how to find saved items on facebook marketplace

What’s up with me not getting Marketplace for 2 months. It’s a huge time waster!

Avoid making embarrassing mistakes on Zoom! I have been restricted selling on FB Mktplace.

But the higher price often puts people off. When not working, he can be found hiking, camping, and stargazing. Sorry, this content isn’t available right now The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in. You and the other party get to decide it on your own. If I want something, I know where to get it and don’t need lead around by the nose. However, in your case, many sellers do need to be educated about creating a basic ad because so many sellers are too lazy I suppose. Also, it operates on an honor system which keeps buyers and sellers comparatively more accountable. This is how FB shakes down Marketplace spammers who rotate multiple accounts which are sometimes temporarily banned, and basically ‘unknown’ people from entering the Marketplace community. Why does marketplace hide the group the item is listed in? I have been removed access from marketplace because I advertised for sale some trainers for my son, one of the pairs were adidas trainers which it said on the trainer so I wasn’t lying but I was told I was breaking the commerce policies……HOW as I can see that other people are doing exactly the same and do not appear to have been blocked !!!!!!!???????? Is there any way of turning that option ‘off’? Thanks. to get their partners on-board.

But who do you tell?

How long does it take to get permission? When you see a listing you do not know how old that listing is anymore until you open it up now. Each listing has a photo, title, and info about how recently and where it was posted. Now I cannot remove it. Account is constantly under review with no clarification on how to fix it. – Types & Examples, Deep Tech: What Is It & How It Disrupts Businesses, What Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)? Unfortunately, there isn’t such option at the moment. You can remove anything from Facebook, including this obnoxious Marketplace spam boxes, just by using “Social Fixer”. Of course, this article was wrong even when it was written.

You might see this term pop up in descriptions like “DM me for pricing” or “PM me for more info.”. I have no idea how to remove it or why it is appearing….. please help me… thank you. I’ve had to use fb mp to purchase things as we have recently fallen on harder times with a family tragedy. I can’t save ads on Marketplace. I can’t resell because I would be embarrased!

Yes and its the most ridiculous thing Facebook has done yet and thats saying something. Two were accepted. If you don’t hear back right away or you leave your computer, you can always find this item and a record of the conversation in the Buying section of Marketplace (click Buying in the left-hand menu of Marketplace).


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