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In this particular moment of the man's life, he was cresting the age of nine. To disguise himself as Gittarackur, Illumi uses large round head pins to reconstruct his facial structure, and even voice, beyond recognition. On the top of the Zoldyck estate on Kukuroo Mountain, Illumi stood beneath the bathing moon light. Illumi responded immediately, the same line which had been drilled into him by his parents and he in turn had repeatedly told he brothers. As he looked up at the brilliant full moon, he smiled and felt his hand transform into a claw. He was able to single-handedly wipe out a squadron of more than 20 amateur Hunters without any of them managing to press the emergency button. Laughing at the blood and death Illumi had created and which turned his own stomach. Control Killua so he can control Alluka.Maintain his family standing Chimera Ant Queen | Meruem | Shaiapouf | Menthuthuyoupi | Neferpitou, Zoldyck Family His wounds were the result of the shards slicing into his skin, there was blood but only in a pitiful amount. Do not let Kil leave your sight.". He might have superhuman control over his body, as he told Hisoka he was going to sleep for five days. In one of Hunter × Hunter's merchandising products, the character's disguise/alias, Gittarackur, is alternatively named as "Guitarakle". Furthermore, as a member of the Zoldyck Family, he has vast wealth and capable underlings at his disposal. [16], Killua replies that he does not want anything from the Exam, but he wants to stop killing people and wants to be friends with Gon, whom he had met during the Exam. Silva Zoldyck was reclining, at ease in his surroundings. Gon kicks him in the head by swinging on a vine. Illumi was sent by his mother to watch over Killua, who also entered the Hunter Exam. [23] Thanks to his training, he possesses rare abilities such as strong resistance to poison, high tolerance to electricity, great agility and physical strength, and advanced armed and unarmed combat techniques. A total of nine bodies lay about the room, on chairs, the floor, and even sprawled over the back of the couch; six were male while the remaining three corpses were female. Illumi wanted to ask where 'there' was but he could not open his mouth. His little brother, who had been born with the heaviest burden of the five children, had also been the luckiest. Sometime prior to the 287th Hunter Exam, h… This is a trick question, however, the needle in Killua's head makes him unable to attack opponents he cannot defeat. Keeping his arms tucked close to his chest, occasionally rubbing to keep his blood circulating, Illumi continued on. Illumi emotionlessly intoned, the same stomach churning feeling still present. A/N: I have no words for what you are about to read.

"Zoldyck, Illumi." In contrast to his expressionless demeanor, Illumi often speaks in a somewhat joyful and absent-minded tone. In the 2011 anime series, Illumi Zoldyck appears expressionless, his face like an emotionless mask. The assassin obeyed and started forward, keeping his eyes trained on the wavering figure as they continued on their journey. He forced his brother to do so many things he didn't want too, and Killua deeply believed Illumi had done them of his own free will.

The final phase is an elimination tournament where the winners are removed from the tournament and the losers given more chances; winning match results in the victor receiving his or her Hunter License. Even if Needlemen survives, they will be permanently disabled. The formless being known as Death made his own round of the room, taking in the scene and remembering his own thoughts of when he was here the first time.

He seemed less of a threat this way. [13] Illumi is also a very skilled impersonator, and he seems to be able to conceal his strength and other aspects that might give him away when disguised since he managed to fool Killua and the Phantom Troupe. "Yes father." However, his name may be related to the Illuminati, who are often associated with goals of world domination. In the 2011 series, a younger Illumi appears in Killua's flashback of his childhood.

To feel anything at all in this blizzard was a blessing for the young man. Killua was no longer twelve, he was fifteen now. "Come…" Death's hollow whisper echoed around Illumi's thoughts. "Assassins have no need for friends." The red head asked, strolling into the room and stopping once he reached the first body. How could his mother be happy?

His head is not yet shown at this point but his hair can clearly be seen. Illumi felt as if his body was working through a blizzard, tracking through waist high snow and numb to the cold. [18], Illumi is able to formulate accurate predictions as seen concerning Alluka's power since he was able to completely understand the method in which Killua's wishes were granted with no further consequences. A claw which had torn out the hearts of too many people to count, and even more had died by other methods by the same hand. Some of the long strands tangled, and Illumi felt comforted by the small pains when a few were pulled out by their roots. Settling his features into the only expression Illumi's brothers had ever seen, he left his room and began to plan out how to make Killua hate him even more.

And now, it was his turn. Lifting his questioning eyes to Death, Illumi continued to follow. His brothers were able to protect themselves and no longer required him. Illumi says that the location is already famous and that there is no harm in revealing it to Gon. Killua himself was still with Gon, looking for Gon's father and having many adventures along the way.

Death watched as Illumi passed through him and continued on, wandering in the vain hope of finding warmth and shelter. I'm sorry Killua… Dropping his head, Illumi knew what he was going to have to do. If he had really wanted to, Illumi was sure Killua could have killed the two of them… and maybe in a few more months he would have. Illumi was stopped by the closed door, awaiting his father's permission. He was no longer required to be on guard until he was exhausted. To disguise himself as Gittarackur, Illumi uses large round head pins to reconstruct his facial structure, and even voice, beyond recognition. Illumi was not required to constantly take in his surroundings.

Crimes Type of Villain His body was worn down, but his will to survive and prove himself was strong enough to keep him from succumbing to the elements which were attempting to kill him. Neither made a sound and all was silent. "Aren't you going to answer?" For Illumi, this had been his first brush with Death. [26] His Nen abilities allow him to change his physical appearance,[32] control the dead[19] and the living alike[26] with overpowering mind and body control, and influence others with subtler types of Manipulation,[5] a range of applications that suggests a great mastery over this Nen category. Genthru | Pariston Hill | Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou. "My name is Illumi Zoldyck." His mother's voice rang out, praising Killua's skill in attacking both her and Milluki, Illumi's first brother as Killua was his second.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers, Illumi still did not know where they were going, or how long it would take to reach there, but as they travelled his mind once more reached back into his memories. Using the door as a brace, Illumi pushed his body forward reluctantly.

He has very long jet black hair, usually combed behind his head as well as, very large, dark eyes.


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