is theresa villiers married
They are now divorced. [9], In December 2005, following the election of David Cameron as Conservative Party Leader, Villiers was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet after just seven months in the UK Parliament, as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. 1 She is the daughter of George Edward Villiers and Anne Virginia Threlfall.

In July 2007, Cameron promoted her to Shadow Secretary of State for Transport. She has also spoken out against Boris Johnson's favoured proposal for a new London airport to be built in the Thames Estuary, and alternative expansions at Gatwick and Stansted airports, arguing that airlines should make greater use of the UK's regional airports, though some regional airports themselves have expressed concern about being adversely affected by capacity shortages in the South East. [26] She has, on previous occasions, attended CAA protests similar to that of 19 July 2018 against anti-semitism within Labour. Theresa Villiers was a professor at King's College, London previously. [24][25], On 19 July 2018 she was the only MP of any party to attend a rally of about 200–300 Jewish and other persons called by the "Campaign Against Antisemitism" (CAA) in Parliament Square, London, to protest against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. She was the daughter of the Hon. Charles Pelham Villiers, Frederick Adolphus Villiers, Hon. She stood down after the 2005 general election when she was elected as the Member of Parliament (United Kingdom) (MP) for Chipping Barnet. She also served as a member of the governing board of the Conservative Party during this period. In May 2017, Villiers announced that she fundamentally supports the ban on hunting of wild animals with dogs but suggested that there remains scope for reform of the Hunting Act 2004. She was married to barrister Sean Wilken with whom she co-wrote a book on matters of contract and quasi-contract law, which got famous. Theresa Anne Villiers (born 5 March 1968) is a British Conservative Party politician who served as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from 2019 to 2020. Although Chapman's majority at the 2001 general election had only been 2,701 votes, the party viewed Chipping Barnet to be quite a "safe" Conservative seat, and Villiers held it at the 2005 general election with an increased majority of 5,960 votes, which she increased again to 11,927 in 2010.

On 6 November 1830, Lister married the novelist Thomas Henry Lister, a son of Thomas Lister of Armitage Park, and his first wife Harriet Anne Seale. She was married to barrister Sean Wilken with whom she co-wrote a book on matters of contract and quasi-contract law, which got famous. In 1852 Lewis published her first work which was a group of biographies based on the people known to Edward Hyde, the Earl of Clarendon, and it was titled The Lives of the Friends and Contemporaries of Lord Chancellor Clarendon. The NCRI is considered by some analysts to be a front organisation for the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), which was once listed by the US as a terror organisation. Theresa Robinson). [33] They are now divorced. [16] After the referendum, Villiers has continued to support efforts to leave the EU.[17]. Villiers has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Chipping Barnet since 2005 and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland since 2012. However, they are now divorced and the actual cause for the … [8] Upon her election to the House of Commons, she resigned from her seat in the European Parliament; it went to Syed Kamall, the next candidate on the Conservatives' regional list for London. [15] [13], Villiers had said that "a pernicious counter-narrative" of the Troubles was emerging whereby responsibility for acts of terrorism was being shifted onto the security forces "through allegations of collusion, misuse of agents and informers or other forms of unlawful activity". [citation needed], Growing up in North London, she was educated at the independent Francis Holland School. [10], Villiers was appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in September 2012, but continued to spend three days a week in her North London constituency of Chipping Barnet. She was born as a third child to father Major George Edward Villiers and mother Anne Virginia Threlfall. [30] Villiers favours construction of a high-speed rail link from London to Birmingham and Manchester, arguing that flyers could use capacity at airports such as Birmingham International and Manchester International Airport. That role went instead to Philip Hammond, who had shadowed the post of Chief Secretary to the Treasury. [citation needed], Following the 2010 general election, the Conservatives, short of an overall majority, formed a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. Villiers underlined that despite differences of opinion, the Coalition government's policy was opposed to a third runway at Heathrow airport.[29]. She grew up in North London and completed her schooling from Francis Holland School. [31], In September 2019 at that year's Conservative Party Conference, Villiers set out plans to end live exports of farm animals, ban primates from being kept as pets and for cats to be microchipped. [32], Villiers married fellow barrister Sean Wilken QC in 1997,[citation needed] and the following year they co-wrote a book on matters of contract and quasi-contract law, which was published by a major publishing house. Villiers was Minister of State for Transport from 2010 to 2012 and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland from 2012 until 2016. Edward Ernest Villiers (who married Elizabeth Charlotte Liddell, daughter of Thomas Liddell, 1st Baron Ravensworth),[2] Hon.

[27], She has spoken out publicly in support of Iranian resistance to the Iranian regime at an event in Paris in 2017, organised by the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Following the referendum, on 14 July 2016, Villiers resigned from her position as Northern Ireland Secretary[4] after stating that new Prime Minister Theresa May had offered her a post in the Cabinet which was "not one which I felt I could take on".


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