investiture controversy essay

The churches around Rome looked to the Pope for guidance but seeing that their needs were not being met, nobles and especially kings assumed numerous Christian duties, including the protection and foundation of churches and abbeys. Earlier on, the installation and investment of bishops was the customary exclusive right of the rulers. Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. Geary, Patrick J. Scholars

Henry broke with Rome for many different reasons, to begin with was that the Pope wouldn’t let him annul his marriage with Catherine. This is not an example Don't use plagiarized sources.

Favoring traditional morality in his reformation of the Catholic Church, Pope Leo IX publicly declared that he was against simony that had been occurring due to a weakened and corrupt papacy. Bibliography Geary, Patrick J. The conflict started in the year one thousand and seventy-eight and was terminated by the concordat of worms in the year one thousand, one hundred and twenty-two. He was appointed as the archdeacon of the see of Canterbury and later on recommended as the Chancellor by King Henry II.

The investiture controversy generally constitutes a battle between state rule over control of ecclesiastical power, which has been discussed in reference to King Henry II and Becket, characterizing each one of them as portrayed in William of Newburgh’s narrative, inclusive with its results to the English monarchy and the English church. of the work written by professional essay writers. He can be best described as being a hypocrite following his negative change towards his friend. To start with Henry, he was remorseless following the observance of his rights. However, after Henry III died at an early age, his son Henry IV believed that he had been appointed by God to become Emperor and spiritual authority figures like the pope were subordinate to him and his decisions.

Secular authority slowly started to become more dominant than spiritual authority being that weak church authorities were monitoring their powers. He strongly believed that God alone founded the Church and that she is supreme over all human structures, especially the secular state. Retrieved from Hence, Henry IV should withdraw all his power from church matters just like William I had done for the Cluny Abbey. The Investiture Controversy was significant in medieval history because though Henry IV and Gregory VII had very different opinions of what the spiritual and secular authorities duties were they both wished to preserve the Catholic faith against corruption. He is seen to do anything in defense of his ancient rights.

Becket, in turn, wanted to prove to those religious leaders who had opposed his holy dedication as being the most outstanding Archbishop, and by doing so, he matched to the opposition of the king. The spiritual authority was in ruins and a need for reformation within the church was necessary. [ 2 ].

Don't use plagiarised sources.Get your custom essay just from $11/page The Papal Election Decree of Nicholas II was established in 1059. On the death of Pope Damasus II, Bruno was selected as his successor but as a condition of his acceptance for the papacy, he had to first proceed to Rome and be freely elected by the voice of the clergy and people of Rome. Therefore, the church and the monarchy were both significantly affected by the conflict. Investiture controversy refers to a dispute between the state and the church. Henry III reached Rome in 1046 and imposed his secular authority over the situation and elected as the new pope a German, Suidger, bishop of Bamberg, who was inaugurated as Clement II. on. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected. In succeeding years, Henry III used his secular authority to appoint a pope at three more occasions. As a result of anger, Becket was forced to face trial following Henry’s charges. There came the canon law in which the bishops were to be elected by the people and the clergy of the affected diocese, therefore, resulting in great effects to the church (Williams). Thomas can, therefore, be accused rightly of his worldly behavior, weakness, ostentation, violent language, and also ostentation. 4 (1918): 513-540, doi: 19, Feb. 2012. http://www. The Results of the Conflict on the English Monarchy and the English Church. Henry’s attempts to deal with the criminal clergies enraged Thomas. It soon quickly became an argument between Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Pope Gregory VII trying to determine which had more authority, spiritual or secular. Initially, the state power, the king, had the mandate to constitute the church office. Nevertheless, their main goal was to keep the sacrifices of mass and the church untainted, with no influence of corrupt authority figures. The aristocratic family with the most power would have the ability to elect the pope or sell his office. Founded by William I, Duke of Aquitaine in 910 this Benedictine monastery was located in Cluny, France. However, it was really a conflict over two radically different views of whether the secular authorities such as kings or dukes, had any legitimate role in appointments …, Your Deadline is Too Short?


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