funny birthday wishes for best friend girl
I would just like to point out that I knew today was your birthday before Facebook told me. March

Do not worry about the number of candles. Assume I did them all to you and stay happy! Happy birthday to my beloved friend. Make fun of them as you raise a toast.

Email. Happy birthday, girl! We all know that wisdom comes with age but then, I see no signs of aging in you at all. What Friends Are For | Best Birthday Messages for a Special Friend, 250 Funny Birthday Wishes that Will Make Them All Smile, Friends For Life | Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend. Funny Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend. As best friends we took a vow some time ago to always be honest with each other, so if I’m being totally truthful with you today I have to confess that I’m mainly here for the cake! On this great day, may God bless you with booze made of water from the fountain of youth so that you’ll never age. © 2018 - 2020: The perfect birthday message for the best celebration. Send. ---- Happy birthday to a sweet girl and dear friend of mine who is blossoming into a beautiful young woman! Sometimes people say I must be gay for having a best friend who is also a female, but they don’t know you the way I do. Wishing you a good birthday!

If you are looking for something to send to a women then these funny birthday wishes for woman friend are best to send on the bday morning. Happy birthday and many more, dear friend. But then, it will be a tough shot on me to find out a wish for you next year. Now, doing the math with the number of candles on your cake, you would be requiring the lungs of the legendary Hercules to blow all these candles by yourself. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. May you receive one extra year added to your life for every pound you gain. Cheers! Happy birthday!” 94. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the world!


On this birthday, I promise not to reveal your age number to any, but then you should probably blow those numbers 2 and 8 on your cake. Wishing you a great birthday. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the extra wrinkle on your face! But then, unfortunately, I could not find a place to light enough candles. You know too many of my secrets. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising" and also in accordance to amazon associates programme operating agreement. I truly hope you get to enjoy cake without any tooth. Remember that researchers have said that Birthdays are good for your health and people who have more birthdays live longer. June 93. This happy birthday text message! Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female. Happy birthday to my unique best friend!

You look different today. No, I did not mean you are old and fat!

June I mean, you really are a one of a kind girl; you’re unlike anybody else I’ve ever met!

I would wish you for all of your dreams to come true! May life also bless you with the grace to leave me, your best friend, all of your possessions once you die from starvation. If you’ve made it past the driving age, the drinking age, and the lowering of car insurance age — you might be wondering what you have left to look forward too. It is awesome to be in the youth stage and full of energy and active.

For your birthday, I’ve gotten you something that’s gluten free, zero calories, and absolutely delightful.

My friend is gorgeous. This is to my best friend wishing her a best birthday.

So I quit!

Ample years and yet another year, you have still not grown wiser. We could use the occasion of your birthday to party our fat asses off like we always do. Put a smile on your friends’ faces on the most important day of the year with the 10 funniest ideas to wish happy birthday to a friend . Last year when I wished you old age, I didn’t know it would happen so fast!


Send. Sending big birthday wishes to my best gal pal! When else can you have groups of strangers sing to you without it being awkward? I mean, you really are a one of a kind girl; you’re unlike anybody else I’ve ever met! So lucky to have you! You cannot stop anyone from having your favorite items for food right in front of you. Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I have seen until now. It is another year to your life. she will enjoy are laugh hilariously. You know, things that normally happen.

If Thanksgiving is symbolized by turkeys and Easter by rabbits, then the official animal of your birthday should be the tortoise. Whether it is your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, colleague, mom or dad – their birthday is your chance to get under their skin with jokes. Enjoy! Since you are going to be certainly alive and healthy for another year, let me just say Happy Birthday! Funny Long Birthday Message for Best Friend. Many happy returns! As the years progress, I learn each day to appreciate the simple things more and more, which is why we’re closer now than ever before. You’re a shining example of what it means to still enjoy life even when logic dictates that you’re too old to. Whether that’s due to reasons better or for worse, I’ll leave that up to you to decide! Just imagine what you would love to listen on your birthday, what kind of gifts you would like that you will cherish it forever. Happy birthday! you can even attach the humor bday images with it so that the fun goes double. You must be happy and feel good because you look like you are 20 but you are 30 today. I thought of getting a unique and charming birthday gift to you, but then what popped up in my mind is that you have me in your life already. On your special day, I just want you to know how important you are to me and that I’ll always hold you close to my heart! May the cheers of this day be with you in the coming years. If life were a sports league you would be MVP. Happy birthday to my stunning best friend who is blossoming into such a beautiful young woman! You can always count on me to give you a night you won’t remember in the morning.


Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

Happy Birthday, darling! For your birthday, I’ve gotten you something that’s gluten free, zero calories, and absolutely delightful. Below, you can find Funny Long Birthday Message for Best Friend. You do so much for all of those around you, that today you should just sit back and allow the favour to be returned! I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you.

Big kisses and I hope you enjoy your day! Your beauty is age-defying.

Love you anyway! Best birthday wishes, best bud! Happy birthday, girl friend! Your age is just described by your behavior and it is totally worth it.

It’s your birthday, eat the first and the last slice of cake just because you can! On your birthday, to ensure you have many more, I’ve gotten you a designated driver. #loveyoulots. I’m so proud! Happy birthday!” 96.

November You have become another year old. This is the youngest you’ll ever be again!

I love you so much that if I had a job I would have bought you a gift. You got this! You are such a special person that when you’re about to die I hope they freeze your brain so that it can be implanted in a robot a thousand years from now. Happy birthday, girl! But this time, you get to do all of those things while wearing a silly party hat. Have that piece of cake with you and get that champagne for your best friend. Please stay safe because it is scientifically proven. July There must another part of your body that aches now. May you age with the wisdom and strength of a Chinese kung-fu master. You must be feeling proud of yourself this birthday. January If you purchase a product or service linked from this site, we may receive an "affiliate commission". For your Big Day, they should just create a cake with a liquor bottle inside. September And that is only because today is your birthday and I don’t use mirrors. Today would have been the perfect occasion to write sweet words about the greatest, most spectacular, uniquely exquisite friend in the world, but I already finished my autobiography a month ago. then, I realize – you have just become a year older. Look on the bright side today. May Here we have some truly funny wishes you can share with your best buddy on the occasion of his/her birthday. Dear Friend, on your birthday, I am most grateful that you know all of my faults but you withhold your judgment. Did I remind you? Your birthday is such a special occasion that I wish I could wrap myself up and give myself to you as a gift.

On the day you were born, if your mother had set you adrift in a basket to escape the wrath of pharaoh, it would have sunk from the excessive weight. April

Even more birthday humor in our article with. Every day that I go to the gym, I use you as an inspiration – of what I would become if I let myself slack off. As you grow older and wiser, may you also become senile and forget about the money I’m owing you. You know my capability to remember all the historical years with accurate dates during our history classes? Party hard on your birthday! I meant I’m your best friend and I’d help you. Happy birthday to my absolute best friend! November Thanks for being such a great friend.

Oh, it is your birthday, the day I always wait to celebrate! Happy birthday, you! On your special day, may you be blessed with the problems of the rich – such as where to park your yacht. Let’s create more laughs and fun this year together, because we suck at doing that when we’re apart. You are becoming more gorgeous by the day, my lovely! May our love grow stronger each day!

If life were a game of soccer, I would be the multi-million dollar striker and you would be the faithful water boy I wave to at the end of every big game.

Keep looking sexy! In these coming years, may life bless you with so much prosperity that everything you touch turns to gold. Just make sure you try not to forget your car keys.

Birthdays are the days nature says us to have more portion of cakes. Have a fantastic birthday! What did I do to deserve a friend like you. May this gift serve as an eternal reminder of our friendship because it’ll probably be the last one I ever buy. Life without you is like a sitcom with no laugh track.


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