gotrax xr ultra

Now you can cruise for distances of up to 16 miles! Powered by LG.

I imagine it takes a bit of sponginess out of the brakes since there’s less cable in the housing, but it still looks a bit strange. The manuals on our website are the most accurate and up to date. Let us help you find what you're looking for. The Xr Ultra has higher specs than the m365 and features significant improvements from its predecessor the GXL V2.

Powered by a improved 300 Watt motor and LG Battery the Xr Ultra is the perfect combination of strength and battery life to take on your commute. Check out the chart below to compare our other electric scooters and their features. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); GoTrax has always been a price leader in the electric scooter industry. Sure, I love a 40 mph dual motor and dual suspension electric scooter as much as the next crazy guy.

But for those that prefer cruise control, you’ll be happy to see the feature even on this budget e-scooter. The Gotrax XR has a 250-watt motor, like the GXL V2. IF you dont see your question answered in the manuals please check out our FAQ or contact our customer service. Both the Gotrax XR and Ultra share the same design and aesthetic; a sleek yet sturdy frame which screams a certain robust reliability that you can count on. The GOTRAX website is certified to meet the requirements of an amazon seller-fulfilled prime warehouse and has an impeccable track record. The scooters are light enough to carry with one hand, easily fit in the back of a car, and are quick to fold-up.

The differences with the Gotrax XR and XR Ultra start with the motor and battery. The new Xr Ultra is the result of compiling over a year of customer data and feedback! Powered by a improved 300 Watt motor and LG Battery the Xr Ultra is the perfect combination of strength and battery life to take on your commute. The exposed brake cable that runs down the stem is a bit odd for a scooter. I’d recommend this scooter to students and anyone else on a budget. So for GoTrax to offer a decently powerful scooter that feels solid and rides pretty well, all for the low price of $399 on GoTrax’s site, well, that’s pretty impressive to me.

Electric scooters are one of the most cost effective forms of personal transportation, it's no surprise the industry is growing at such a rapid rate. This scooter is meant for means of transportation and has been designed with commuters in mind. When it comes to range, don’t expect to get the 16 miles (25 km) that the company advertises, at least not in full power mode. Now that I’ve had a few weeks with the GoTrax Xr Ultra electric scooter, it’s time to share my thoughts on it. There are objectively better electric scooters out there with more power, more battery, and smoother rides. Now, I’m no scooter snob. © 2018-2020 Golabs Inc. All rights reserved. still manage to perform above their price class.

When it comes to handling, the GoTrax feels just about as good as any other budget e-scooter I’ve ridden. It’s an e-scooter that cuts a few corners, but does it well enough to leave you with a decent scooter that is fun to ride. © 2018-2020 Golabs Inc. All rights reserved. All three of these scooters have a 15.5 mph top speed, which feels very fast. You are currently viewing our Xr Ultra Folding Electric Scooter. You can also find it on Amazon for the $399 sale price . GOTRAX® a leader in Electric Scooters and personal mobility, is happy too announce the launch the all new Xr Ultra electric scooter in December 2019. Introducing the Xr Ultra, a folding electric scooter by GOTRAX.

If you live in a pretty flat area with decent roads or bike lanes, this could be a good scooter for you. With the increased range the Xr Ultra is sure to get you where you're going and its portable folding design makes it perfect in combination with public transportation for even longer trips. By riding a GOTRAX scooter you'll also be decongesting our highways and choosing a more green option than gas or even electric cars! The 300W motor is plenty of power for flat ground riding, though it won’t handle heavy-duty hills on its own.


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