hilary jones drummer

I don’t know where her career was, I wen to her website and she says she has toured, recorded with some pretty great musicians, but she doesn’t list just who, which as a recording artist. No, society will push back and in a big way. Jones’ racist rant has prompted online backlash from the musician community. As one would imagine, racism by a cymbal artist could prove to be very damaging to Zildjian. Musician/Band. These idiots are all around. https://www.vox.com/2016/5/25/11682950/fisher-supreme-court-white-women-affirmative-action. Thomas L. Jennings, the inventor credited for inventing the dry cleaning process, was also the first African American to hold a U.S. patent. Who are the rapists/pillagers and pilferers in history??

Needed ,but very Dangerous and Riots and looting are never economical. Forgot account?

So I guess I should say thank you to her and so many others who think like her for bringing us together and the more of hate that surfaces, the more united Blacks become. There is no racial exclusivity to any of these crimes. Your email address will not be published. There is so much African Americans have contributed to America. FBI repots on crime clearly show that in the US most murders are committed by people of the same ethnic group as the victim. Thank you for posting this Kevin. It is possible that other musicians are that ignorant, but they know if they said something as asinine as this that it would be professional suicide. Re: “So you can just say thank you” — This finisher reinforces the abusive hubris that I noted above.

The global drumming community in particular — and the music community as a whole –is inseparably tethered to the artistry that originates in Africa, a place I called home for 4 years. You’ve had tremendous advantages in this country…” Whether the person was a slave is irrelevant. Also, be sure to follow this blog and podcast for related content. I dont get how we are the rapist, but I will let you enlighten me. By lending your signature below, you demand that those who contract her or abide in any professional arrangement such as providing tour and logistic support, equipment sponsorship, etc., immediately separate their professional entity from any and all future engagements and opportunities in which this intolerant, disrespectful and bigoted individual is associated with.Drum Workshop Drums is listed as a key supplier, however they indicate that they have taken steps to address this issue. I know of a drumming gig she was fired from back in the early 00’s from a fairly prominent artist as they found her difficult to work with and so many others were available who could play as well as she could (and more) that were a pleasure to work with. I had to unfriend her after a while as I just couldn’t look past her as a person any more. When the physical shackles were removed in 1865, freed slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule – instead the institutional shackles indentured them as servants to work on the 40 acres for the same masters to whom they were enslaved .

I am finally ready to share my feelings rather than just share images, and I hope you are willing to read them. I hope she loses every endorsement and never works again!!!! She does this at the risk of her career as the companies who endorse her will not stand for any of it. Wealth is generational – and when generation after generation is beaten down and stripped of their wealth the effects continue. That id democracy Freedom As long as she does not infringe on the right of others.

I believe the rape part was untrue. Great job DW and the right thing to do Racism has NO place in this world!!!!! Days after Zildjian’s vow to spread love, their artist, Hilary Jones surfaces with a message of hate.


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