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The numbering system contained 10 numbers that was represented by 10 symbols. [14], The Locust also produced jewelry such as emblems that are referred to just as the "Locust Emblem."

One such example is that the Locust came from a neighboring planet (or one of its moons) and feed on Imulsion.

They proceeded to use the Riftworm to sink several cities surrounding Jacinto City and destroy several COG military bases.

Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Others however acted as the Queen's Guard under Myrrah.

However, this was just a precursor to the Siege of Jacinto, which forced the COG's hand into retaliating with a mobilization on the scale that had not been seen since 1.AE.

The scales that remained were fragments left from the Imulsion crystals penetrating the skin.

Professor Fenix then followed her notes to the Locust in search of answers.

Often found roaming in packs, the Locust release wretches to infiltrate and clear out sections of cities.

His genetic knowledge, ingenuity, and history with Myrrah earns him a particularly special place in the Locust even among its other leaders.

You can be either Skorge, kantus, raam, beast rider, grenadier or boomer. When the Locust made their appearance known, the event became known as Emergence Day or E-Day. Submit a font Tools . Uzil Sraak (Unknown B.E. Much of the planet became polluted and those who were outside of the Plateau and survived the Hammer Strikes became resentful of the Coalition for sacrificing civilians. The story of the Rulers of Nexus Plates told how the Riftworms burrowed under Sera's surface and dug around underneath, creating the Hollows. Unable to dispose of the bodies, the survivors of the COG dumped the cocoons into highly classified locations across Sera, most notably the osmium mine beneath Fort Reval and the gorge beneath Tollen Dam.

Marcus Fenix killed his personal Hydra mount, causing him to fall to his death. By invading a city, they would summon Seeders to expel Nemacysts to ink and darken the skies - allowing the Kryll to prematurely arrive and destroy the humans in the city - allowing the Locust full control. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience.

The main verse of the Trinity of Worms was written on the artifact with different parts of the verse spread out on the three prongs. Humanoid Monsters.

[20], As for the relationship with human languages and writing systems, there are 21 confirmed ideograms that represented Tyran words. Login | Register. BoomerGrenadierSniperSpotterTheron GuardTheron EliteTheron SentinelKantusBerserker, TortureTerrorismMutilationFanaticismKidnappingMass destructionUnlawful imprisonment. This resulted in the creation of the Sires (predecessors and parents of the Locust Horde).

The official website for Gears of War. The Horde 18 months after the fall of Jacinto.

Exposure to this Imulsion mutated all biological creatures and became the Lambent. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); [6] Captured humans who were not used for experiments were either enslaved to be labor workers for the Locust Horde or used to feed the Locust beasts.


It wasn't until Chairman Dalyell's announcement that the attackers were subterranean in nature and not human. Dominic Santiago's commando knife. The Locust did not discriminate against race or men, women, and children. The Locust Horde emerged shortly after the end of the Pendulum Wars and waged a seventeen-year long war that was nearly successful in killing all of the human race. The Locust Horde, often called Grubs by Serans, were a race of mutated humans that established their civilization in the subterranean regions of Sera, known as the Hollow.

However, unlike most Sires, he retained his mental capacity and became a genius.

Their motives for this were revealed in Gears of War 3: the Lambent were overwhelming the Locust in the Hollow, and after Adam Fenix failed to find a solution, Queen Myrrah invaded the surface to make a new home for the Locust as they continued their war, not believing that humanity could be trusted.

Shortly after the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, the Locust suffered another massive loss when COG and Stranded forces banded together under the leadership of Sergeant Gabriel Diaz to hunt down and assassinate the Locust scientist Ukkon who was responsible for the creation of many if not all of the Horde's monsters.

The physiology of the Locust varies among their several races, but all members of the Locust were bipedal, muscular, tough skinned, scaled, and taller than at least six feet. The children of the Sires had Lambency in their cells and were mutated from birth, and so the first Locust were born. One cycle of the Locust calendar was also one year of the Seran calendar.

An elite squadron of Locust warriors comprised of two Mauler Elites and one Theron Elite.

They're descendants of humans who were afflicted with Rust Lung (an early form of lambency), who were genetically spliced together with the DNA of Hollow creatures by rogue COG scientists to create a breed of. The 'battle for white mountain', for example, is such a battle name. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Drones seemed to have a low-tolerance for bright lights. The Grenadiers are specialized Locust drones that wielded the Gnasher Shotgun with deadly accuracy and precision.

Precisely why she looks almost human is not made clear, and neither her motivations for attacking mankind. Kindly link back to us if you use embed options above.

The Horde was also able to force the COG to abandon North Gate Agricultural Depot.

Head of Government According to Locust myth, there are three of them that carved out the Hollow, and are thus treated as gods by the Locust. Giant fish-like monsters that live underwater.

