how to breed splash silkies

– These birds have the polydactyly gene, which means each one has an extra toe on each foot.

They prefer perches that are low and close to the ground so that it is easier for them to hop up without injuring themselves. The lav gene is hiding the Bl gene. Or visit our Learning Center for articles on How To Raise Chickens. Most white silkies have the recessive white gene instead of the dominant white gene.

Silkies usually get on well with other chicken breeds, despite their unusual plumage, presuming you have several. Feeding Silkies and what to give as treats, Where to get Silkies and how much to pay for them. WE ARE A PARTICIPANT IN THE AMAZON SERVICES LLC ASSOCIATES PROGRAM, AN AFFILIATE ADVERTISING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A MEANS FOR US TO EARN FEES BY LINKING TO AMAZON AND AFFILIATED SITES.PRIVACY POLICY - THIS WEBSITES MAKES USE OF ANALYTICS, ADVERTISING AND AFFILIATE PROGRAMS WHICH USE COOKIES.

This section will help you understand what kind of yields you should expect to see from Silkie chickens. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY ARISING FORM SUCH ERRORS, OMISSIONS, LOST OF DATA, INTERRUPTIONS OR DELAYS OR ANY ONGOING OBLIGATION OR RESPONSIBILITY TO OPERATE THIS WEBSITE OR IN THE PROVISION OF ITS SERVICES. Is there any certain color silkie that i can breed her to to get a splash silkie? Silkies aren’t the only chickens to exhibit this unique quality – other breeds like Sultans, Faverolles, and Dorking chickens also have this characteristic. I am excited about the possibility of breeding them and may be setting up some paint and black breeding pens in the near future. Needless to say, I kept the little guy because I wanted to learn more about paint silkies. Still have questions? Beneath their feathers, they are unique from other breeds in that they have black bones and black skin.

Generally, Silkies found in North America only grow to about eight to fourteen inches tall and will weigh around four pounds at most.

I'm sorry this was probably confusing, but that's genetics for ya! Judy Lee of Nashville, TN is credited with discovering and developing the first American Paint silkies. WE COLLECT NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE DATA ON OR FROM OUR VISITORS. Paint silkies have been compared to the genetics found in Appaloosa horses. When your Silkie chickens molt, they will produce an exceptional amount of dust. These bizarre-looking birds are believed to have come from Asia. Here is Peepers, my partridge hen. This can prove to be an issue with predators, however, as Silkies really fall instead of fly and may have a hard time getting away from a potential attacker. :). One of the most distinguishing features of the Silkie chicken is the muff of ear feathers and beard that each of these chickens possesses. You can also pint he crest back using a hair or zip tie. It can be a frustrating experience breeding silkies and you may struggle to get enough fertile eggs before the hens settle on nests. For example, if a male has a long back you would not want to breed him to a female with this same weakness.You can do this by purchasing a copy of the “Standard of Perfection”, which is distributed by the American Poultry Association, or the “Bantam Standard”, which is distributed by the American Bantam Association. Most white silkies have the recessive white gene instead of the dominant white gene. They then breed the black (split to paints) to the original paints. Since blue is made up of 2 colour genes – black (BB) and splash (bb), the laws of probability say we have 4 different possibilities when crossing Blue with Blue. ABOUT AND CONTACT US - When Do Chickens Start Laying Eggs? That being said, the Silkie chicken can be traced back to other locations in Southeast Asia as well, such as Java and India. You may have to wait until spring has really set in to move your birds. I have 4 silkies that are now 3 months old. Because Silkies are excellent mothers, they are often raised to rear the offspring of other birds, including ducks, geese, and other chicken breeds. There are several benefits to raising Silkie Yes, in most cases you can mix breeds of chicken in your flock. During this growth period, they will put on multiple sequences of new feathers, shedding their old ones as they do so. I'd hate to see this thread die...I think critiques would be good. Wrinkled eggs are from a bird that may have an infection and dirty eggs may harbour bacteria that can ruin a whole batch of eggs. There has been an interest, and a need, of a thread for. In spite of the popular wisdom about regular egg gathering making broody behaviour less likely, the Silkie hen will only lay an average of about 15 or 20 eggs before going broody. Beginner’s Guide to American Paint Silkies, breeding paint silkies to the Standard of Perfection, how do I get started breeding paint silkies, paint silkies what colors should I breed together, what is the difference between paint silkies and splash silkies, what is the difference between silkies and other chickens, what is the difference between silkies and paint silkies, what should be breed together to make paint silkies.

Egg and meat yields are a few of the main reasons that people keep chickens (although they also make great pets). Should I keep this pigeon or let it free?


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