if i were a drop of water essay

I started to get cold. The next day, as soon as the sun emerged from behind the clouds, I felt the molecules inside me dash around at lightning speed. we slammed to the ground. I felt myself falling again, down down down. the air. (Do not Most of these were words that I have never heard before so I just took his advice that I could just wait here and something would bring me back up to the clouds and my family. A bigger community could be a lake or stream an ocean or maybe even in the groundwater storage which is a journey under ground but the only problem is that you may never see the sky again for a few thousand years. Evaporation Came over and said evaporation mean coming from the grind into the sky, Condensation means create a cloud and precipitation means to fall from the sky which we will be doing in a few seconds. We waited there for a long, long, LONG time and it kept getting more and more crowded. 1.) We soon all felt other droplets touching us and we found ourselves relaxing on the nice, warm surface of a lake. Soon enough I am back into another cloud without my family but that is okay because I have made new friends over the years and now I am resting up here with all of them. I think that I was dinosaur spit one time but I can’t remember. I never realized it at the time, but when I was waiting and waiting again to get rained or snowed or hailed down, I remembered that I saw relatives, water droplets I hadn’t seen in ages, coming off leaves and plants and stuff. We were down deep in the ocean and we were swimming back up to the surface. A strong breeze hit me and pushed me and millions of water drops to a strange white land. When the water got hot enough I would evaporate. I am at the surface of the river and I am on the top of the pile of water drops. I really dontknow what is happening! Hello, my name is Splat and I am a water droplet. One day I was sun bathing on the top of an ocean when I started getting very hot. 50 years later…

Evaporating, condensing, precipitating, groundwater storage, and then transpiration. (No, really.

Well until I hit a nice hard rock. Here I go, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! If I were a drop of water,I would kiss the floor.Its too damn hard to beat the floor if nobody wanna save me. This is one part of the water cycle, this part is called evaporation, another way of evaporating is called transpiration, that is when plants almost sweat and the water gets evaporated. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing?

USGS Water Drop Through the Water Cycle, 3.

to use together. Gas, Now, the story will end, but I will always be right here in the water cycle. Then I found something, it was made of metal, it had a hose, and it had a huge curtain. Hi my name is Jimmy and I’m a water drop. I think that I was dinosaur spit one time but I can’s remember. This part of the water cycle is called condensation.

If both you and your partner feel confident that you both fully Ask your partner a few questions to make sure they understand )Condensation is water that comes from the sky and the water comes onto something, such as, a mirror, or a window. All I know is that water drops keep disappearing on warm days and that is why I am now on the top.

I just wanted to land because sometimes it is so hot that the rain will not reach the ground but instead it will evaporate while it’s in the air. As I was gliding in I was literally praying that the wind won’t blow otherwise we will all be separated. that indicated the steps in the process. I saw all my brothers, and sisters in that hose, and coming out! Posted by EC9 on February 16, 2011 at 10:11 pm. If you don't know part of the cycle, skip it.

“What is happening n- now. First my head to my chest, then my arms came back on, and finally my legs. I started to fall. We cancondense, precipitate,accumulate, orevaporate, but we cannever die.By Silas 4.

Answer Save. First of all I have been through the water cycle many, many times. or they hang around

in puddles or lakes or even ponds and oceans. “Why?” Then I found out. I was in a puddle, and it was very cozy. As I flew down to the ground, I saw things I hadn’t ever seen before. After being a cloud for a while, the party got to big and we had to turn into precipitation. We suddenly combined with each other to create bigger water drops and fell from the sky.

telling a story of your day from the beginning to the end. Day after day they would congratulate each other on how clean and beautiful they were. Slowly more raindrops started floating up in front of me.

So on and on I went… Until, I saw an odd shaped type thing.

I can tell you some things about the water cycle because I have been a part of it for thousands of years and you are a part of it too. I really wanted to land on the ground so that I am part of a plant’s diet and could experience transpiration which is when you evaporate from a leaf or explore the mysterious, scary and dark hollows of the groundwater storage which are some

This must be that um… evapory… um… no wha- “evaporation,” a water drop cuts me off as she corrects me. Posted by ec 16 on March 2, 2011 at 9:28 pm. Posted February 13, 2011 by riveredge in Uncategorized, Weather. Well sort of. If we read at least 10 pages of a book a day, then one day we will become wise. It depends on how you, as a drop of water, define your existence.


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