gilman community impact essay example

The student who wrote this essay was awarded a Gilman scholarship for her summer learning abroad program to London, England. The second essay is a follow-on service proposal. As a good rule of thumb: if someone else doesn’t understand what you are talking about in your essay, you need to revise it because neither will the scholarship committee.

Leading your essay with a story is way more interesting than blabbering on about “me, myself and I” the whole time. Submitting a weekly or monthly article on their experiences overseas to their campus or hometown newspaper while the students are abroad, thereby sharing information with a wide range of readers and including information on the Gilman Scholarship. endobj Development of a brochure or informational flyer specific to the student’s academic department or field of study that is then posted in the study abroad office. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we look forward to continuing to receive unique, individual proposals from all applicants.

Following the essay, I give a brief discussion of what I feel to be the strong points of this essay. Identify and explain why you chose the specific community you will be reaching. Development of a study abroad information page for the department or major website that lists a suggested academic timeline encouraging students to incorporate study abroad into their degree, in consultation with their department and study abroad office. We strongly encourage you to read the Selection Criterion Community Impact Abroad & Student’s Return Home, carefully review your essay, and ask an advisor, faculty member, or others to proofread your essay for spelling, grammar, and content prior to submission. The following is a sample of a successful Gilman essay submission. B�W/ hFv�P��ɓ�-�Y�O04�v�1�@�L�n�f˺,���.KrjE(��Ӽ�f\(ѵ(ͩ�1��D�kƍ8�x�W�� ����#4oZC�fP@�����@ �IL��ڄ�. In addition to receiving the highly competitive award, recipients of the Critical Need Language Award will be offered the opportunity to evaluate and certify their language skills acquired during their program through a recognized oral proficiency language test. This is my favorite way to make sure my sentences flow and to catch grammar or spelling errors.

endstream Participating in/organizing a Study Abroad Alumni society which assists returned and potential study abroad students, sharing information about the Gilman Scholarship.

Why did you select your specific program and host country? What examples of knowledge, skills, and experiences will you draw on to meet the challenges of going abroad?

Show, don’t tell, a personal anecdote that gives background on who you are and why you should get this scholarship. We strongly encourage you to read the Selection Criterion Community Impact Abroad & Student’s Return Home, carefully review your essay, and ask an advisor, faculty member, or others to proofread your essay for spelling, grammar, and content prior to submission.

We strongly encourage you to read the Gilman Selection Criteria, carefully review your essay, and ask an advisor, faculty member, or others to proofread your essay for spelling, grammar, and content prior to submission. You need to let a bunch of strangers get to know you, leave a lasting impression, explain where you want to go and why you need this scholarship in less than 7,000 characters. Gilman Scholars have proposed and carried out a wide range of Follow-on Service Projects. >> 17 0 obj GILMAN Scholarship Application “Community Impact” Essay Tips Fall 2019 Keys to a strong application essay: Answer all questions. Critical Need Language Awards Applicants who are studying a critical need language while abroad in a country in which the language is predominantly spoken have the option to be considered for the Critical Need Language Award of up to $8,000. Contact Information: For those applying for a Critical Need Language Award, an additional essay is required. Your creativity will make you stand out. In your essay, be specific in describing your individual reasons for studying abroad, keeping in mind that this is a scholarship for academic study abroad or credit bearing international internships. Promoting and encouraging study abroad opportunities and the Gilman Scholarship through presentations to student clubs and organizations and through office organized events, Posting information on the Gilman Scholarship Program in specific campus offices, Adding a web page to the official website that highlights study abroad opportunities, the Gilman Scholarship, and information that would be of help/interest to students, Serving as an official representative at campus fairs and events by sharing information on study abroad and the Gilman Scholarship. Gilman Scholars represent the United States as citizen diplomats in their host communities; they reflect a diversity of values, beliefs, and opinions that is fundamental to providing a balanced representation of the United States abroad. Community essays We all know full well that being a member of a community is vital to the success of our world. We will

This is another opportunity for you to get creative and propose a unique project.

