perilous Trek to Afghanistan | Full Documentary | TRACKS, New York’s Cocktail Battle | 3 Chefs, 1 City Ep 11 | TRACKS, The Robots of Fukuoka | Boomtown Asia | TRACKS, A Day Out in Rome | 3 Chefs, 1 City | TRACKS, #StayHome and Learn about the Aftermath of WWI with Dan Snow | History Hit LIVE on Timeline,, Beyond the console: gadgets for the perfect gaming setup. A man says he returned to his hotel after a run to find his wife drowned in the bathtub. Tim Clemente, Through their hard work, criminals are brought to justice and the innocent are set free. ... Funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. When a recluse is found murdered in his trailer and police have no leads, forensic experts use hairs from the victim's dog to zero in on his killer. The updated series will showcase all new ... See full summary », Unsolved crimes locked away in dusty file cabinets. Forensic anthropologists have excavated Fort William Henry (French & Indian War) and Civil War burials to determine conditions of military life and cause of death, even though the remains cannot be named. She gives a vivid description, but things take a surprising turn when a suspect confesses. 149 min Rosina Lawrence, Police increasingly utilize scientific laboratory analysis to solve crimes. Astronomers and handwriting experts work together to catch the murderer. After the rape and murder of a teenage girl, investigators prove that a seemingly solid alibi is no match for DNA evidence, even in a complex case. Crime, Drama, Film-Noir. A rampaging serial arsonist sets multiple fires with the same type of device, which baffles investigators until clues arise from the ashes. The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead chronicles... See full summary », Stars:

A stockbroker goes missing, and his car is found deserted near his office.

He maintains his innocence and attempts to solve the case from prison. Forensic scientists uncover stories of the soldiers who went to war and never came back. While vacationing with her husband in Key West, a wealthy woman disappears. Later, the woman's son vows to discover the truth. True stories of crime investigations using forensic science. On a September night in 1966, Dianne Keidel met a friend for a drink, and afterward, she disappeared. 3,809 Expertise on fingerprints, ballistics and bite mark analysis are routinely called on to solve the most difficult criminal cases — and to put the guilty behind bars. Forensic anthropologists have excavated Fort William Henry (French & Indian War) and Civil War burials to determine conditions of military life and cause of death, even though the remains cannot be named. Lowell Levine, PG-13 72 min Crime, Drama, History. | After forensic analysis confirms the identity of the body of a mutilated teenage girl, experts create a profile of the killer that's deadly accurate. Tom Trout, A family of four is gunned down in what appears to be an interrupted robbery, but police discover a far more heinous motive behind the attack. Roger Leopardi, With Gene Galusha. Gus Meins When a woman is beaten to death a month after her husband saves her from a fire, evidence points to an intruder -- but authorities have their doubts. A seemingly accidental drowning in an affluent suburb brings police to focus on one suspect who had a million reasons to want the victim dead. | Helmut Berger, Director: Crime, Drama, Film-Noir. From the courtroom to the living room (thanks to the hit television series CSI), forensic science is king. Meg Randall, Stars: When four young people are slaughtered in an upscale Texas community, neighbors give authorities descriptions of two strangers seen in the area. A young mother's death appears to be a suicide, but suspicions are raised when the police learn she nearly died in a house fire three years earlier. Jason Greear, 90 min Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? An odd emergency room visit gives investigators an important lead in the brutal hotel room murder and robbery of a well-liked 67-year-old grandmother. | Ballistics, audio tapes and arson forensics help unravel the mystery behind a murder-suicide that claims the lives of an entire Virginia family. Police track the killer of two adolescent boys by using profiling, hypnosis and a scientific analysis of the rope used during the crimes. An investigation into a model's death points toward a photographer, who claims the woman died during a consensual sexual encounter gone wrong. Crime. | The first use of DNA to ID a casualty was in Desert Storm. Michael Lerner, R Multiple cameras follow serious crime investigations in real time, revealing the crucial role cutting-edge forensic science now plays in bringing criminals to justice. Detectives smoke out a skilled bomber with a motive for murder when a violent explosion kills a woman and sends shrapnel flying through the streets. Michelle Haro, You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. | Adrian Lukis, Stars:

The series follows detectives during the hours immediately following a homicide. | Crime Files investigates the most sensational stories of family members committing crimes together and against each other. Marg Helgenberger, A forensic psychologist (Collette) is tasked with determining whether or not a minor should face murder charges for killing his schoolmate. Ballistics. | Penélope Cruz, | A conflict of interest between two high-kicking assassin sisters is complicated as they're pursued by the criminals who hired them and an equally high-kicking female cop. The wife's computer is a very different story. Director: | Frédéric Schoendoerffer 64 min When a wealthy banker's wife is kidnapped, police focus their attention on the bank until an entomologist's forensic find points in another direction. Helen Wood, Watch full-length episodes of PBS documentary series FRONTLINE for free. A man claims that a robber shot and killed his wife while on the beach. | Evalyn Knapp,

This FAQ is empty. Tense new series exploring cold cases from victims death to criminal conviction. Wecht, a spokesman for one of America's largest credentialing organizations, defends the company against claims that it's a diploma mill. Sophie Ward, 91 min 91 min

| The Science Of Sleep | Wonder, The Last Prayer?

Marika Dominczyk, Not Rated


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