how tall is mako legend of korra
Lightning bending is another highly specialized ability, rare even among firebenders; only a few firebenders have the ability to bend lightning, and many incredibly powerful firebenders, including Firelord Zuko, are unable to generate lightning[1]. He tends to rant about the lack of quality programming in his life — but the amount of content he consumes would make even Galactus gassy. Zooming out on the rest of San’s extended family, the same traits are echoed over and over across many more people.

Legend of Korra concluded with two of Mako's ex-girlfriends, Korra and Asami, falling in love with each other. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

See more ideas about Avatarul aang, Avatar, Tatuaje celtice. With this backstory instead, the photo makes so much more sense, as San would be writing to his parents in Ba Sing Se very soon after he and Naoki had found happiness together, and he had his first biological child.

Type (?) RELATED: Avatar: Uncle Iroh Vs Fire Lord Ozai: Who Wins This Fire Nation Fight? The less he knows about Bolin’s ridiculous entanglement with Eska or career as a mover-star, the less he’ll get sucked back into helping him. In the scene when she shows Mako and Bolin the photograph, she never says when San sent it, but if it was any less than four years after he left for Republic City, she would know for certain that Mako, who appears to be four years old in the photo, must have been San’s stepson. The moment when Mako gives his grandmother San’s scarf, which he has worn for years in remembrance, is one of the most beautiful moments in the series. However, when they got back to Republic City, Korra tried to get help from the United Forces behind the president's back while Mako ended up ratting her out. 0. He can't stand the spoiled royal and does his best to dodge his duties as much as humanly able, especially after learning that he would be sent off to Ba Sing Se for the rest of his job.

The Legend Of Korra's Mako may have been a crucial member of team avatar, but even members of team avatar can make some serious mistakes. Character Makorra hints were present as soon as Korra met Mako and the ship especially went viral as soon a their first kiss was leaked in a trailer. They admitted that they would always love each other and kissed one final time.

Why why? Before he and Bolin met Korra and co, when his and Bolin were young and poor and their lives were precarious, Mako knew that he couldn’t do anything with the knowledge of his family’s murder, so he buried it as best he could and spent all his energy protecting himself and Bolin. Remember that Mako the one who talks about his long hours cleaning the stadium and the gym, and discharging the stressful logistical duties of pro-bending team captain (doing opposition research, running trainings, negotiating gym time and appearances, and the like). While in hiding, she met and married San, and the two had Bolin.

Mako looks different than his cousin on every single one of the points that Bolin resembles him. Like Bolin, Mako also has a rare and specialized bending ability, specifically, his ability to create and bend lightning.

It’s astonishing that Bolin hadn’t been working, but it’s part of the brothers’ ongoing pattern.

But there’s nothing. The scene when Mako meets the grandmother is the most important scene in Mako’s secret subplot in the entire series.

Still, Mako remained by her side and said that he would support her choices no matter what.

When they were back at the South Pole, it seemed like Korra would never be able to get her bending back. Mako and Bolin clearly get away, and the firebenders go back to wherever they live in the Fire Nation. Some fans assumed that Asami was an Equalist to make Makorra still seem plausible but they were later proved wrong.

And that sense of needing to look out for Bolin is in many ways inextricable from his relationship with his stepfather.

He had some really important police paperwork to file.’ And she starts to cry those grandma tears and is like, ‘Mako!

Comment. They eventually saved Bolin, but then Mako met a woman named Asami Sato and they started to date. Those firebenders were Naoki’s dangerous ex-husband and his family. Later, Mako finally told Korra about their breakup and she revealed that she finally remembered while she was in the Tree of Time. Mako is many things — a loving brother, the Avatar's boyfriend, of mixed bending heritage, but more than anything else, he holds one of the few working moral compasses in The Legend of Korra. The fight dissipates soon enough: both of them apologize to each other and Mako confesses that he might be infatuated with Korra as well as Asami. Bolin tries to entice Mako to change his mind by reminding him that their family lives in Ba Sing Se.

Mako's latest assignment is the worst possible one (in his eyes), being a bodyguard to Prince Wu of the Earth Kingdom while his coronation takes place in Republic City.

Korra decided to do so and Mako hugged her.

Furthermore, given the concentration of metalbenders featured in The Legend of Korra, it’s also easy to forget exactly how rare the ability is among the entire population of earthbenders.

Mako, still spurred on by guilt, bends over backward to give Bolin stability without admitting his own stress to Bolin. If metalbending is rare, lavabending is exceptionally rare, appearing in only a handful of other benders throughout history. Upon reuniting, Korra kissed Mako and the latter found himself unable to remind Korra of the breakup. ), Mako and Bolin have stumbled into San’s big, beautiful extended family. The Legend Of Korra's Mako may have been a crucial member of team avatar, but even members of team avatar can make some serious mistakes.

Eventually, when Korra was found and everybody surrounded her, Mako demanded that they give her space and carried her over to Oogi.

It may be that Naoki found that she was in danger from in this marriage, and she decided to escape with Mako. In the Avatar universe, bending also appears to be an inherited trait, depending on which nations the parents originate from, but there’s a little more complexity than that, especially when considering specialized forms of bending such as lightning generation, metalbending, and lavabending.


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