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That's a really rare quality with men, but he was a rare individual.". (smile) I have yet to feel real sick, “Thank God,” but I have a blood dis-order.

John Brown, an SU lineman who was Ernie's close friend, said university dormitories and classrooms were integrated, and athletes would sometimes go together to a bar called the Clover Club. "Hi ya, Ern," "Hi, Ernie," "How ya feeling, Ernie?" Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Davis was treated with a drug known as 6-MP, and within weeks his illness was in a state of total remission. She was a senior in 1963, when a chaplain came to Sigma Delta Tau -- the sorority in which she'd become the first black member -- to tell her Ernie was dead of leukemia.

A flicker of a smile would cross Ernie's usually solemn face as he acknowledged a greeting or reluctantly paused to sign an autograph. What have you been doing? I hope all that publicity that I received didn’t scare you.

Helen has heard she does not exist in the film, that Ernie's cinematic girlfriend is a fictional composite. "He was just driven to excel, " she said.

The way they put it, it seems that I was about to die. Ernie threw him the keys to the Edsel, handed him $5 and told him to take Sylvia to a club where another Orange player would be tending bar. "He was a sophomore, a year ahead of me, although we didn't actually start dating until his junior year, " said Helen, the religion editor at the Kansas City Star. Kansas has had its most competitive U.S. Senate race in decades, though President Donald Trump carried the state as expected. Early the next morning he died in his sleep, and the news of his death shocked everyone who admires courage and sportsmanship and the many other good, human qualities that Ernie Davis brought to his surroundings. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site.

We'd go to a park (Thornden Park, near SU) when we just wanted to walk and get away by ourselves, and there was an Italian restaurant we loved near campus; that's where we had our final meal together.". All rights reserved (About Us). Last week Ernie Davis paid a call on Art Modell at the Browns' office and said that he had to go into the hospital briefly for some additional treatment.

Write soon. Art Modell, the youthful president of the Browns, came up to Davis and said, "Ernie, why don't you take the Thanksgiving weekend off? Many older students were already there, including members of the track and football teams. They eventually became a couple, a time still precious to Helen, almost 50 years later. When all his now-fabulous records are broken, as they surely will be someday, when the story of his personal tragedy is no more than an occasional recollection in the mind of an aging generation, Ernie Davis will still be remembered as the first Negro to win the Heisman Trophy. When he'd say everything would be OK, even when he was sick, that's why I believed it.".

Jimmy Brown got Ernie started before the winter was over, helping him land a job with Pepsi-Cola.

This dis-order is something like mononucleosis. In his spare time, Ernie played basketball to stay in shape. Modeil winked at this reference to Ernie's girl, Helen Gott, a Syracuse University senior from New Jersey.

"I want people to know you can excel in your profession, entertainment or sports, and you can also be a gentleman," she said.

He often sat on the bench with the team, one of them in all but uniform.

The story goes that John lacked the nerve to ask Sylvia out, claiming he was broke and had no car. They talked about the future of the football team and how Ernie believed this would be the year the Browns would regain the championship. Ernie Davis of Syracuse University, 1959, against Boston University.

"I would have loved him if he never touched a football, " Helen said, which in the end was the real greatness of Ernie Davis.

Modeil winked at this reference to Ernie's girl, Helen Gott, a Syracuse University senior from New Jersey. Davis’ girlfriend, Helen Gott, was at her sorority house on the Syracuse campus when two friends came up and put their arms about her. The main attraction was often Felix Cavaliere, an SU student who later helped to found the rock group "The Rascals."

That exclusion, if anything, only enflamed a sense of mission.

Only 1 is green. No one knew if it would recur. Ernie, from afar, made sure the date was a success -- knowing his roommate didn't have much choice on where to go. You could go spend some time with Helen." "Starting next year," he said, "I expect to play 10 or 11 years and then go into business. I hope and I pray that all is swell. Helen Gott hung back from the dance floor.

Admission to those shows cost $5, Sylvia said.


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