is puketutu island open to the public

Within the footprint of the Puketutu Island Rehabilitation Project Monofill Facility, extensive quarrying and clean fill operations have occurred over the past five decades. Decades ago E.J.Searle noted in his book City of Volcanoes: A geology of Auckland what the fate of the island would be once it's quarried.

This indicates that the ULS design earthquake derived from AS/NZ1170.0:2002 for this facility is appropriate. With 360 degree views of the Manukau Harbour, it is hoped Puketutu Island's visitor numbers will rival Maungakiekie's (One Tree Hill) Cornwall Park.

It’s not open to the public.

And then there’s some truly fantastic stuff leading up to what was surely my most epic adventure of the year!

Puketutu Island, the magnificent two-coned Mangere Mountain, Ambury Regional Park are also on the lava field and packed full of middens, stone structures and lava caves.

proposal, which still needs the approval of the Environment

Fact Change ), New Zealand Farewell Tour, Pt.

The staging of these roads (and other site infrastructure) enabled the full facility to be constructed in stages but still be fully functional without disruption to operations in the future. European settlers called it Weekes' Island, but this was eventually abandoned in favour of the historical Māori name. When European settlers arrived, the island was only reachable by a shell bank or by boat. But its natural beauty and proximity to Auckland have long made it a desirable asset. "It is, in essence, the spiritual centre of Tainui within Tāmaki Makaurau and is a revered and central locale for the spiritual wellbeing of Te Kawerau ā Maki and Te Waiohua.".

Historically the site operated as a basalt rock quarry and then as a managed fill site.

Puketutu Island is located in the Manukau Harbour in Auckland, New Zealand. million purchase price for the island lease plus the $2.00 a Tukoroirangi Morgan, chairman of

Puketutu for treated biosolids disposal.

A watercolour sketch by William Eastwood of Puketutu Island (centre-left) in 1876. Additionally, it was necessary for the construction to be able to take place year round to meet the project timeframes. In order to avoid sharp contacts below the floor lining system, which could cause large differential settlements (and therefore high liner strain, see section 3.5), 4H:1V slopes were formed if within 2m of the subgrade design level (reduced to 3H:1V if below 2m).

A number of key elements provided design challenges; these included backfilling deep ponds, rock blasting, uncontrolled fill, historic wet bins, perimeter embankments, a landslip, and an alternative lining system. Elections By Recognizing Israeli Annexation Of The West Bank, The World Is Changing: China Launches Campaign For Superpower Status, Cabinet Announcement Speech, Monday 2 November, Green Party's James Shaw on Labour deal: 'There's no kind of rule book here', New Cabinet Line-up Reveals Serious Skill Shortage. The gravel track continues to this peninsular bit and then just sort of stops.

renewable lease with 999 year terms to guarantee that

Ongoing review of boreholes and test pits indicate that large soft wet zones may not exist today or may not be as bad as modelled, even at locations where previous site activities indicated that they may exist. Puketutu Island's Pinnacle Hill, with a waka or canoe in the foreground.

A long reach – a digger with a really long arm – smooths the biosolids down. Several years ago there had been opposition to Watercare's biosolids project by iwi groups and the then Auckland Regional Council and Manukau City Council. something very special when a project produces only Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. To minimize the risk of backfilling in the deeper partially saturated pond, Beca developed a methodology with the contractor to ensure the backfilling could be completed safely and to ensure it would meet the required design outcome.

Next, I drove out to a place I’ve been wanting to see for ages and took some gorgeous photos. One day I will be back Until then I just dream of this Island paradise. RCRA Subtitle D (258) Seismic Design Guidance for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Facilities. Te Tihi o Rakataura is Puketutu Island's sole remaining volcanic cone. Figure 3 –Biosolids Placement on Facility Floor. The Kelliher charitable trust proposed a scheme whereby biosolids from the nearby Mangere wastewater treatment plant (covering 600ha on the landward sides, and served around 600,000 people in the 1990s)[3] could be used to reshape the older form of the island. Fell et al., (2005) Geotechnical Engineering for Dams (Chapter 9 – Filter Compatibility). [4] A by-product of the treatment process is the creation of a stabilised biosolid. Change ), 29. To fill the historic quarry, biosolids or treated human waste from Watercare's Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant are being used. I hope to bring my children (or grandchildren, if I have to wait 30 years for the old quarry to fill up with biosolids) here one day in the future when it’s criss-crossed by a cycle path network and we can examine the geological features around the shoreline. The New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage gives a translation of "tutu shrub hill" for Puketutu.[2]. Alienation of the customary owners of the island occurred in the mid 19th century during colonisation. The peak ground accelerations (PGAs) for the project have been derived from NZS1170.5:2004. Under the agreement it is proposed

In the 1950s and 1960s, 1 million cubic yards of scoria and basalt rock from its volcanic cones were used to construct Auckland Airport's runway and what is now known as the Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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The rehabilitation does save Watercare $22m, as the biosolids are no longer trucked to Hampton Downs. Smith says the cone has the mana, so the four hills Watercare will create will naturally be smaller.

Historic fill was removed from the floor below design subgrade level and replaced with compacted hard fill (tuff) prior to constructing the liner system.


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