In fact, Ukkon became increasingly intelligent and gained the ability of accelerated healing - becoming physically immortal. CGF Locust Resistance Font | English Français Español Deutsch Italiano Português .

Date of dissolution

The flooding of the Hollow also dealt them heavy casualties, making them very rare amongst the remnant of the Locust Horde that escaped to the surface. Over the following year, the Locust Horde continued a campaign of conquering cities and stripping them of resources.

Locust have large eyes with good depth perception in spite of the fact that they are a subterranean race. This gave the message to everyone on Sera they are not the only intelligent species on the planet. Uzil RAAM personally designed the attacks of what would be known as Emergence Day. It was during the fall of Ephyra that the Locust supposedly killed the COG's most prominent scientist, Adam Fenix, the father of Marcus Fenix (protagonist in Gears of War).

[22], The symbol of the Locust Horde's religion was the Trinity of Worms which told the history of the Riftworms and the creation of the Hollow as well as how the Lightmass Bomb killed most if not all of the Kryll and awoke one of the Riftworms which was used to sink the three cities surrounding Jacinto City.

Bolstered by the awakening of their deity, the Riftworm, the Horde launched a major counter-offensive across Jacinto Plateau, attacking the city of Jilane and butchering the entire population (sans a small group of renegades), depriving the COG of another breeding farm.

After the detonation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, the bodies of the Locust began to crystallize into an impenetrable, Imulsion crystalline shell.

You can be either Skorge, kantus, raam, beast rider, grenadier or boomer.

Myrrah then revealed that she too had been surveying the surface and planning an invasion. Their backs are against the wall,\ and they had no choice, but to launch a desperate all-out attack on the Locust stronghold.

From here, the Swarm began to grow its numbers by abducting vast amounts of Outsiders and several groups of COG citizens, allowing them to grow a large army in a short period of time. editor )Uzil RAAM (Bounty, 0 B.E. This is because of their genetic trait designed by their creator, Dr. Niles Samson, to evolve against any threat in order to survive generational conflict.

During Emergence Day, the Locust Horde's military forces succeeded in a number of ways in dominating the Humans and crushing their military forces.

The religious order of the Locust, the Kantus monks operated under High Priest Skorge.

Boomers use boomshots, Grinders use mulchers, Maulers use explosive flail and boomshield, Butchers use large butcher's knives, Tremors can summon Seeders to the surface, Flamers use scorchers, and Savage Boomers use the digger launcher.

All they do is kill.

The Locust Horde were created and placed in the Hollow during the Pendulum Wars.

Date of reorganization

Vold RAAM was promoted to Uzil and promoted Vold Karn to Zamil and was ordered to lead Blights into the Republic of Gorasnaya when they would invade the surface.

When deployed into battle, the Boomers would charge into the frontlines and attack the nearby enemies, unless directed by a superior commander which they would follow their instructions. The survivors formed gangs and became known as the Stranded. When ordered, the Drones would throw their lives away by the hundreds to kill a single entrenched Gear. Following the events of the battle of Tollen Dam, the status of the Swarm is unknown.They return in gears 5 where it is revealed that Reyna was the daughter of Myrrah and became their queen addionality Niles Samson was responible fore the creation of the Locust. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The Imulsion that had once colonized their cells and DNA were pushed out and ruptured from their skin. Capital The scrolls of the Kantus contained verses and mantras explaining how to communicate with Rockworms[15] with the Rulers of Nexus Plates tablet being the Locust's main religious tome which told the history of the Hollows, explaining how the Riftworms burrowed underground and created the vast underground network and left their waste behind which fertilized the soil of the surface of Sera.

Marcus Fenix, who stabbed her in the chest with Cpl. Locust Council

For the COG's part, during the initial assault, they found themselves attacking little more than staging areas and outposts rather than the heart of the homeland of the Locust, but Delta Squad managed to kill the Riftworm preventing that method of attack from working again.

The Savage Locust appeared to have rejected this symbol. He also held prejudices towards those who were created as the Locust and not the true descendants of the Sires.

However, it was unsuccessful and the Locust were able to finally emerge and overrun Ephyra. Exterminate Humanity and the Lambent and become the dominant lifeform on Sera (ultimately failed). _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. As a spoken language, the official language of the Locust Horde was also Tyran. as the Swarm. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. While this conflict was happening, the Locust were fighting other Locust that were infected with Imulsion (the Lambent).

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

The Locust were eventually able to send a direct attack to Jacinto City itself, having cut off a great amount of its water and food supplies. They are bred in the Hollow to be bloodthirsty fighters, supposedly by the Queen herself. By utilizing Myrrah's embryonic stem cells and Sire DNA, the Locust Horde was born.


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