gta 5 bunker stock time
Gunrunning business is very much like MC Businesses but without the 5 Bars visually indicated. This is a game changer, whats the point in playing if they keep fk'n it about. If you only have one another upgrade. It wouldn't have been so bad if the game was only a year old or so, but by this point 260 hours is a long time, personally I've been waiting until the fast track price drops to 90k and then pay up, it's about halfway through the bar so it cuts the time down but leaves time to recoup the costs with I/e. yes.... they cut it by 2x today... it ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sucks. I will update here with new numbers as I get them. When I am not playing GTAO - Tested - No...your stock will not produce. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Beautiful work. I suspect both of the normal loops are running for stock and research and they just happen to not overlap. rinse and repeat;)

Working as Associate for another CEO - Tested - Your bunker will produced while working as an associate for another CEO. The supply bar is 100 units wide. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The bunker will be full in 700 minutes (11 hours and 40 minutes.). $15K per 20 units needed. Some are rather complicated and even with 2 vehicles meeting the time deadline can be a challenge solo. Wait until the research is almost done and when you see the next research you don't like just close the game and lauch it back up(if you like the research leave it as is). It's actually not so bad. No sign's of a robbery, so where's my money A Fully upgraded bunker will generate 1 unit of research every 210 seconds (3 mins 30 seconds) Fully researched in 210 minutes ( 3 hours 30 minutes.) Research generates one unit every 420 seconds (7 minutes) compared to 3.5 minutes if fully focused on research. Fully Upgraded - 1 unit every 84 seconds. Filling the entire bar you will get a profit of $210k to $230K so I think to sell more than $1M you might need to fill the entire bar for about 8 times. Partially upgraded will create 1 unit of stock worth $6K/unit every 8.5 minutes. 260+ hours of being in game to unlock all of the research without fast tracking? (2hr 20 minutes). The enemies are much more aggressive and can use buzzards, savages, and insurgents. Updated Research times. Initial supply run to start the business generates 100% stock. Given what you said I will research it and see what the numbers show. But some of the more difficult ones would be better with at least one associate. 157.5/24 = ~6.57 days going straight through. 50% of the purchase price of the first bunker will be refunded to the player (assuming it was not purchased for free), as will 50% of the cost of any expansions and upgrades purchased for that bunker; all expansions and upgrades desired will have to be repurchased for the new bunker. most of times you will get sales with multiple vehicles, some of them are quite hard to complete, some even impossible in time alone. then after selling buy supplies again. 5x supply bars @ $75,000 each = $375,000 total cost of supplies. full bar of supplies produce in 2 hours+ and you can sell that amount of product always with one vehicle. $225K for no research points. Bunker with no upgrades takes 1 supply unit every 150 seconds (2 minutes 30 seconds.) Q) Does my Bunker produce weapons while I XXXX? The gunrunning supply missions are the real stand out new content for the update. without upgrades yeah it is mental with full upgrades and assuming you went 24/7 it would take only 6.5 days to complete. With full upgraes 25 Units or less will be <= $175K Blaine sale price or $262.5K LS Sale price. The benefit of not having to wait for bulk is that you can easily pump out all the trade-in missions. I have not really focused any energy on getting number for partial upgrades. Stock selling mission are very much like MC sell missions but with Merriweather usually involved. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). There is an option to fast track the research. Completing a sell mission from your Bunker at any point between now and July 24th also grants you the Black Ammu-Nation Hoodie, and to make sure your squad of shooters are satisfied, we're doubling the salaries for all Bodyguards and Associates over the same time period. " The bunker will be full in 1000 minutes (16 hours and 40 minutes). © Valve Corporation. No upgrades the bar will deplete every 100 minutes. Thank you for your time in putting all this together. How long does it take to fill it up by 100%, and how much will I make? Glad to know there's no benefit to selling in bulk, that means I can keep running my ~60k sales. I been doing this whenever I get those camos as a research.

GTA Disk is sitting on a dresser and I have not booted the game in days. The bunker will be full in 1000 minutes (16 hours and 40 minutes). The bunker can hold 100 units of stock. Amount of stock vs How many vehicles used to deliver: With no upgrades 25 Units or less will be <=$125K Blaine sale price or $187.5K LS Sale price. A) Approx 5 when everything is fully upgraded. It may not show up as expected while doing other tasks. It wouldn't be so bad if you could pick and choose the research but... damn. When splitting between stock and research every time doubles from above. GTA 5 Online Bunker Profit Chart.

