how did lord peter wimsey became duke of denver

Harriet Vane contacts him about a problem she has been asked to investigate in her college at Oxford (Gaudy Night). They moved to 110A Piccadilly W1, where Wimsey recovered, losing most remnants of his condition. Wimsey served on the Western Front from 1914 to 1918, reaching the rank of Major in the Rifle Brigade. In a brief passage written from Bunter's point of view in Busman's Honeymoon Bunter is seen, even in the privacy of his own mind, to be thinking of his employer as "His Lordship". Bunter arrived and, with the approval of the Dowager Duchess, took up his post as valet. Lord Peter was the second of the three children of Mortimer Wimsey, 15th Duke of Denver, and Honoria Lucasta Delagardie, who lives on throughout the novels as the Dowager Duchess of Denver. Nevertheless, he continued to court her, and in 1935 the couple married. After some confusion at hearing the dumb speak, they explained that they had seen nobody. It is, after all, a very ancient trick to write novels with a lord for a hero. At the end of the investigation in Whose Body? This is a courtesy title so he is not a peer and has no right to sit in the House of Lords, nor does the title pass on to any offspring he may have. The tongue of the dumb shall sing", plunged in, and swam towards the sunrise. Edward Petherbridge played Lord Peter for BBC Television in 1987, in which three of the four major Wimsey/Vane novels (Strong Poison, Have His Carcase and Gaudy Night) were dramatised under the umbrella title A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery.

However, this happy state could not last long, for, in 1914, World War I broke out. Printed by M. Bryan Corn-street; 1816 (Christmas 1937) which tells the story of Lord Mortimer Wimsey (1758-1815) second son of this romantic marriage. Reputedly[according to whom?] As a boy, the young Peter Wimsey was, to the great distress of his father, strongly attached to an old, smelly poacher living at the edge of the family estate. Lord Peter Death Bredon Wimsey was born in 1890, and was the second of the three children of Mortimer Wimsey and Honoria Lucasta Delagardie. To his uncle's disappointment, Peter fell deeply in love with a young woman named Barbara and became engaged to her.

Gerald's son and heir is the devil-may-care Viscount St George. Aug: Peter on holiday in Kirkcudbright, Scotland. The couple marry on 8 October 1935, at St Cross Church, Oxford, as depicted in the opening collection of letters and diary entries in Busman's Honeymoon. (a point of crucial importance in solving the book's mystery). Dorothy Sayers wrote 11 Wimsey novels and a number of short stories featuring Wimsey and his family. The Duke refused to see or support his son, especially after the child turned out to be a mere daughter. Bunter is his manservant and partner in crime-detection, while Inspector Charles Parker is his friend (and later his brother-in-law) in the Metropolitan Police. Supported by his private income and by the companionship and service of his loyal manservant Bunter, Wimsey often works closely with Inspector Parker of Scotland Yard (who marries Wimsey’s sister). The present peer, technically the 5th Duke of the second creation, is therefore referred to as the 17th Duke in The Adventure of the Peerless Peer. "Roger" is an ancestral Wimsey name. In Whose Body?, when Wimsey is caught by a severe recurrence of his First World War shell-shock and nightmares and being taken care of by Bunter, the two of them revert to being "Major Wimsey" and "Sergeant Bunter". Thus, it is Wimsey himself who is laying it on thick, since the character requires that type of mockery, either of himself or of public perceptions of his class.

He was named after his distant cousin, Lord Mortimer Wimsey, second son of the 11th Duke, the "Hermit of the Wash". [4] Though not explicitly stated, that feat implies that Wimsey spoke a fluent and unaccented German. They agreed that if they survived the war Bunter should find Wimsey and renew their relationship. When I was dissatisfied with my single unfurnished room I took a luxurious flat for him in Piccadilly. At the end of their investigation, Vane finally accepts Wimsey's proposal of marriage. Towards the beginning of June 1815, he was seen by three fishermen, standing on the shore gazing towards the rising sun. Thus, Peter Wimsey remained forever fixed on the background of inter-war England, and the books are nowadays often read for their evocation of that period as much as for the intrinsic detective mysteries. Wimsey's first successfully solved crime was that of the recovery of the Attenbury Emeralds in 1921. Omissions? However, he occasionally had relapses in later life, especially when he was instrumental in securing a person's conviction which resulted in death. Peter learns to be a �man of the world� from his maternal uncle, Paul Delagardie, Peter goes to Balliol College at Oxford to read History, Peter�s father breaks his neck while hunting; consequently, Peter�s older brother Gerald becomes the new Duke of Denver, Peter graduates from Balliol College, Oxford with First Class Honours in the School of Modern History, Peter falls in love with 17-year-old Barbara, Peter�s nephew, Lord Saint-George (a.k.a. The Wimseys honeymoon at Talboys, a house in east Hertfordshire near Harriet's childhood home, which Peter has bought for her as a wedding present. The BBC was unable to secure the rights to turn Busman's Honeymoon into a proposed fourth and last part of the planned 13-episode series, so the series was produced as ten episodes. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,,_10th_Duke_of_Denver?oldid=293297.

Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! ", The novel Busman's Honeymoon was originally a stage play by Sayers and her friend Muriel St. Clare Byrne. [9] In fact, Sayers took the trouble to make the character halfway plausible by having his manner result from the stress of fighting in the Great War (which included an episode of being buried alive). Lord Peter Wimsey has also been included by the science fiction writer Philip José Farmer as a member of the Wold Newton family; and Laurie R. King's detective character Mary Russell meets up with Lord Peter at a party in the novel A Letter of Mary. Where Miss Sayers has shown more astuteness than most is in perceiving that you can carry that kind of thing off a great deal better if you pretend to treat it as a joke. Lord Peter Wimsey and his valet Bunter are traveling back to London from Wimsey's family seat of Duke's Denver when Lord Peter drives his car into a ditch. Peter has a nervous breakdown, which lasts until 1920. Arms: Sable, 3 mice courant, argent; crest, a domestic cat crouched as to spring, proper; mottos: As my Whimsy takes me --Who's Who Biography taken from Unnatural Death, 1987 Perennial Library Edition The Corpus. Dorothy Sayers does not appear to have noticed this anomaly, nor did her friends; when the professional herald of the group wrote up the Wimsey arms as a spoof article after her death for a heraldry magazine, a correspondent wrote in with the objection. Thanks to his fluency in the German language and his proficiency with codes, he was made an Intelligence Officer, doing sterling work for British Intelligence. The herald, C. W. Scott-Giles, later published a book, cited below, on the family which includes an intricate explanation: Lord Peter and his brother are descended from two branch lines of Wimseys, and the title was recreated in 1820, after the death of the 12th Duke.

110A Piccadilly, W.; Bredon Hall, Duke's Denver, Norfolk. Oxford, as everywhere in the country, was filled with bereaved women, but it may have been more noticeable in university towns where a whole year's intake could be wiped out in France in less than an hour." As noted in Have His Carcase, he communicated at that time with British Intelligence using the Playfair cipher and became proficient in its use. Wimsey is at her hotel the next morning. Back in London, Wimsey goes under cover as "Death Bredon" at an advertising firm, working as a copywriter (Murder Must Advertise). Miss Sayers wrote about the inbreeding in Lord Peter's ancestry: it would be both likely and plausible that one of them married into the Deaths, the Delagardies, or one of the Wimsey lines; which would make the Duke Lord Peter's direct ancestor. Even much later, however, Wimsey would have relapses—especially when his actions caused a murderer to be hanged. So the 10th Duke is a collateral ancestor in the male line, a distant cousin. By being, on the surface, a little ironical about Lord Peter Wimsey and his noble ancestors, she is enabled to lay on the snobbishness ('his lordship' etc.) Dec. 15: Harriet Vane's first trial ends. Bunter, a man of many talents himself, not least photography, often proves instrumental in Peter's investigations.

In the subsequent The Late Scholar, Roger is not mentioned at all. He was a conscientious and effective commanding officer, popular with the men under his command—an affection still retained by Wimsey's former soldiers many years after the war, as is evident from a short passage in Clouds of Witness and an extensive reminiscence in Gaudy Night. Lord Peter Death[1] Bredon Wimsey DSO is the fictional protagonist in a series of detective novels and short stories by Dorothy L. Sayers (and their continuation by Jill Paton Walsh). (1923).

Several other Lord Peter Wimsey novels were made into television productions by the BBC, in two separate series. Peter moves to his new flat at 110a, Piccadilly. It relieves the mind and does no harm to anybody. In The Wimsey Papers, a series of fictionalised commentaries in the form of mock letters between members of the Wimsey family published in The Spectator, there is a reference to Harriet's difficulty in continuing to write murder mysteries at a time when European dictators were openly committing mass murders with impunity; this seems to have reflected Sayers' own wartime feeling. Peter graduates from Balliol College, Oxford with First Class Honours in the School of Modern History Peter falls in love with 17-year-old Barbara . Among Lord Peter's hobbies, in addition to criminology, is collecting incunabula, books from the earliest days of printing. Wimsey and Bunter even mock the Jeeves and Wooster relationship. June: �The Vindictive Story of the Footsteps that Ran�, April: �The Entertaining Episode of the Article in Question�, Nov: Whose Body? A choleric man of the highest social standing (the first Duke of Marlborough was his godfather), he knew "everything about the ancient philosophers except the application of their precepts to himself". 1936), Roger Wimsey (b. Nov: �The Haunted Policeman;� the Wimseys� first son born, Nov. to June 1940: A Presumption of Death; Peter spends much of this book working undercover for the Foreign Office. July 8: Peter and Harriet go to London together after solving the case. As noted in Whose Body?, on such occasions Bunter would take care of Wimsey and tenderly put him to bed, and they would revert to being "Major Wimsey" and "Sergeant Bunter". (1923). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Wimsey novels and short-story collections include Clouds of Witness (1926), Unnatural Death (1927), Lord Peter Views the Body (1928), The Five Red Herrings (1931), Have His Carcase (1932), Murder Must Advertise (1933), The Nine Tailors (1934), Gaudy Night (1935), and Busman’s Honeymoon (1937). The Duke is to be found in the Wold Newton Family tree as set out by Philip José Farmer in Tarzan Alive, although for reasons connected to his parents George Bredon Wimsey, 14th Duke of Denver and Joane Clayton, the title is usually rendered as 'Duke of Pomver'. there appears the unpleasant Inspector Sugg, who is extremely hostile to Wimsey and tries to exclude him from the investigation (reminiscent of the relations between Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Lestrade). In that role, Bunter, sitting at the bedside of the sleeping Wimsey, is seen to mutter affectionately, "Bloody little fool!

The title of Duke of Denver (of the first creation) in the Peerage of England was bestowed upon Peter, 6th Earl of Denver, by Henry VII.


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