how did chigurh find carson wells
The phone rings about the time that Chigurh kills Wells.

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He claims he is merely a "day trader," implying that he may moonlight as a hitman/bounty hunter/mercenary or just do it in his free time, whereas it seems to be Chigurh's full time profession. Wells, we hardly knew ye. Carson Wells: Chigurh, Anton Chigurh.

But for all of his resourcefulness, Moss is the victim of his own pride. Chigurh probably uses it to avoid leaving any evidence with his victims like powder burns or a bullet. He searches for the "last man standing" and finds him dead some distance off under a tree with a satchel containing $2.4 million in cash.

Carson Wells The Wells Run Dry. He then returns the money to the money man who is not shown in the movie. After Bell leaves the bathroom, he sits on the bed and we can see that the shadow of the crime scene tape is no longer on the wall, implying that it has been broken by someone escaping the hotel room, or the adjacent hotel room. It is likely that this was what The Man Who Hired Wells (Stephen Root) thought was happening, causing him to declare that Chigurh had gone rogue and to hire Wells to clean up.

He makes an offer to Moss: you hand over the money and your wife lives, but you will die anyway.

Another motive of Chigurh may have been his desire to swap out his car for their truck. Chigurh thinks he's just sticking to his principles, even when he shoots Wells in the face.

That evidence is the crime scene tape, the shadow of which can be seen on the door just as Sheriff Bell enters the room, projected by the headlights of Bell's car.

Just before the camera cuts away from Bell's face and to the ventilation grate, the two pieces of crime scene tape can briefly be seen flapping in the wind, showing they are still intact.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. That being said, he is seen to tend to his own gunshot wound earlier in the film, but the idea of him setting his own broken bone is unlikely (you need someone else to apply lateral force to get the bones to re-align). He searches the room and checks the one place they did not, the air duct. The police could estimate the time of death. The art in the current header is from Prophet #29.

4. Edit, Carson Wells was hired by the man who also apparently hired Chigurh to kill Llewlynn Moss and retrieve the money, as Chigurh had been hired to do originally. That makes him a good guy. In the book, Chigurh tells Carson Wells (Woody Harrelson) that he had allowed himself to get arrested to see if he could escape. Chigurh apparently takes his job very seriously and it may be that he felt they did not share that same level of professionalism. [1] The story occurs in the vicinity of the Mexico–United States border in 1980 and concerns an illegal drug deal gone awry in the Texas desert back country.

During the ensuing shootout, the poolside woman was killed and her body was found in the pool. One might think Chigurh answers the phone to obtain information, but he does not need to. He displays this behavior through-out the film (finding Llewlyn in merely 3 hours and knowing his familial circumstance, etc.).

How does Chigurh know where to go to find Moss when the transponder isn't beeping initially? He then returns to the main room and sits down on the bed. These are not good odds. Edit, Although it is left open for interpretation, it is implied that Anton Chigurh wound up with the money. Why was Anton Chigurh being arrested at the beginning of the film? What does Wells mean when he remarks to The Man Who Hired Wells, "I counted the floors of this building from the street. (In the book, she does eventually call the coin toss and when it is incorrect, he shoots her.) comment and their general attitude also did not improve their chances of staying on Chigurh's good side but since Chigurh is a professional killer, it probably didn't faze him very much to begin with and he was planning to kill them regardless of what they said to him. See, Wells would rather get the money from Llewelyn than Chigurh, because he knows how nutso Chigurh is. Chigurh is a ruthless, calculating killer whose weapons of choice are a silenced shotgun and a captive bolt pistol (called a "stungun" in the text), the latter of which he uses for close kills and to blow out cylinder locks. Later on, after the final unseen shootout at the end of the film, this is how Chigurh knows the satchel would be in the airduct and takes it after the police finally leave the scene of the crime. The second option is that Bell actually comes across a shoot out between the Mexicans and Chigurh who has already killed Moss and the poolside woman.

The first would make sense considering Moss' earlier method of hiding the money and making it accessible from another room. Does this book have any good guys? There’s no one alive on this planet that’s ever had even a cross word with him. He hires Wells to clean up the situation.

Chigurh, while psychotic, has principles.


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