I was on par for a million $, now I'll be lucky for half of that. tl;dr for Splitting Staff don't do it... it is not worth it. Tactical notes for all the new vehicles. Let me know if there are any platform variations. The steal missions can be rather simple like pickup a van and lose a 1 star wanted level. Working as Member of a MC club for a another President - Not yet tested. then after selling buy supplies again. Many things change the ideal situation. Since things run on their own loops independent of each other you cannot know when one started and one ends or how the loops interact. It should be noted that Resupply and Selling missions are much more difficult than in MC Businesses. So there is no immediate advantage to waiting until it is full. Most importantly when doing supply or sell missions, the whole thing is put on pause. LTS/Survival/DeathMatch/Vs/Others - Not yet tested. Q) Is it worth it to buy supplies or to steal them? don't fully fill bunker solo.

From what another post said, when you mix research and stock your research takes the same amount of time. ), Bunker with full upgrades uses 1 supply unit every 210 seconds (3 minutes 30 seconds) Fully drain the supplies in 350 minutes (5 hours 50 minutes), I don't know where this came from but it has all the research icons with what they unlock. Free Mode - Invite Only - Tested - Yes bunker produces while logged in an invite only free-mode server. This equates to $7.14 value per second. I have not verified it. There is no way to influence this. And that is assuming all supplies are stolen instead of paid for.

Playing Single Player GTAV - Tested - No it does not. Or the supplies can be stolen. All rights reserved. full bar of supplies produce in 2 hours+ and you can sell that amount of product always with one vehicle. Hi, Can somebody explain to me on WHY I have a $200,000 drop in stock value in my bunker. The cost is relative to the amount of research points already accumulated. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. However their accuracy is not turned quite as high as the aimbots from I/E. Unlike CEO there is no advantage to selling in large quantities as the value does not go up with more stock.

Stock is created over time. My stock was roughly 50% at a value of $510,000, Now I'm sitting about 75% stock at a value of $300,000. Or airlift a tank from Fort Zancudo. Heck, I'm having it do research right now. I get to the final turn by the docks and my fucking trailer detaches and flies into the ocean. Release Date June 13, 2017 Title Update 1.40 Gunrunning Pack Game Edition GTA Online - PS4/XB1/PC. If you like the game at all and want to have some fun do them till you dont like them any more. All rights reserved. It is not meant to replace I/E or Special Cargo. A) I will personally test all the scenarios and report them here. Change the "Assign Staff to" to something else and back again. However... if you order supplies...make sure they arrive before you start other tasks. There is a bug that sometimes keeps the stock from showing up after delivery. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,,,,,, The missions are much more difficult and usually go much more smoothly with a group. Bunker business seems to have a speed increase. A Fully upgraded Bunker will create 1 unit of stock worth $7K/unit every 7 minutes. Yeah, I waited till full stock and it gave me two phantom wedges with massive trailers full of $500,000 each. There are 100 units of research to unlock each upgrade. Sucks for you that you didn't keep updated on the news. 45 projects 3.5 hours per project (fully upgraded), Total hours: 157.5 hours for all projects. A Bunker with no upgrades will generate 1 unit of research every 300 seconds (5mins.) So far that is the largest complaint about research. Research is a Bunker procedure in which staff can be assigned to research projects in Grand Theft Auto Online. rinse and repeat;). I am currently doing this research and will report the findings today. See here: Update for 7/18/2017 This event is now over. $1,050,000 minus the supply costs of $375,000 gives you profit of $675,000 from 42,000 seconds worth of time, which equates to earning $16.07 per second. Even if you don't buy the supplies for Research and steal them for free, that'll give you the full $225,000 worth of value from 220 seconds, which is $10.71 per second.. still less than buying supplies and Manufacturing weapons instead! Plus, I think there is a pause in production while supplies are being collected. These are usually indicated by 2+ circles on the lower right side of the screen. best get full upgrades in a bunker and just buy supplies. Supply usage, stock generation, and research are timed based not units based. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.


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