how to send pictures on corrlinks
 , If my message is rejected, do you refund the fee? How do i do that? ITS ON COMPUTER CAN I GET IT SENT TO CELL PHONE ALSO? I really don't know what to do and I've never been uneasy like this before. Please note you may incur charges for each message depending on your telephone carrier. If you have any questions about using CorrLinks, please leave them in the comment box below.

babygirl..... You would have to be more descriptive with the issue. (had bad experience with my ex partner in prison & pictures). Since when can we send pics through corrlinks??? MUST BE 18 OR OLDER - MUST READ TERMS OF SERVICE.

This is not how works to email an inmate, and it is where much confusion resides as far as new users are concerned. The sender will be "CorrLinks", and the subject will include the name of the inmate.

So he would not be able to get to message you and mail slows up a lot in lockdown too as everyone in the building has to prioritize safety first. 6: Type in a subject and message That’s really quick! CorrLinks understand the communication barrier which is why they provide direct email access to federal inmates. Corrlinks has been regarded as a great service to use to communicate with friends and family that have unfortunately been incarcerated in prison. Great to know I wasn't missing something Haha I didn't think pictures were possible there, just wanted to double check. What you want to do at this point is click on the link to the CorrLinks web site in order to register for a CorrLinks account, if you don't already have one. However see how we have simplified things for you and your loved one at, Kamecy... That means you thread of characters exceeded the max characters that corrlinks allows. I have problems signing up on corrlinks, when i put in my password, it doesn"t go through, when i try to create a new one, it does"t go through, what can I do, Rialyn.....the alert doesnt go to your phone it goes to the email address you used to sign up, however with our service that works with the Corrlinks application, we take all the guess work out. Is it even possible to send one via Corrlinks? Login to with your account (use Forgot My Password link if you don't remember the password) Corrlinks now allowing pictures in emails Another member just posted a thread in the GPT Phones, Mail and Visitation forum stating that her man emailed letting her know that he'll now be able to receive pictures through email and he's pre-paid for 100 pictures. This will send notices to your regular e-mail inbox whenever they message you through CorrLinks. And I have tried to re-register Please send appropriate info so that I might continue, The verification code hasn’t come through what do I do. We will issue the refund to your credit card within 48 hours. We are working with employers to help find inmates work before they're released. Yes. life would have been much harder not being able to text for information I need on a day-to-day basis. Although the inmate is still on my corrlinks account and I am able to write him but I am not getting any messages back. Help please, I've recently had the free corrlink messages it ran out and I'm trying to pay for it using my girlfriends debit card but it won't allow me to do so help. That will take you to the CorrLinks Login / Registration page. When I send an email, how much does it cost the inmate? Read more of what we do and how we simplify things at Your email address will not be published. Send picture/corrlinks .

I can't seem to find where I'd do this. Video session times are set by each institution, but are generally available every day of the week! Is it past the 10 day period.

I'm trying to register but the system tells me my ID Code does not exist. Send prints from your phone or computer to your inmate. CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in prison.

My daughter sent the pictures on Friday the 22nd and they arrived today Monday 25th. Search and find your recipient with our easy inmate locator tool.

Go to and set up a free account. Click on the verification link. Login to It’s understandable if you had an issue with your ex being inappropriate with your pictures, that does take some trust with sharing personal things like one’s image, I completely agree.

I like this app more than the textin app.. is it any other way that I can get shiny and I just want to take some, It will not let me email anybody it says message received how can i get it off and let me email, I know it took me a little but im trying to get this shot started. If the institution rejects a letter, no fee will be refunded. Click Manage my inmate list

Ignore all of the instructions about the Inmate Identification Code until you receive it). For corelinks...wat do i do. Add Photos to your Pigeonly plan. CorrLinks also offer a Text Message service which has been introduced keeping all generation and financial situations of families of an inmate who cannot afford or is not equipped to use email mailing system. Jessica..... To block an individual on Corrlinks, you would simply log into Corrlinks, Select Account Management, Click Manage My Inmate List, then click the word BLOCK to the right of the inmates name. The code is sent to the email the individual used when he sent the invitation. I received the invite email and followed the steps to manage my inmate list but it says no record found. 4. 3. The Only Approved BOP Texting service. Text service is an optional premium service and will require you to enter a credit card to make the payment(s). You will be notified when they are again available for messaging.

To preserve the quality of your photo, we will not edit, resize or change your photos, and will ship it exactly as it’s uploaded.

The Inmate Identification Code comes in handy later. Your inmate will send you message via the email service available at their institute which deliver on your phone in the form of text message, the system defaults to send only the first 150 characters of the message, however if the message is long you have an option to receive up to the first 1000 characters through 8 text messages. Have used them for 2 months now and havent had an issue. Ive check inbox,spam,amd junk mail....nothing. I can't find it.please help, I'm having a hard time beginning correspondence when I click on began correspondence there's nothing else to click on after that so I can sign up and get this thing going I don't know what I can do but I've gotten these emails from my friend for 2 months and I cannot get this thing started, how do you get character back on your site to email, My husband is at Englewood federal prison and I'm looking for the ID code for CorrLinks, I put money on my corrlink account. 2.

What is Corrlinks: Not Exactly Email. How do you get characters back on your account so you can email. You do what you think is right though. I signed up after I got the email from corrlinks but it never sent me a verification link. I had to close my bank account. Thanks again! CorrLinks is the official e-mail system used by the Bureau of Prisons to allow federal inmates to communicate with those on the outside. No longer limited to a computer, CorrLinks users can visit with their family/friends incarcerated at most Bureau of Prison women institutions (check with Bureau which facilities allow video visitation) from the convenience of their phone.

No longer limited to a computer, CorrLinks users can visit with their family/friends incarcerated at most Bureau of Prison women institutions (check with Bureau which facilities allow video visitation) from the convenience of their phone. Now click "New Message". Charges for using this site are based upon agreements with Correctional agencies. My inmate says that he has to pay to open emails each time he logs in. I just checked the website and it says visitation has been suspended so I'm presuming that's a hint towards lock down of the facility? Upload the photos from your phone, tablet, or computer. I didn't receive a mail from corrlinks with an identification code but I have a pending request so what do I do now?? Purchase Credit for an Existing Inmate Profile. With your account you can add inmates with whom you wish to communicate. Send pictures of the items you write about in your correspondence—your friends and family, the pets, the neighborhood, etc.


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