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One sergeant and eight privates were killed or wounded. Eno Journal General Nathanael Greene. In the interval, Hartford apparently stood vacant and empty. A compact village of small homes and accessory buildings is planned which will cover only about 15% of the site on the west side near the entrance to Frazier Road. “…I must have a Sett of Bolting Cloths, and a new Roof on the Mill House this Spring, and I am apprehensive the Oyl Mill must be rebuilt, before next fall. The Reverend Fraser’s extraordinary library of 246 catalogued books was he says, chiefly destroyed by fire. The result is a process we can all be proud of and—better yet—has found favor with the County. Since early in 2014, we devoted lots of energy to prepare our re-zoning application to Orange County. In October, 1766, however, Maddock’s name and his mill became publicly linked with the Regulators,5 and from that time forward he feared that the mill and his entire North Carolina property would be confiscated by Governor William Tryon.6 The alarmed Maddock and other Eno Quakers swiftly entered for new lands in eastern Georgia;7 and in November, 1767, according to the old Registration of Deeds Book in Raleigh, Maddock conveyed his 20-acre mill seat to Governor Tryon’s friend, Capt. he rushed them north to Major General Greene's camp at Halifax The Hart’s Mill Zoning District was officially approved by the Dane County Commissioners on November 5, 2015! This last is especially notable since experts have usually accounted early painted floor cloths to have been scarce indeed between Richmond and Charleston.37, Mrs. Fraser lists a small fortune in woven yard goods –127 yards unbleached linen, 130 yards Osnaburg, 15 yards cotton homespun, 92 yards white flowered satin, etc. At the next largest scale up, Hart’s Mill and adjacent neighbors form a community. Banastre Tarleton and his British Legion.

Eno River Association Participants noted some actions that can be taken right now to generate income and move towards Hart’s Mill’s vision, including on-line teaching and beginning an educational center at Hart’s Nest. This beautiful 112-acred portion of the Piedmont is graced with rich pastures, woodlands, wetlands, a spring-fed pond and a substantial creek which flows into the Eno River. “The arts are… The mill is located in West Hillsborough, within walking distance to neighborhood restaurants and shops. Common Ground Ecovillage is nestled midway between Mebane and Hillsborough just west of the North Carolina Triangle area. Richard Simmons - Rowan County Regiment, with unknown Hart’s Mill Ecovillage – a sustainable farm community Major Samuel Hammond (SC), and Capt. . These may used throughout time to adjust and adapt concepts, goals, and strategies as contexts and conditions change. The initiative is being led by a group of local residents who intend to live at Hart’s Mill. 1790 in Guilford County, NC & married Sept 1811 in Orange County, NC … According to the Graham version which emphasizes the speed and split-second timing of the whole maneuver, it would have been foolhardy for the American “rebels” to have taken precious time to break furniture and set fires when they could already hear the “slow gallop” of Tarleton’s horses. By 1779 the canny Hart had sensed an ominous shift in political attitudes and decided that it was time to take his wife and daughters out of the area. This was the highly unsatisfactory state of affairs at Hartford Plantation when the British forces under Earl Cornwallis arrived in the area in the unusually mild February of 1781. Joseph Graham (NC) - and

have expended a great deal of Money on repairs…but God Almighty witholds the Water from me…”47, In the bitterly hard spring of 1783 when famine became a stark possibility in the Hillsborough area, Benton wrote that there had been a general crop failure and that he was finding many more mill repairs necessary; Hart's Mill Capt. On March 6th, 2015, we submitted a preliminary application in preparation for a public hearing in front of the Orange County Commissioners on May 26th. Were all these things accomplished & myself clear of Debt I should be well pleased with Hartford.”4′, On April 3, 1786, Benton sent Hart a comprehensive report of 19 closely written pages containing the news that he had removed his family and the old weaving-house to a newly cleared farm of 20 acres on a high, beautiful spot, “the Pleasantest & most beautiful situa­tion in Orange,” some 600 yards southwest of the Mill and that he had rented out the old Hartford houses and stable to a tavern keeper “at £25 this, being the first year; the fulling Mill at £50 for one Year, and hope to rent out the Tan yard & Store house before next fall.”49. Hart’s mill is an ecovillage, and deeply committed to regenerative, agrarian living. Frazer never let me see him after you went away tho’ I went to Hartford sundrie times for that purpose… about the 10th he went over to Virginia with part of his Household Furniture; the 16th I had an Attachment Levyed on all his Estate we cou’d come at…I believe from what I can learn the Man owes a great deal more than his Estate is worth.”28. The Reverend Fraser further deposed that he had later been accused of “High Treason,” thrown into jail to suffer three months of extreme hardships, and finally tried, but that he was acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence. the rising of the Loyalists, and to strike the British whenever (919) 620-9099, Eno River Association – Education, Advocacy & Conservation. The history of human occupation on this land is deep, rich, and fascinating. Wilmington in check. He then made his way to New York and thence to Nova Scotia.41. The story of Hart’s Mill that I shall tell you this afternoon is but the single Revolutionary chapter in the lengthy history of this old water grist mill on the upper Eno River. After the meeting Maddock grew increasingly fearful of governmental retribution and decided to move to Georgia with a group of Quakers. A sustainable community – and future – near the North Carolina Triangle, coming home to a vibrant and diverse multi-generational community where people thrive and support each other in every stage of life, accessibility to flexible and affordable housing options, onsite opportunities for farm and home-based employment, a high degree of self-sufficiency in food, fiber, and energy, adoption of the best site and building design principles and practices for reducing use of energy, water, and other resources, management of the land for diversified food and timber production, wildlife habitat, recreation, research and education. I introduced the regenerative community development tools I have developed and am piloting as part of my dissertation research. The land in general slopes from northwest to southeast. 16 British Regulars, 2 Loyalists - leader Unknown. of men. Capt. [Joel] Lewis In Nov. 1767 he conveyed the mill to Gov. men. The Orange County Arts Commission is please to announce the recipients of the Operational Support Grant Program.

