hydrus vs istent
He adds that the value proposition for all angle-based procedures is enhanced safety compared to full-thickness procedures. The three-year data from the study found: • 73 percent of Hydrus Microstent patients remained medication-free, compared to 48 percent in the cataract-only arm; • Among patients who entered the study on one medication, 81 percent were medication-free, compared to 48 percent in the cataract-only arm; • Only 0.6 percent of Hydrus patients went on to have invasive glaucoma surgery, compared to 3.9 percent in the cataract-only arm, an 85-percent reduction.

A different study looked at the Kahook Dual Blade. 123 Main Street M inimally-invasive glaucoma surgery is intended to lower intraocular pressure with less tissue disruption than traditional glaucoma surgeries. Westlake Village, CA 91361

“I’ve had good success with all of the blade procedures and goniotomy procedures in high myopes, especially if they have a moderately high IOP. “If the Hydrus did better than the single iStent, that shouldn’t be a surprise; the Hydrus accesses at least 90 degrees of the canal, so its odds of accessing one or more outflow channels is much greater. 2.

Here, glaucoma experts share their thoughts on how they use the available devices, and we take a look at some of the results the devices are capable of achieving. “We’re trying different things and seeing what works best,” he notes. Download PDF. hypothesized that a single Hydrus microstent would result in lower intraocular pressure (IOP) and reduced need for glaucoma medication in patients with open-angle glaucoma (OAG) compared to a pair of iStent devices. At three years postop, the mean IOP was reduced by 42 percent to 14.6 ±2.0 mmHg (p<0.0001) and 87.9 percent of eyes achieved an IOP reduction of ≥ 20 percent. However, hospital-based facility fees are relatively uniform across most angle procedures regardless of type.

It should also be noted that the ambulatory surgery center facility fee for some Category I code procedures is not as high as the device intensive codes that are currently coupled with 0191T devices.

(310) 482-1240. But, I’m a MIGS optimist, so I still will use a device or do an Omni in essentially every case in which I’m doing cataract surgery on a patient who’s on glaucoma drugs. Kornmann H, Fellman R, Feuer W. Early results of goniotomy with the Kahook Dual Blade. New York, NY 10001, Hours

Safety measures included frequency of surgical com­plications, changes in VA, abnormal slit-lamp findings, and adverse events. 9001 Wilshire Blvd. Hydrus vs iStent. “The other big advancement in that same area has been the iStent inject because it’s a lot easier for people to put in and, with the two stents in, I think we’re seeing better pressure reduction,” Dr. Craven adds. “For example, I note if someone has a history of long-term steroid use or uveitis. Current options include canal-based stenting (iStent by Glaukos and Hydrus by Ivantis), viscodilation devices (Omni by Sight Sciences and ABiC by Ellex), excisional goniotomy (Kahook Dual Blade by New World Medical), and a cautery device (Trabectome by MicroSurgical Technology). Your email address will not be published. Hengerer FH, Auffarth GU, Riffel C, et al.

“I had a chance to do that in Saudi Arabia where it’s approved. Also, residency programs are increasingly training residents in MIGS, so new ophthalmologists are coming out of training more comfortable with doing an angle-based or MIGS procedure,” he adds. This is our best option, because there are no definitive studies comparing them to each other.”  REVIEW. 1. “I like the bypass procedure better than an extirpation procedure and combination procedures because, to me, the meshwork might hold some mechanism of action in IOP reduction,” he says. Dr. Brown is chief medical officer of Sight Sciences. It’s certainly a quality-of-life boost. Assessments over three years included IOP measurements, medications, corrected distance visual acuity and secondary glaucoma surgeries. “I think the meshwork actually plays a role in helping to force aqueous out to the collector system, so I don’t know if I want to remove it.


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