hmgs cold wars 2021
Mr Johnny Reb Hisself! I would be remiss if I did not mention the other really big news to come out of Cold Wars 2020. Login with Facebook Login with LinkedIn. Thus, we now have Ocean City, and the gnashing of teeth has already started in HMGS land. In closing it has been suggested that "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these HMGS wargamers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Cold Wars 2021 will be April 8 – 12 at the Convention Center in Ocean City, MD. Germs are another matter, and the fact that this convention ran just after the Daylight Savings Time switch with a Friday the 13th tucked in did not go unnoticed. The event was the normal set up in the Lancaster Host Resort. Definitely worth the drive from Kansas City. Cue snickering now. This year’s theme is vehicles of war: trains, tracks, and trucks. Invite. Your email address will not be published. Hopefully, the world crises will have passed by Historicon, but it is difficult to say. and the people were both 'just great', and he can't wait to come back to If you wish to run a game, tournament, be We would like to put together a list of these, along with pictures and OK, this after action report is going to be a lot different than what I’ve written before, so if you want to experience the convention in a normal year. November 15-18, 2012 at the Airport Hilton.

The on-site Starbucks doesn’t even take Starbucks cards! AUCTION ON SATURDAY.

contact Mike Machell. July 7-11, Gen-Con 2021 Planet Colaw Once again, the convention was well organized, well laid out and her staff exceptionally supportive. Remember Me. COLD WARS War at the Shore: Battles on Beaches. I have spoken, because this is the way. The 2019 edition listed 1850 attendees, of which normally about 40% walk in the door with the other 60% pre-registering. Go to the HAHMGS Yahoo Group Posted on March 14, 2020 by Manteuffel. If you wish to run a game, tournament, be As usual, there were a number of very nice looking games. Otherwise, the old Host is cleaning up quite nicely, from rooms to restaurant, and – thank you, Jesus – there is a Starbucks in house. Go to for more info on the show! Cold Wars 2021 Ocean City, MD April 8-11 (not so cold, eh?) please send HAHMGS the info.

here for pics from the show and more. Calendar more. , all thanks to a germ called COVID 19. So be it, and while I go into Coronavirus defilade as part of a gaming and writing sabbatical, let’s be careful out there. We also communicated with the Convention Directors of “Cold Wars”, “Adepticon” and “GaryCon”. Regular Reg ... **Exhibitor Applications received/paid after 02.19.2021 ... HMGS… I would also be remiss if I didn’t send out a HUGE virtual fist bump to Cold Wars Director Heather Blush. Go to for more info on the 2016 show! OR. If you were there, there was more than enough to keep you entertained. Again, if we look at last year, and not including tournament and other miscellaneous play, there were 321 games scheduled out in all categories. My first game Friday night was a bust because although all eight game tickets were gone, only two people showed up and I needed a minimum of four to play. I’m usually able to get a lot of images for articles like these because after my game on Saturday morning, there are always lots of things hopping that afternoon and well into the night.

From now on HAHMGS's fall activity will be supporting the KANSAS CITY GAME FAIR (see above). Not this time around, though I was able to sit back and enjoy seeing how those new, totally irreverent rules and figures recreating the Armies of Oz (yes, that Oz) battled on the tabletop. The second big reason people stayed away was that while they felt healthy, they had people back home in said high-risk categories. Triple 11 Inch Main Turret from the Gneisenau! anniversary in 2008! I was still able to make my last-minute purchase because I had cash not spent at the flea market, but yes, it was that type of convention. As if the Almighty had planned this in advance almost to the day, as soon as Cold Wars opened its doors on Thursday, the media began what seemed like hourly reports of mass quarantines, meeting bans, event cancellations and the like. Publisher of: Ace of Aces, Catalyst, Imperialism, GRIMTOOTH'S TRAPS, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes, TUNNELS & TROLLS, Lost worlds. Franklin, TN Date TBA, WebMaster 360 Square feet of Victorian Sci-fi Steampunk miniature action! tucked in did not go unnoticed. Here is what it was like. Rick (L) went to many MANY shows as a vendor. descriptions on the website. HMGS, Inc. News more. None of this “Gawd I wish I wasn’t here” attitude that we’ve all seen before. There are currently no news items posted. As for the rest of the no-shows, yes, it was COVID19 related. Another reported seeing only two games in the Distlefink, which did lose half its space to the Wally’s Basement flea market. Also, I was also able to induct yet another unlucky soul into the Order of the Pink Pansy, and award him the coveted pink die. All members in good standing are free to post here. And check out some youtube of the 2013 show! November 22-24, 2013 at the Airport Hilton. Now if they would only consider, I would be remiss if I did not mention the other really big news to come out of Cold Wars 2020.

You’ll quickly begin to realize why this year may have been a lot of things, but normal wasn’t one of them.

However, this was still 6:30 pm Saturday evening. Econo Lodge, 2222 W. 6th Street, 785-842-7030 I was correct. Don't Miss Autumn Wars HMGS-Midwest's Fall Show in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin October 9-11, 2020 Details here! Wed and Thurs 1-9pm

As usual, the convention included, scheduled games, tourneys, pick up games, painting classes, presentation, flea markets and a large vendor space. Contact HAHMGS to put on a game, or be a vendor at our next show. Go to KCGAMEFAIR.COM for more info on the 2011 show! Frank The HMGS Board of Directors is excited to announce that Historicon ® 2021 will again be hosted at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square & Lancaster County Convention Center.


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