But there was also one other significant establishment at Hartford – the buildings for the new Academy which the General Assembly had chartered in 177820 a prestigious Board of Trustees, mostly Scotsmen, had been named: “William Hooper, Alexander Martin, John Kinchen, Thomas Burke, Thomas Hart, Nathaniel Rochester, James Hogg, William Johnston, Esquires – and the Reverend Mr. Frazier [sic].” Hart had evidently offered to erect the new Academy at Hartford because of his handy concentration of shops and skilled craftsmen. Pickens then took this newly-formed corps in pursuit of Lt. Col. With him were Col. Francis Locke (NC), Major James McCall (SC), We looked at elements for life including water, organisms (including people), nutrients, soil, infrastructure, and information, among others.

By December 4 Jesse could write to Colonel Hart with some pride, “I can inform You that the Hartford Estate (which You call mine, tho’ not yet paid for) is in excellent repair…but if you will believe me I have not had Water to keep the Grist Mill, Fuling-Mill & Oyl Mill at Work before this Weeke…! Edmund Fanning deemed the meeting "an insurrection" when he believed the men were attempting to usurp power from the local court. Comments about your visit, interesting nearby areas and any significant information you may have on this waymark are encouraged. In colonial Orange County he married Susannah Gray, Col. John Gray’s daughter, and soon inherited Grayfields (Moorefields),13 set up a mercantile business in Childsburgh with Edmund Fanning ,14 swiftly ingratiated himself with the most considerable men of Hillsborough, New Bern, and eastern North Carolina, acquired lucrative appointments, lands, and power,15 and built up his new Hartford Plantation as both a political and industrial base. SunEnergy1 began in 2009 as a rooftop solar development company, developing the largest rooftop solar on the east coast at that time. Focusing on problems to manifesting potential, Working with parts to working with wholes, Addressing symptoms to addressing causes—worldviews and consciousness, A parasitic to a mutualistic relationship with nature, Project-focused to value-adding (i.e., being of service) to the larger context, The inclusion of larger contexts and systems; understanding your role within those systems, Frameworks to guide thinking, discussion, and action in Hart’s Mill and beyond for community members and the professionals who work with you, A language to communicate who Hart’s Mill is at its heart. Graham discovered a British detachment guarding Hart's We discovered the essence of Hart’s Mill—what defines it as a unique whole and gives it life and vitality—and articulated it in a short Story of Place and regenerative development concept: Hart’s Mill is a connecting place, rooted in rich biological and cultural diversity and flows that bring forth vitality and life. In any event, by deeds and State land grant, Maddock’s lands came into Thomas Hart’s hands and Hartford Plantation came into existence.10, Captain Hart (1730-1808) was a Virginian from Hanover County, an adventurer,” one of “the men with silver buckles on their shoes” who invariably married heiresses and gradually pushed the less sophisticated pioneer Quakers out of their little stores and inns and acquired their mills and farmsteads – a pattern of polite, ruthless aggression in the Eno River Valley entirely fascinating and chilling to trace today from our vantage point in time.12. Site of key Regulator meeting, 1766, and skirmish in 1781 that boosted the Patriot cause. It is characterized by a pond and lowlands along an unnamed headwater stream for much of the southern border, a slope down to McGowan Creek, which forms the eastern border, extensive wetlands/beaver ponds along the eastern border and southeastern segment, open land on the west and north central portion of the site, and a 10-acre field to the east of this area. Not a stick of it seems to have escaped wreckage.3”, Besides all these things “four Carpets” and “1 Elegant painted floor Cloth”36 were lost to confiscation officials.

Since then, SunEnergy1 has developed some of the largest solar projects in North Carolina with recent projects exceeding 110 MW. We are grateful to him for his expert guidance and support along the way. Brigadier General Andrew Pickens marched towards Hillsborough. spread around the camp. I then introduced the concept of regenerative development. their aid in restoring the blessings of peace and order in the The actual grave site, however, has been lost for several decades.51 A good portion of Hartford Plantation is now the Hillsborough Division of Duke Forest; and the huge, extremely deep Duke Quarry which has supplied the distinctive tawny stone of the Duke University buildings lies to the east across the River only a short dis­tance from Jesse Benton’s own old stone quarry.


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