i have a poopy inside my diaper lyrics

She pushed again and there was another splash under her. Sidney, Chloe, and Evan were standing in a circle talking.

The next day Sidney barely got through five minutes of Mr. Tyler’s class before she had a messy accident. She pushed herself onto her feet to get a better look at Sidney’s diaper. Did they have to talk about this on a public sidewalk? Her mother lay her back on a changing mat and broke the tapes on her diaper and pressed a cool wipe to her bare bottom. It wasn’t long before pooping became the high point of Chloe’s day. Sidney’s pooing her pants!” Someone said. Her mother squeezed her breast, squirting breastmilk into the bowl. Chloe grabbed her and hugged her tightly. ( Log Out /  So greedy that my hand, know what it's like to feel a diaper with a load of shit. “Sidney, you’re being unreasonable.” Her mother said “Do you want to go back to diapers permanently?”.

“I can still smell it.” Evan said, looking at Sidney’s butt as though she was still wearing a diaper. No crinkling, she was currently an adult. It had worked! Not only that, but when she had stepped into the classroom, her outfit had changed to a dress and pull-up! She doubted she’d ever get used to the feeling of her panties thickening and turning to plastic as she walked. It should have been a stupid question, but Sidney actually wasn’t sure she could.

. James sucked his pacifier and looked around with wide, curious eyes. She stared at Sidney’s diaper and imagined it shrinking. To her complete surprise, there was a splash. The woman lifted up Elena’s skirt and pulled back her diaper.

Sidney didn’t want to ask to confirm but it seemed like Chloe’s potty training hadn’t been affected at all. “There, she’s drooling. Your Source for the best Diaper and Regression Stories on the net. About half of it went down her throat and the other half ended up on her bib. Her panties crinkled and thickened. Her pants went from jeans to overalls with straps and her shirt turned into a loose, Winnie-the-Pooh t-shirt. She wanted so badly to spit the stupid pacifier out but she found herself sucking on it out of comfort, trying to ease the shame and humiliation of failing her potty training twice in two days. “Yes, I’m really, really sorry Ms. Edwards. She was in the original reality… wasn’t she? “No diaper!” Sidney shrieked. Elena lay back on the grass and let the woman undo the tapes of her diaper on the edge of the sidewalk. Mia sucked on a bottle softly. She checked her watch “I’d better get to class, see you later.”. First all the toilets in the bathroom had been replaced with training potties, then there were teachers in the bathroom ‘monitoring’ students as they used them!

“Do people think of her as special needs in this reality?” Evan asked, “Kind of.” Chloe said “I think they think of her more as a late bloomer.”, “Like… they think she’ll grow up eventually?”, “Right. I pee and poop in my diapers and I can’t help it. She was on the verge of going to college, and now… was she still going to college? There was a flash as it hit the edge of the atmosphere and then little white pieces flew in all directions like some kind of eerie firework. And then she slipped and went down hard in the mud. But even while he thought it his bladder released, apparently not having been fully emptied, and he wet his diaper. “Mom, no, it’s all right!” She said, but it was too late. “Mmmph! Chloe wasn’t using a potty, she was having an accident in her diaper like a big baby! “You know, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to bring them here after it had just rained.” A voice said.

I took one and brought it here and sure enough, the text changed!”, “As in it said it was normal for teenagers to be in diapers?”, “Yeah. I just don’t get it, it’s like I suddenly panic and forget what I’m supposed to be doing and just use my pants.”. No! She had clothes all laid out of her already. She could see that he didn’t see any problem with asking for a diaper change. “That’s a good girl Sidney!” Her mother said. Evan and Sidney arrived at Chloe’s house after school.

How did she even know they were going to come here? Lying on my bed, looking down at myself wearing the diaper and plastic pants, was thrilling, and I found myself experiencing a rock-hard erection. [Baby crying] Your a mother piece of shit and you'll never amount to nothin' Your a mother piece of shit and you'll never amount to nothin' Your a moth... Gary Kellgren: He is working the controls because all producers love to turn knobs . You started to only want to wear diapers at home when it was just us.” Her mother said “Do you not remember that?

“All right Sidney, let’s get your diaper changed.”. I was with my Nan, my grand dad, my uncle and his girlfriend.

Up until the week before she had been the only one who’d never had an accident in her diaper! Sidney turned beet red “Let’s get you changed before you get a rash.” He said, taking her arm and leading her away. Apparently in the other reality, bodies develop completely before minds even start. “She seems like quite the handful.” A female voice said.

There were tapes on either side of her undergarment. “I don’t need help.” He said, already knowing what the answer would be. Chloe grimaced again. Change ), The TBDL, the bedwetter and the sleepover, The TBDL, the bedwetter and the sleepover. Except as Sidney toddled out of the classroom, nothing happened. “I… I…” He said, feeling his bowels contract and empty into his diaper. Everybody in the world Maybe she was just a baby pretending to be big. ... sucking your thumb She hadn’t even thought anything of it! Jeans formed over Sidney’s legs and the rest of her outfit changed back to being older too. It felt like a fart. Some of the sections will probably get huge, big enough to cover an entire block or more.

