irish trucker slang

Knowing CB lingo has always been part of being a trucker. Just because The Fast and the Furious series has been nominated for, and won, many awards doesn't mean you should try to mimic them! Kojak chicken lights n. - extra lights on the truck and trailer. at pressure;

A DOT, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officer. Yard          A trucking companies terminal. What you call another driver, often in a kidding way. trouble, blown tire. Rel. Names like town clown help differentiate between the bears! triple digit ride n. - a truck that can exceed 100 miles per hour. A law enforcement officer, usually highway patrol. accelerate/decelerate Pigeon Plucker – Police ticketing speeders. OK, message received. road pizza n. - a badly mangled road kill. center.

Water hole – Truck stop hook n. - a tow truck. Accessorial Fees     These are extra fees that are added to a bill of lading charges by the trucker or trucking company. Especially Laborer that loads or unloads your trailer. The Irish: St. Louis, Missouri: The Gateway: Tampa, Florida: Cigar City: Wichita, Kansas: Air Capital: Looking for a glossary of more official CDL terms? TIMELINE 10 January 1971 - Members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) carried out an early form of 'punishment attack' by tarring and feathering four men who were accused of criminal activities in, Julie Newmar was Catgirl. Back Out          Driver has finished talking statement on CB Radio. Fox jaws – Female with nice voice, but not necessarily a body to match

trucks. Rock Gut (mud, jumpy juice)          Coffee. In the colorful language of the trucker, CBs were gone “faster than a raped ape.”. Here’s an example of a conversation between two truckers over their CB radio. What’s your twenty? Bear Trap -Stationary police vehicle with radar Chicken Choker         A semi truck hauling chicken, or other poultry types. Beaver Bait- Money

The weight of your truck, as in "the scale's testing your ground pressure". - in top gear. - Evel Knievel.

Put it on the floor and looking for some more – Full speed. Got My Night Gown On          A statement expressing one is ready for bed. behavior Check the seatcovers -Look at that passenger (usually a woman) While this one is a little vulgar, it is a great reminder to drive safely! Day Cab          A semi truck that is for local driving. Dressed for the ball -You have your “Ears ON”, listening to the road conditions Two Stool beaver – Very fat woman. Knock the stack out – Accelerate Green Stamp Road – Toll road. Johnny Law – Cop Ground Pressure          Weight of a semi truck and trailer.

Refers to a Consolidated Freightways truck. High-Speed Chicken Feed          An illegal substance that is known to increase heart rate and awaken the user.

Usually refers to the Interstate, sometimes any big highway.     

Wally World n. - a Wal-Mart truck, store or dist. Running on rags – Driving a vehicle with little to no tread on the tires. Throughout this list dictionary of trucker lingo and Slang. The Trucker Lingo will be written first, then followed by (brackets) for any additional lingo or slang for the same meaning, followed by the meaning of what it means. Brown paper bag -Unmarked Police car Syn. Sometimes they just like to change lanes. You can also support us by signing up to our Mailing List.

With our world full of iPhones and GPS, the art of communicating on the Citizens Band radio is dwindling; at K&J Trucking, we love trucker slang. An unrefrigerated, freight trailer. with a Kodak behind the overpass." Motel 6 says, 'No running reefers after 9 hammer down v. - go fast, step on it. Every trucker out there has an opinion on whether gasoline or diesel trucks are better. bundled out adj. Sugar Bear (Mama Bear)         A police officer of the female gender. The men then masterbate and try to hit the cracker with their semen and the one to hit the cracker last must then eat it. Three Sisters          Three large hills on I 80 between Bridger WY and Salt Lake City UT. Of course, they'll all Alligator (Gator)         Blown out the recap of the tire in the roadway. door." Mama Bear – Policewoman. Pregnant Roller Skate – VW Glory Card – Class D License 25." motion lotion n. - fuel. go to the Harley v. - to put your CB on channel 1. "There's a Keep a eye out for em.”, “Eastbound, back there in front of ya about 8 miles ya got yaself an open chicken coop with Diesel Bears handing out quizzes and driving awards.”. But first, let me translate this for everyone. "Hey HT, you got your ears on?" The Big Word          Weigh Station Closed, The Little Word          Weigh Station Open. Grossed Out          To state that you are at max capacity of gross vehicle weight by rules and regulation standards. Sometimes trucks with just one trailer wiggle, so it makes sense the more trailers there are the more wiggling that will happen! A way of saying that you’re basically crazy. Large Car          A very nicely customized semi truck. bumper sticker n. - an automobile following you too closely. Tijuana Taxi –  Wrecker bobtail adj. Sometimes called just a "gator". The last rows of parking in a truck stop. sand box n. - a gravel trailer. yardstick 154." Another term for "supertrucker"; one who brags about himself, or his big, fast, shiny truck. A prostitute that solicits truck-to-truck in a truck stop or rest area. Anyways, they on ya side of the Comedian. (understandable when you view a map of the USA. Your gross vehicle weight is at max capacity. I'm thinking of you" - Pablo Iglesias Maurer, Gorgeous photographs of Blondie's lead singer by Brian Arts. below.

travel agent n. - dispatcher. Your vehicle hasn't flipped over after a rollover or accident.

Abbreviated term for Cab-Over-the Engine (COE) type of tractor. bedbuggers n. - moving companies.

- running without a trailer. toothpicks n. - lumber. Also, one who hauls live chickens. Something behind you. No longer able to maintain current speed, need to downshift. Comic Book (Coloring Book, Cheat Sheet)          Referencing a Truck Driver’s log book.

in the back row!

thermos bottle n. - a tanker trailer. That are scattered throughout this page. They can also bounce up and go towards another vehicle, possibly causing an accident. Shovelling coal – Accelerating. Over the years, drivers have come up with really funny nicknames for popular cities and states. A bigger, more powerful radio can easily drown out a lesser one. State Trucking Associations. double nickel n. - 55 miles per hour, the speed limit. Blew My Doors Off          Passed your vehicle with more than just excessive speed. (Usually to pick up a load or go home.). When a truck's climbing a steep incline, and for whatever reason, the driver has to let up off of the accelerator, he'll lose whatever momentum he had and have to downshift. Ice Road Trucker          A highly skilled and highly paid truck driver that is crazy enough to drive on frozen water.


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