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When Kitten arrives, she tells Robin to "Take my arm and lead me in, and would it kill you to smile?" Unfortunely, the teen titans have to patrol the city. to which Robin forces a smile and replies "Maybe" through gritted teeth. And it remains a puzzle for both allies and enemies. He is not seen again after that, though Robin promised they would be ready. He is then held as Mod's prisoner. There are also many other reasons why a romance between them is suggested; their similar personalities and instincts are a few and in the DC comics, Robin and Raven flirt with each other on some occasions.

Damian is the current Robin and fights crime with Dick Grayson, the current Batman.

But nevertheless its most prominent characterist is the mask, which covers one orange side and one black side. Haven beaten everyone, Robin learns the Master of Games is just using the tournament in order to capture and steal the abilities of the heroes. Eventually Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg had a strategy and Beast Boy stole Mad Mod's cane giving it to Robin. And after fighting and defeating the Teen Titans, Slade was impressed with her, and said that together they could rule the city, however when Terra began to rebel, Slade beat her violently, and after the abuses and beatings, she decided to leave.

With that later when Raven sacrificed herself to free Trigon, Robin sees no other choice but to join Slade in the search for Raven. Slade Joseph Wilson or known only as Slade, is the main antagonist of the animated series Teen Titans. Since he is a terrorist mentor rather than a mercenary, he also tries to recruit a Batman family member, only Robin instead of Batman, and he used supernatural means to deceive death, with Trigon's agreement, and the Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus Pit. Nightwing is Robin's future self, who serves as the sole guardian of Jump City. In the comics, Dick Grayson falls in love with Starfire. Robin met up with Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven when Starfire came to Earth and started destroying the city. Robin competes in a game where he has to battle the other competitors. Robin and Starfire shared a real kiss in Trouble in Tokyo, and they have many other scenes that have romantic overtones (see Robin & Starfire section above, and on Starfire: Starfire & Robin section). Robin angrily pushes Beast Boy to reveal to them what had transpired when Raven was hurt, demanding he "remember", lest be handed over to the police. Terra finally regained control of herself and saved his Titans at all costs, which also occured in his death at the volcano pit. And when Slade told her about completing the plan in The End, Raven soon called him s fool for making a deal with Trigon. ", referring to Robin's mentor, Batman. He also seems to have some knowledge of advanced technology and various secret hiding places, and an army of robots, he also knows how to use traps. Robin takes the blame on himself and goes out to stop X personally. When Slade says he will be like a father to Robin, he replies,"I already have a father." She comforts him, allowing him to vent. Later he says that she helps him remember there's more to life than fighting crime. Starfire gets attacked by Warp, who needs the final piece in his time machine so he can return to his future. After being on the team for a while, Terra betrays the Titans and deactivates the Titans Tower's security codes to allow Slade's robot commandos to enter the tower. He is also a master manipulator, he also uses explosives in the figh, and was said to have a fealing factor. It was a sorrowful day for Robin, as it was the anniversary of his parents' deaths, and Robin had been close to tears for the entire story. This can be proven in the comics which Nightwing uses his old Titans Communicator to reunite the Titans and together they return to the museum where their troubles all started. Robin's hair is styled in the same manner as that of Dick Grayson. Furthermore Slade And when it is to accomplish your goals. At the next performance on the trapeze his parents were swinging from ropes. As a child his parents and him were a family of circus acrobats known as The Flying Graysons. And since Raven was Trigon's arrival gate. Slade later took pleasure in telling Raven about his fate. In Apprentice - Part 2, it is seen many times that when Robin battles the Titans on the Wayne Enterprises building, he avoids battling Starfire.


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