how to square a building using batter boards
Adjust again as needed. Because this structure was being built in a freezing climate, the buried portion of each post was wrapped in two layers of 6-mil poly - a measure to prevent frost lift of the posts by ice lensing. Two separate ones will allow you to set them farther outside the foundation in order to provide more working space. Watch out: the batter boards have to be large enough or long enough that when set back 3-4 ft. from the actual dimensions of the structure your string lines, laid across the tops of the batter boards, can be placed directly over the intended outer edge of the finished structure. Here is how to do this yourself.

Watch out: building a structure that's out of square is more than an aesthetic problem or an eyesore. Next Post For this project, because a tractor and auger had to have access to drill our post holes, the batter boards were set well back from the actual post locations - which is why you don't see them in my photo. This is accomplished by setting batter boards a few feet outside the foundation corners and attaching strings to the top of them that will run along the outer edge of the foundation. These adjustments may take a few iterations to get them accurate enough (within about 1/16th of an inch). Choosing and making measurements from a single point avoids ugly errors creeping into a deck or porch or foundation layout. Measure 4 feet along the other line, and make a mark on the string.

Mason lines should be about 12″ above grade. Batter boards are used to help ensure your project is level and square. Setting batter boards is a multi-step process. Then nails driven into the top edge of the batter boards, and some string, let us set the exact locations of the perimeter and of the posts. A

If by accident your structure is out of square or level (or both) then cutting and filling in the studs (if it's a wall), floor joists, ceiling joists, or rafters if it's a roof is going to be hell as every cut will have to be different, the plywood (sold in 4x8 ft. squares) you might use for sheathing isn't going to fit without trimming, and installing siding or roofing is also going to get really ugly. Obtained the necessary building permits and approvals to proceed.

If the structure requires intermediate posts, string lines between the corner posts are used to line up the intermediate ones. Below is the finished stage in use in 2005. Keep adjusting until the two diagonals are the same length. Our sketch shows how to lay out the deck, building, or foundation location using string-lines, posts, and batter boards. Reviewed property zoning and setback restrictions to be sure that your structure is within lot lines and meets required set-backs. Drive a 2-inch nail halfway into each stake to mark the projected front corners of the building. To do this put a screw in the top of each batter board and tie the string to it. In our photo above workers are also tacking a few of our heavy 2" T&G treated wood deck board in place as a temporary brace to keep the three post and beam structures rigidly in place until the intermediate deck joists could be installed. Otherwise your measurements will contain errors.

Those errors can result in a structure that is not square. We discuss this deck post installation job at DECK POST CONSTRUCTION. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. You can either build two separate batter boards on each corner like in the photos or a three cornered/two sided one like in the video. Below is a photo of worker K assembling one of the four sets of batter boards needed to lay out our project. When all of the measurements match your plans you have a good reference to use in building a square, level foundation. Here we'll give details of how to use this easy method to lay out a foundation, footing, deck, or just about any structure properly located, level, and square on the site. Tie mason’s string to the batterboard to mark the line where the edges will be set. You can use steel stakes that are manufactured for concrete forms, or boards cut to a point on one end. Here we will describe the steps in laying out a simple building, deck, or foundation layout. Insulation vs.

Once the height of the batter boards are set, decide which wall will be the reference wall. That's because we're going to be moving our string lines along the top of the batter boards to get our 90° angles for the structure's corner posts.

The sooner we can get framing attached to our rows of posts the more-securely they'll stay in line. Moving the batter boards to drill the post hole would lose all of the initial layout. Then take measurements again from where the strings intersect, adjusting as necessary.

Continue measuring along the string line to find the remaining post hole locations. Here we'll give details of how to use this easy method to lay out a foundation, footing, deck, or just about any structure properly located, level, and square on the site.

For more information, watch our videos on how batterboards are built and squared in a fence project and deck layout. We've published so many articles on the details of deck building that I've neglected a string and batter-board layout description.

Measure and mark a point on t… Drop a plumb bob from the correct locations along the string line, always measuring from the same home base point, and then have your helper drive a small stake into the ground.Â.

Our sketch summarizes the procedure for using batter boards and string to lay out any structure on the ground and to get the structure square, level, and exactly where you want it.


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