Can you understand me?” Chloe asked, The woman smiled “Oh, do you know her? Why couldn’t everyone else her age just wear diapers? “I, uh, don’t know how to take my diaper off.” He said, “Come on, my Mommy does it all the time! Everybody running late Make poop There was a girl, maybe in her early teens, walking with a backpack on. You're sitting in shit and, Ahhhh, floating in the diaper tank

“From now on you don’t need to worry about going potty okay? “Yes!” Sidney said, squatting in the middle of the hall.

Chloe’s mother held out another pull-up.

One of you probably just farted!” Sidney retorted, crossing her arms. She pulled her diaper down and pushed her gently onto the potty. All developmentally appropriate things, it was just the diapers that I for the life of me could not figure out.”, “Did I get made fun of for that? The rest of my family was already in Turkey. Evan was bright red as he was laid on his back right in front of the door and his mother broke the tapes on his diaper. How could he have forgotten something so simple? At least that’s why she told herself she was interested. But cross your fingers that you have toilet paper Of course she’d done a nice job, she wasn’t going to pee her diaper like some baby! It was like he was changing her to what he thought she was supposed to be!

Her diaper crinkled between her legs as she walked back to one of the tables and sat across from Chloe. It had patterns on the front, like a baby diaper, except big enough to fit Sidney. He managed to get a stream going. Chloe turned her head as she continued to feed and saw Ms. Edwards. She’d just squatted and pooped her pull-up without even trying to get to one of the potties and now she was stuttering.

“You’ve been turning me into a baby this entire time!” Chloe exclaimed, finally realizing why her reality had been getting messed up at school.

You’re going to be a diaper baby forever!”, “I… I…” Chloe sniffed, her eyes becoming moist. Chloe eeped. He walked to the bathroom.

She was frowning. Make some poop.

We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. It was getting easier and easier to use her diapers on command. She’d run out in fright. They were both dressed as babies and drooling on themselves. Despite being reduced to a diaper dependent infant, she still did her best to keep her intelligence. She’d been trying to ignore the fact her classmates seemed to be turning into babies and back again randomly, but at this point it was almost impossible! It’s my right of, frame it A little more time in daycare would be good for her. I thought that maybe I could help you fight it at first but… well look at Mia. Only a few teens were even wearing pull-ups, the vast majority had thick, crinkling diapers taped around their waists. People learn a lot faster in this reality, starting once their brain is ready around 20. I no know how.”, “Of course you do Sidney!” Evan said “You’ve done it plenty of times before!”, Sidney gave him a blank stare “I no wemembaw.”. Sidney blushed in shame, only now comprehending what had just happened. Chloe grimaced, pulling down her pants and then her pull-up, painfully aware of her mother’s eyes.

Like, she’d stare at someone long enough and they’d become a baby.”, “No, it didn’t seem to work on me. Chloe sighed as she realized she had completely fallen for such a simple parenting tactic. If you gotta shit and you're stuck in traffic Make poop “Sorry, I made pee-pee.” Ms. Holland said aloud to no one in particular.

Chloe wandered around the school. Mr. Tyler finished changing her and patted her diaper “Sidney I hope you’re listening.”, Mr. Tyler smiled “Good. That would actually explain why she kept having accidents in her diapers. get rid of the dog poop.

Choose one of the browsed Diaper Poop lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. “Mmmph!” Chloe squirmed in protest. “Come on sweetie, eat it while the milk is still warm.” Chloe’s mother said, pushing a spoonful at Chloe’s face. “Yes…” Chloe said, keeping her eyes down as she broke off a piece and wiped herself. She stood up and threw the used pull-up in a nearby diaper pail. “Sure.” Her uncle said. Evan and Chloe looked at each other. She wasn’t supposed to need diapers and she wasn’t supposed to need her mother to do everything for her! The next morning, Chloe’s mother woke her up. “N-No!” Sidney stuttered. She’d never actually used her diaper! Is he in an easychair? [Outro - Ice Cube, He is baby ass, I'm like diaper rash She wasn’t about to admit that she often times had to use her pull-ups as a crutch for her very weak potty training though, so she just nodded. Most of the kids can make it to the potty every now and then and she hasn’t even tried.”. Simple as that.

Had she just really been burped? Chloe’s mother took advantage of her open mouth to stick the spoon in her mouth. Nov 16, 2019 - Explore Abby Deviant's board "ABDL Captions", followed by 609 people on Pinterest. “Okay.” Mr. Tyler took her by the hand and led her to the training potty.

“It’s all right, I’m here. Sidney stuck her thumb in her mouth to make herself look more innocent. Chloe could see her exposed diaper push out a little. Chloe saw what she was doing and mimicked her, squatting and pushing a load into her own diaper.


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