item build smite

By level 12, I have my flat pen anyway. Mercury) ?

are items with passives that really, really, help gods. If offensive, defensive, or utility are selected: it includes all options next to it.

If I?m playing Anubis, building Bancroft?s Talon + Typon?s Fang works with his passive to create insane lifesteal (enhancing his strength). Good items are Soul Reaver (probably your go to) and Obsidian Shard for countering strong, heavily protected tanks for magical. If your Mage Assassin already has fairly low cooldowns or solid mana usage, or the enemy keeps escaping with a sliver of health left over, replacing Chronos Pendant with Ethereal Staff can sometimes give you that last little push you need to seal the deal.

For power + magical, Void Stone, Runic Shield and Ancile are good items. I?ve been paying attention to my matches, streamed games, and the comments on all of these, and I?ve noticed 3 types of people: I think at most levels of play, these are fine. But thinking about it in this way, if there?s a problematic Ah Puch on their team, building Pestilence to prevent his healing will help that little bit more.

Hitting w/ Basic Attack Damage ? For this reason, I think here is where you want to pay attention either to other features or specific passives for each character. More broadly, ADCs can build crit as an option to up their DPS, though occasionally this is at the cost of item utility, or both types of penetration. These support gems will affect Smite auras: Note that Inspiration Support does not affect reservation, but does affect auras supported by Spell Totem Support. Will all this in mind, I think a fairly easy starting point is just basic theorycrafting.

?OR?you could have done your 1000 damage with antiheal, they only heal 240, and deal?760 damage. Of course!

One of the most important aspects of performing well in SMITE is itemization.

I think a lot of the crit items are very viable right now.

3. etc.

Build Hide of the Nemean Lion.

Weapon: Ancestral Protector (Red) (13), Herald of Ash (Red) (20 / 20), Precision (Green) (21), Body Armour: Saqawal’s Nest Blood Raiment, Offhand Weapon: Ichimonji Corsair Sword, Gloves: Maligaro’s Virtuosity Deerskin Gloves, Ring: Call of the Brotherhood Two-Stone Ring x2.

The items for it are generated based off of most popular items built on that God (so the more popular a God is the better the tab is, with the less popular Gods having some niché, jank stuff).

Letting you stick to gods with items like Hastened Katana makes it a good pick on AA gods such as Arachne or Mercury, which is why you?ll see these in builds.

You could build a *whole new magical item* at 100% scaling that does an additional 145 damage, and you?ve still only dealt?745 damage. because it?s so preventable. ?You are counterbuilding.

For this reason, I felt inspired to make a guide. ?That?s 91 more damage.

Hopefully this at least helps to foster that change in mindset. However, sometimes even this can be less important if you?re up against a mid-laner who?s healing constantly that Divine Ruin may work better. Though I play support characters *significantly less*, so my knowledge there is fundamentally weaker (especially items I?ve forgotten/misunderstood!)


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