hurricane diane play script pdf

You starred in the 2017 premiere of Hurricane Diane at New Jersey’s Two River Theater.

George’s script states that “Diane may be played by any masculine person who does not identify as male.” And the night I saw the play this was not a concept that flummoxed the audience at all. It’s an intriguing premise, especially in our current political climate, which includes calls for more diverse voices on our main stages, including women, queer women, and women of color. And there’s Beth (Kate Wetherhead), whose husband has left her and who recently hurt herself while meditating.

It’s a delicious joy to work with someone who shares a shorthand: what’s sexy, what’s not sexy; what funny, what’s not funny. In 2010 we purchased Curve Magazine, North Americas best selling lesbian Magazine. Order Now. Stay up-to-date with all the New York Theater, Cabaret and Music news and reviews. Hurricane Diane—a new play and the first co-production of a two-play collaboration between New York Theatre Workshop and WP Theater—takes us to a well-appointed cul-de-sac in New Jersey where the god Dionysus is working as a landscape gardener with a preference for permaculture. Instead of “souring in the brine of bitterness,” says George, she spent her time “lifting up the work of my friends.”, She’s found a worthy collaborator in acclaimed director Leigh Silverman, too. In fact, there are no guys.

In George’s fantastical 21st century version of Euripides’s play, set in – of all places – New Jersey, the desperate housewives of Monmouth County are visited by Diane (Dionysus) disguised a so-called ecologically-driven landscaper, who has come to save them from impending environmental doom. The Most Massive Woman Wins Script This is optional. At Aphrodite’s Pleasure we aim to demystify the... Director, Acc.

Diane says, “They’re a little bit of a workout, these ladies, am I right?” Yes, they are! That makes Madeleine George’s new play all the more impressive an achievement. In her Ann-Taylor-style ensemble, she’s sensible, grounded, and knows what she wants in her garden – namely a wrought-iron bench (Diane doesn’t “do” benches). A playwright who was drawn to the theater by its ability to combine the fantastic with intellectual rigor—think Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, which she saw when she was 18—George is convinced that even in the digital age theater’s role is essential in tackling larger social issues. A lively screwball comedy with a dead-serious theme, Hurricane Diane is loosely based on The Bacchae, with a number of twists. Silverman is an out lesbian director and George sings her praises. "...a thought-provoking glimpse at the anguished consequences for women trying to conform to society's often unattainable image of female beauty.". It’s exciting to see Becca Blackwell, who is so defiant about blurring the boundaries of gender, step into the role of a butch woman with such panache and verve.”. So enjoy the spectacle of four women and one gender-nonbinary demigod ruling the roost for this rare occasion. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me @, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by Wordpress. “For me, it’s a lifelong project to ask big questions in relation to female and nonbinary environments. The women reveal their experiences dealing with their weight issues through monologues, short scenes, and even schoolyard rhymes. There’s Renee (Michelle Beck), the first woman of color to hold the position of editor in a shelter magazine. “We see that in the way people are taking part in national and global demonstrations, in their desperate attempts to make contact with the natural world with things like ‘forest bathing.’ I have real confidence in theater as a deathless art form. What impact do the activities of the human race have on the Earth’s climate? Michelle Beck, Kate Wetherhead, and Danielle Skraastad, On Rachel Hauck’s wonderful set – designed to represent the housewives’s identical kitchens – we meet Diane’s targets, each a satirical portrait of a contemporary type.


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