hunting with the 300 savage
I removed the scope and mounts as the rear ring was loose and the gun appeared to have been somewhat neglected recently, there was a buildup of dirt, oil & some rust spots on the exterior surfaces. Copyright 2005, 2016 by Chuck Hawks. Some say it was the I think the 150’s have a velocity somewhere around 2600 – 2700 fps. A reader shares the story of a classic rifle that’s been in his family for decades. It is definitely a quality rifle that was built to last. So, handloading is the way to go. The earlier rifles were not drilled for scope mounts or slings so the collector value is diminished on this particular gun but it has a nice bore and seems to function fine, especially after I cleaned it. Care to buy us a beer? Hello, I live in Ontario, Canada, and we hunt with hounds in some thickly timbered areas where 100 yards for deer or bear is a long shot. The lever action is short and clean, making it fast and easy to eject a spent casing and to re-chamber a new cartridge and the rifle is breech loading, so it tends to be faster shooting than most bolt action rifles, without sacrificing quality for quantity. Why November is The Best Time to Hunt Coyotes, How to Icefish for Giant Walleye, Lake Trout, and Perch, The 6 Best Rifle Cartridges for Moose Hunting, How to Ready Your Pump-Action Shotgun as Survival Tool for Bear Country.

All of these Hornady loads were developed in Remington cases using Federal 210 primers and were tested in a Model 99 rifle with a 22" barrel. There is a deep checkering pattern on both the pistol grip and the forend.

I own a Model 673 and would by a Model 660 if I could find a good one. I neck size, even for my 99s, collet crimp, and work the OAL so that bullet just engages the lands when chambered. Muzzle velocities are not high enough to cause hydrostatic shock however disproportionate to caliber wounding is ensured. As time went by, like every other gunmaker Savage chambered the 99 in several popular cartridges along with their own.300 Savage. I even give you some information about what to look out for when you’re buying tactical equipment. It has been and is used by both men and women, for close shots and distance shots, in open terrain and denser country. The .308 Winchester has a longer neck and is more powerful than the .300 Savage.

All rights reserved. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Medium burning rate rifle powders are recommended for the .300 Savage. Note: A full length article about the .300 Savage can be found on the Rifle Cartridge Page. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, I would have to give this rifle a rating of 4.5. I would not like to be without my 350 Rem Mag.

My dads 300 savage was the first rifle I learned to shoot and got my first kill with (a lamb), I wish he had never gotten rid of it. I have used IMR 4895 powder for many years but recent experience with the new Varget powder has also been positive. I can’t bring myself to put a scope on my oldest 99 – those open Buckhorn sights are classic.

Platform Since the .300 Blackout is a relatively popular cartridge, there are more hunters each year who embrace the .300 BLK in an AR-15 platform for deer hunting. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As the name indicates, the gun first came out in 1899. I used my dad’s Model 99 in .300 Savage. Founded in 1999, started as a collection of links to Michigan related sites, and a series of manually edited blogs. The .300 Savage is a classic cartridge I simply would hate to be without. Lovedit, Now back 2 .300. This gun has been drilled and tapped for scope mounts and sling swivels. If you can kill it with a 308 or 30-06 at 400-500 yards the 300 Savage should do the same thing 50-100 yards closer. Though the .30-30 may be lighter and have a slightly shorter barrel for hunting in scrub, the .300 … The 300 Savage is a great deer cartridge developed with the intent of giving similar ballistics to the '06 in a shorter action. I can only assume that these numbers were added as each individual guns was being built. Wild Game DynastyApril 16, 2018Friends of ELO. Before The Hunt – Michigan Elk Hunting Preparations. I’ve since acquired many different rifles of my own but that rifle is near and dear to my heart.


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