innova leopard vs leopard3

Would love to throw this disc.

Love innova, would be amazing to try this disc out.

Love my champion leopard would love to get my hands on this! I would love to try the this disc because I’m just getting into the fairway side of disc golf and I think it would be a great addition to my bag! How Do Roundworms Obtain Food, There were a few moments during our tests when we executed the small turnover flight path that so many desire in the Leopard and had to say out loud, “there we go!” The desired flight is in there, but it just takes a little work from your side to make it happen. I want to try a leopard 3 because I have been missing a 7 speed understable fairway driver in my bag and it is a shot I am currently missing. Anticipated the leopard 3 and would love to have one.

Luster Champion discs feature a pearlescent glow and special shine that give the discs a distinct look and feel. I would love to throw a new mold of the trusty leapord. I’d reccomend getting both if they’re in your budget, they are both super solid beginner fairway drivers.Forehand produces more torque, the teebird can handle torque much better than the leopard. I would love to use this leopard 3 at my local course. If you like the feel of the discs and want to learn how it reacts, then get one and go for it.I agree with your statement in theory when it comes to over and understable. I’ve lost more DX leopards than any other disc. Innova Leopard quantity. 2 years ago. Weather Oaxaca, Mexico, The Leopard3 is the turning driver of choice of Team Innova’s Nate Sexton. What is the difference between the Leopard and the Leopard3? Really could use an understable mid range for my bag!

Innova Champion Leopard3. The leopard is my go to disc, I need to try the new one! I’d really love to try this! Give it try – There’s a place for this disc in every bag. All rights reserved. This would be a great fit for my bag and would love to have it. It acts like my Roc3, with a little more distance. If you don’t have the power to naturally turn the Leopard3, a little encouragement from you should go a long way. I’d love to see how this compares to my old Pro Leopard “Long range turning driver.”.

Vernessa Taylor Birthday, I’ve given it to my kids now, and they like throwing it. Keep making the great products that your consumers have come to love! It needs a little more behind it, but it will produce that natural turnover if thrown correctly. Regardless, we had no problem trying to find a comfortable grip with the Leopard3.

Innova Teebird vs Innova Leopard- which is better for a mostly forehand throwing new player? Considering going back to the DX Leopard, but would like to give this a try. Always like to use encouragement on any disc.. Leopard disc in the past have responded well for my throws, especially now with loss of distance..Excited..


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