greater catan rules

Attach the freight pods to the side of your mothership. If multiple players are involved, each of the involved players gets a prisoner. As soon as a city or settlement is not adjacent to an unconquered hex (i.e., it is surrounded only by the frame and/ or conquered hexes), it becomes a “conquered settlement/city.” Turn the conquered settlement/city on its side, but leave it on its intersection.

Cities & Knights: You may not take a commodity card. On later turns, you must move your wagon to the trade hex where this commodity can be delivered. In Cities &Knights, progress cards replace the development cards from the Catan base game. Drink for every card discarded. Since mostly it will not be possible to win victories alone, you should cooperate and ally with other players—preferably with those who are not too close to victory. You roll doubles. If you do not have enough unused MPs to move along a path, you may not partially move along the path—your wagon must end its movement on an intersection. But wait a minute, these people can be helped: now the fun for two plus two has arrived! Then you must move the robber.

When your wagon stops at the central plaza of the trade hex corresponding to your commodity token, you must deliver that commodity: Your wagon represents the on-board location of your baggage train.

They are meant to block the colony sites and won’t play a role in the remainder of the game. Carefully detach the die-cut cardboard pieces from the frames. Development Cards never go back into the supply, and you cannot buy Development Cards if the supply is empty. Initially, there are only a few raiders, but their numbers increase rapidly. Some progress cards specifically mention "resources" or "commodities". Progress cards may never be traded at any time. There are still some barbarians around who interfere with trade routes. Expanded in this edition.

However, you must extend 2 different caravans. Robber Flees: The robber is placed beside the game board until he is used again (via a “7” or the use of a knight card). Each caravan’s first camel starts from a different arrow. Or we encounter alien folks and start lucrative trading, while pirates and wormholes are a constant challenge. Turn the top card of that stack over and place it on top of your active baggage train card. You have prepared the event card deck and are ready to begin play. You roll an “8”. Advance 1 space on the victory point track. If you do not have sufficient movement points to move past a barbarian, you either stop on the intersection before the barbarian and lose any unused MPs or move in another direction. If you have 10 or more victory points during your turn the game ends and you are the winner!

Players A, B, and D each have one simple knight activated, and player C has no active knights. Note: Ship(s) is a generic term to refer to colony ships and/or trade ships in these rules. Having tamed the wilds of your homeland, your heart yearns for greater adventures, greater conquests. 2. You may also play one Development Card at any time during your turn.

Each turn, reveal the top event card, then resolve any event shown first, and finally produce resources using the number on the circular chit on the card.

Knights serve you in 2 ways. ❌ “No,” the player reading the card follows the arrows marked with and reads the corresponding text aloud. You must possess at least one level of city improvement in one or more areas of development. If one of your trade ships ends its flight on the docking point of an outpost, you must establish a trade stationY at the outpost. You may never hold more than four progress cards in your hand. Keep your Development Cards hidden (in your hand) until you use them, so your opponents can't anticipate your play. Gives two victory points to the player with the most harbor points. Important: The attributes of your mothership always apply to all of your ships. First Production: Each player draws 3 resource cards from the face- down reserve pile. If you have a settlement or city on an intersection adjacent to the lake hex, you may draw a fish token (2 for a city) whenever a 2, 3, 11, or 12 is rolled. If these three conditions are met, you may draw the top card from the progress card stack that matches the color of the city gate on the event die. Since 3 trade stations had already been established there, his mothership must have at least 4 freight pods. Choosing an initial destination trade hex: When you first move your wagon, you should choose one of the 3 trade hexes to move towards (your wagon’s initial destination). You are able to use this ability for the remainder of the game, even if other players also achieve the third level of improvement (in which case they also get the advantage) or if you purchase improvements beyond the third level. Robber Flees: Place the robber beside the board until he is used again (via a “7” or the use of a knight card). Shuffle the Development Cards and place them face down by the board. Regardless of the outcome of the attack, the barbarian ship is returned to its starting position. Or, it can move (B) to the castle using a roadless path (2 MPs) and 2 blue roads (2 MPs), but would owe blue 2 coins. This card is now your active baggage train card. I hope this Catan Starfarers Rules Guide helped you ! There are 2 special purchases you can make once you have a knight: In order for a knight to take an action, he must first be activated.

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The Great Caravan – Originally released as a free expansion in Germany.

You can increase the strength and effectiveness of your knights by paying additional commodities. Then play proceeds normally. Discard cards: Any player who has more than 7 resource cards in hand must choose half of these cards and return them to the supply. You roll a “3” and place a barbarian on the coastal hex with the “3” (A). The player with the highest total strength of active knights (this will not always be the greatest number of knights) will be declared the "Defender of Catan"! In addition, when you build the third improvement in each area, you receive a special ability. That card, however, may not be a card you bought during the same turn! If you have 1, 2, or 3 ships on the board, you first determine their speed. She has only 1 ship and moves it a distance of 5 intersections. When a victory occurs at a conquered coastal hex, turn the hex’s number token face up and turn upright any adjacent conquered settlements and cities. In our example, the yellow colony (A) borders a red planet and a green planet. In order for the knight to move, you must have built roads linking the intersection the knight is moving from to the intersection that he is moving to. A basic knight may never displace another knight. The first player to accumulate 13 or more victory points during his turn immediately wins the game. If one of your colony ships ends its flight on an unoccupied intersection between two planets, you may† establish a colony there by removing the transport ship and returning it to your supply (†see No Blockade on “special cases” section). Each of the involved players who rolls highest (re-roll ties) receives a prisoner. Each player receives only 1 resource for each of his cities that produces this turn. All of the variants and three of the scenarios have been available from various sources in Europe and the United States or through official websites. The lake cannot be placed on the edge of the island (i.e., the coast). You must keep Victory Point Cards hidden. You can increase its MPs by upgrading your baggage train. If no unoccupied spaceport site is available to you, you can’t build a colony ship. Turn back: During your turn, you can also return your ships to intersections they have previously occupied. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Along the way, you befriend alien civilizations who might become valued trading partners.

This special trade advantage does not include resources, only the three commodities. Additional Rules: Fishing. A red knight and a blue knight are on paths that have the “2&5 ⚫ ” orientation. Sum up the value of all the active knights to determine the strength of the defending army.

You are allowed to build a road on a path occupied by a barbarian. A bridge can only be built on one of the 7 building sites for bridges—a building site is a path that crosses a river. If you lose 1 fame medal piece and thus 1 victory point, you move your victory point marker back 1 space on the victory point track. You set up as outlined in the Catan base game, except that your second settlement is replaced by a city. Note that "C" is not a connected site, so he cannot move to that spot. The status of the knight, active or inactive, is not changed when you promote the knight. If you play one of these cards, you may place the merchant piece on any land hex adjacent to one of your cities or settlements. Place the remaining 31 event cards face down on top of this card to form a new draw pile. Further, you are not allowed to move the robber by playing of any progress cards (like the Bishop) or knight actions until after the first barbarian attack. b. without roads. The barbarian ship moves along this track on its way to Catan.

To build a city wall, you pay 2 brick resources to the bank. Move your shipsY. Follow us on:

On this page we are proposing rules for various combinations to all those of you who enjoy trying out new things. The color of the second ball is irrelevant. he is used again (via a “7” or by playing a knight card).


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