There are two essays required as part of the Gilman Scholarship application: the Statement of Purpose Essay and the Community Impact Essay. Also, I find that the more I write, the better ideas I have and it’s easier to get creative. However, we encourage all applicants to propose a unique Follow-on Service Project that highlights their individual background, experiences, talents and skills. Learn how to write the community essay with College Essay Guy’s complete guide equipped with real community essay examples from real students. There is a 7,000 character limit (including spaces) for the. The Community Impact and Follow-on Service Project essay is the second most important part of your application. Students often propose to work with a specific on-campus office including the Diversity/Minority Services offices, Disability Services offices, Career Centers, Financial Aid offices, Student Leadership offices, and other campus offices. A large part of the selection process revolves around your follow-on service proposal and how well you can promote the Gilman Scholarship. Submitting an article or series of articles on their experiences abroad and the Gilman Scholarship to their campus or hometown paper upon their return to the U.S. Hey everyone, if you are struggling to write your essay, I have shared my Gilman essay. Essay: I come from a background of mixed heritage:… Working with/giving presentations on study abroad and the Gilman Scholarship to high school language or area studies classes. Scholars Abroad & Alumni In no more than 2,000 characters, including spaces, please address the following questions: *This information is correct as of August 5, 2019. Do not format (i.e. Copyright  2020 Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program. If you propose a service project that is important to you, that passion will be a lot easier to convey in your essay and you will enjoy your time following up on your proposal. Applicants & Current Recipients /Filter /FlateDecode Community essay prompts are appearing more and more on college applications.

How will you increase your proficiency in the language inside and outside of the classroom setting? Consider consulting with the study abroad office to address any challenges or needs your home institution faces in order to offer support through your project and positively impact your campus and peers. /Length 15 Volunteering or working in the study abroad office as a Peer Mentor/Advisor to potential study abroad students, sharing information about the Gilman Scholarship. I annoyed all of my friends into reading my essays and giving me feedback. As a Gilman Scholar, you get the opportunity to give back to the community, promote study abroad and the Gilman Scholarship, and make an impact on others who may be in situations similar to you. I chose a project that would reach out to students who may be in similar positions as I was because study abroad and the Gilman Scholarships are opportunities that I wish I had known about early on. View the Composing Competitive Essays video for additional resources and tips in writing competitive essays.

Advisors H�j`@ � Hosting a photography exhibit on their campus or in their community, sharing about their experience abroad, international opportunities that exist and the Gilman Scholarship. Research the location where you want to study. Organizing and/or working with their university K-12 outreach program, to present and share information on their experience abroad and the Gilman Scholarship. Please address ALL of the questions below, in no particular order: (max of 7,000 characters).

/Filter /FlateDecode Awards of CNLA in other countries will be considered for applicants making a strong case for studying a Critical Need language in an alternate location. Working with another local organization to share information on study abroad and the country they studied in with their members.

What are your motivations for improving your language proficiency academically, professionally, and personally? bold, underline, italics) your essays in the word document because your formatting will not transfer to the online application. Get your creative juices flowing and get personal!


Presentations on study abroad and the Gilman Scholarship at academic club or honor society meetings. The second essay is a follow-on service proposal.

How will you seek opportunities to become more culturally engaged and have meaningful interactions with people and cultures different from your own during your abroad program? Submitting an article on their experiences abroad and Gilman Scholarship to the Study Abroad office newsletter for distribution or publication, either while they are still abroad or upon their return. A new set of eyes will help catch any small mistakes you miss from staring at your essay for too long. Working with/giving presentations on study abroad and the Gilman Scholarship to programs that mentor high school students, such as Upward Bound. If you can state the names of people you plan to work with, dates and other specifics, it shows you’ve actually planned out what you are going to do.


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