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8 Willen Field Road Park Royal London NW10 7AQ. Join our community where you can search and apply for jobs and connect with like minded people. 3K likes. i wasted my time favoritism and racism is there supervisor do not have manners hoe to treat employee s . I was told that if I went for an operation I would not b able to come to work so they sacked me for having an operstion.

Good only as a part time job, for some extra money. Some really good people there.

Is pay weekly or monthly if monthly what date.

its a bit cold but they give you enough clothing so that you stay warm. 30 October, 2020, Posted on Providing lots of learning opportunity. Does GREENCORE require pre-employment background checks? This site uses cookies. Theres only 10% Greencore Regular employees that work there and 90% temps. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies: Greencore Collaborating on Cross-industry Government Backed Scheme to Reduce Food Waste, Multiple Greencore Products Shortlisted at Quality Food Awards 2020. What would you suggest GREENCORE management do to prevent others from leaving? I’m in second shift. Sprawdź 2031 opinii o Greencore Sandwiches Worksop. It’s a very good place to work, I loved my job the pay was just not enough for me. I really don't know what you want don't understand question just want to fill out applications and get a job what do you want me to say no instructions, good working at greencore flexable work scheduale and very nice bosses thank you almost anybody could do the job and getting paid weekley also is a nice bennifit. My job is good. What kind of background check does GREENCOR…. 15-17 Deer Park Road, Moulton Park Industrial Estate Northampton NN3 6RX. Greencore (Current Employee) - Worksop - 24 June 2018 Working at Greencore has been very rewarding, my life changed after my first day and now almost 9 years later I have enjoyed everymoment, the culture with in the organisation positive. Ask a question about working or interviewing at GREENCORE. What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at GREENCORE? You never earn what you work over 8 hours.

They offer tuition reimbursements, over-time and double time. This is a harsh place to work, if you are a European and a agency worker you will be left alone, as they get treated a thousand times better than greencore staff, there are plenty of bullies that work there that seem to get away with doing it, alot of the lines end up with alot of agency workers that are extremely lazy and you end up carrying them making you work three times as hard for very little support from most line controllers, it is back breaking work to start with and then they will introduce more work onto the jobs you already do and the management replies to the complaints by saying "if you don't like what we want you to do then you can easily be replaced" , people don't respect the social distancing and management seem to think that you can't self isolate unless you have symptoms, you have to fight for a pay rise every year with little effect, what greencore expect you to do for the same wages as agency who do next to nothing in comparison is insulting, unless you are absolutely desperate for cash working at greencore ain't worth the anxiety, low moral and lack of confidence and a painful back you will get by working for them.


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