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Affiliation Levi informs Hange that he does not know where Eren and Historia are, but Hange has an idea of where they are and claims that they will end the battle there. Hange sneaks into Shiganshina and contacts Jean and Mikasa. [97], The soldiers sit in on a speech by the association discussing the mistreatment of displaced Subjects of Ymir. [77] As part of the Survey Corps surrounds Bertolt, Hange leads the rest of the soldiers to finish off Reiner. When of gif says more than words ever could... Hange just fkn died. Squad Levi, without Levi himself, and Squad Hange deploy to take down the Armored Titan. Every fan likely knows by now that the series is much closer to the end, so they should not be surprised to see more important characters die in the remaining chapters.

Hange has wide, light brown eyes and medium-length dark brown hair that is often kept tied up in an unkempt high pony tail with bangs parted down the middle. Yelena admits that Eren will likely be heading to Fort Salta, but she asks in exchange for Hange to admit that Zeke's euthanization plan was correct. After the Female Titan is lured into the Survey Corps' trap in a Titan Forest and captured, Hange mockingly explains to it that the Special target restraining weapon is designed so that the more its wounds heal the more its joints will be immobilized. He orders Hange and Moblit to leave immediately, and names Hange acting commander of the Survey Corps in his absence. Thanks to information left behind by Ilse Langnar, Hange was able to get authorization to resume Titan capture operations in the Survey Corps despite being turned down several times. Hange Zoë Survey Corps Upon reaching Odiha Hange has the Azumabito mechanics begin preparing the flying boat for departure while Hange interrogates Yelena about Eren's next destination. During an expedition outside of Wall Rose, Hange and Levi find the corpse of a fallen Survey Corps member. [83], Hange, Levi, Eren, and Mikasa see the photograph, Hange tells Mikasa that they too have people they wish could bring back, and tells Mikasa that everyone has to say goodbye someday, insisting that they all must move forward. 170 cm[2] Taking out just a few of the Wall Titans might just buy them the precious minutes they need. Once the ship is ready to leave, Hange helps an injured Pieck board it before the group departs. [94], Another year passes and Hange takes the Survey Corps and meets with an ambassador from the nation of Hizuru named Kiyomi Azumabito. Attack on Titan really doesn't give a damn about sacred cows. However, Floch’s action would also lead to Hange’s death. Or maybe that's just Twitter? Since their promotion to commander, Hange also was in charge of expedition planning, management of the regiment, recruiting, and all the other responsibilities previously handled by Erwin. Now the group has to work furiously hard to make even more extensive repairs before they're trampled underfoot.

Hange goes in and confronts the leakers, asking Floch why they did it. Roeg then demands Hange take responsibility but is interrupted by Pixis who insists they stop bickering among themselves. However, Hange turns their attention to the Yeagerists reinforcements arriving by train and is baffled when it is derailed. Hange is deeply active in the research on the Titan race and innovative scientific experiments. As they come upon the Armored Titan lying supine upon the ground, Hange spots Bertolt flying overhead just before he transforms into the Colossus Titan. Hange notes that they believed Erwin should have lived as well, but concedes that there is nothing more to say about their current situation, and that Hange and Armin will have to carry on in Erwin’s stead.[85]. AOT got me fuuucckkkeedd up. Pixis then asks Hange how many people know about Zeke's location before ordering to secure them. Tensions run high between the Warrior Unit and the Survey Corps and Hange is forced to intercede in the arguments that break out while Hange is cooking.

This led them to wear a small black eye patch over it. Hange asks him if he no longer cared about Historia, considering all the trouble he has caused by acting independently of the Survey Corps. Soon after, Hange receives word from Moblit that Nick has been murdered. So far, their efforts have gained them a ship, fuel and a flying boat, but robbed them of Theo Magath and Keith Shadis, who gave their lives to ensure the group could soldier on. Hange only agrees to admit that Eren provided no better options and that they are powerless to do anything else. Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ Hanji Zoe?) Former affiliation Hange also hypothesized that this switch must have a good reason as well as being connected to the Titan's nature. As the soldiers and Warriors return to preparing, Hange asks Levi if he believes that their fallen comrades are watching them. When everyone dismisses them being affiliated with her, Armin recalls that Reiner drew out Eren's location from him and probably wrote it on Annie's hand when she captured him. Attack on Titan Kills Another Veteran Character - and This One REALLY Stings, Attack on Titan: Why Levi Chose Armin Over Erwin, Asahi Wonda Coffee Combines Attack on Titan With YOSHIKI for a Monstrous, Animated Drum Solo, Attack on Titan: How Levi's Tragic Backstory Changed Everything. Google wants to move UK users' data to the US – what does that mean for your rights? Deducing that it was meant to look ordinary, the four search the room and locate a small keyhole on the side of the desk, which accepts Eren's key. After more discourse, Hange orders those present to take measures to prevent ingesting the wine. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He was in a near-death state until Hanji Zoe found him and escaped with his body later to make an alliance with Commander Theo Magath and Pieck Finger in order to take down Eren Jaeger. As previous experiments have never uncovered anything unusual about a Titan's nape, Hange theorizes that the Titan form absorbs the human pilot completely, and that the true means to slay a Titan is the decapitation of what remains of the human.[42]. But this is likely to deal a crushing blow to the rest of the group's morale, and Armin, Hange's successor, will feel that along with the added weight of responsibility that being the kind of leader to lay your life on the line for everyone else brings. After Eren picked up a spoon with a wounded hand, his arm transformed into a Titan form, Hange who is full of excitement touches the transformed arm which then burns her. Hange is always wearing square glasses with an elastic band strapping the head, but outside missions she is wearing oval-shaped glasses. Levi orders Armin to care for Hange while the rest of the squad advances.[55]. Hange then notices Mikasa is still on the Wall, and is surprised to see that she has found a Titan within the hole. Outside, Hange laments that being made commander was Erwin's only mistake before he died. Hange brings news of the new plan to Mikasa before engaging the Yeagerists themselves, helping to distract them as the Azumabitos go to the ship. [28], Hange fires the special target restraining weapon. [107], The Survey Corps officers later arrive at a restaurant and are told by Niccolo to wait in another room while he attends to his other guests. As a constantly busy person, Hange's hair is thrown up very quickly and is usually oily and unclean.Hange wears square, thick-rimmed glasses that have bands strapped around the head to keep them from dislodging during combat; but when out of combat they are replaced with thin oval shaped glasses.

[96], Roughly a year later, the Survey Corps veterans journey to Marley's mainland to meet with Kiyomi.


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