j35 engine swap

The orientation of the starter requires grinding the nose of the starter down to clear the flywheel. Coolant runs through a Mocal Laminova oil cooler. No replacement for displacement – as they say.

Works perfectly and looks tidy – Thanks Trever!

I am actually really happy with the current speed of the car and have no desire to have higher top speeds. The engine upgrades include heads and cams from a Acura TL Type-S (J32A2), upgraded springs, and a 72 mm turbocharger. I did find some phantom knock on cylinder 1 so I replaced the OEM knock sensor with a Bosch Flat Response. This dyno reads about 25 whp low compared to the MCE dyno used by NASA West Coast Nationals but all I really care about is a direct comparison.

But your build is clearly very well done. Jeff Evans has also been very responsive on his forum and via email. Currently working on starter fitment, oil pan clearancing and baffling, fuel lines, exhaust, and wire harness. We offer shirts on Spreadshirt and Amazon.

So your using the odyssey crank and pistons ? They also plan to swap the factory GM rear end for a Ford 8.8-inch rear end. Next time, I’m building titanium. I have experience tuning AEM Series 2 ECU’s but the Infinity is new to me so I purchased the AEM Infinity Master Training Course from evansperformanceacademy which has been very helpful. use a 12v rpm activated input for vtec solenoid. This spacer is one piece and includes reliefs on the backside for easy removal. It also opens up some options for other pulleys such as the Sector One Design S2000 Pro Crank Pulley, factory Honda S2000 crank pulley, or a Fluidampr pulley. The engine is very compact and has no interference issues other than the oil filter which can be solved with a remote mounted oil filter.

Dont worry i was kidding.

You’re right, Civics were never meant to go that fast.

I am somewhat doing the same project besides my J series VTEC is in the rear of a 1989 Honda CRX. The top cars in these classes are detuning the engines to create a flat hp curve in the operating range using throttle by wire mapping, inlet restrictors, or programmed wastegates. Your email address will not be published.

With only a few days before the event, I ordered some supplies and made some major changes. The exhaust system sounded great and made reasonable power but the headers megaphones and V-bands had very little ground clearance. This post is out of order and will catch up on some work recently completed. Plus they are still large in diameter and accommodate two belts when I’ll only be using one.

Progress continues on the J32A2 V6 swap into the S2000. I’m sure 4th gear pulls would be better but that gets a little dicey on public streets. I’d rather not relocate the steering rack and any modifications to the subframe results in penalties under the race class I run in (treated as a tube frame chassis). Supra Mk3 with a 700+ hp Twin-Turbo 2.7 L Radical V8, Toyota MR2 with a 1046 whp Turbo 3S/5S Inline-Four Goes 8.31 sec, Mitsubishi Pajero Evo with a Supercharged LTx V8 Update.

This is a single belt pulley and much smaller in diameter. Installed clutch and assembled transmission (hopefully for the final time). Required fields are marked *. The F20C/F22C is an absolutely amazing engine; engaging to drive and responds well to forced induction.

The Inline Pro transmission adaptor provides a starter mount at the bottom of the engine. Completed the water plumbing. Flow should be about the same and gained about 1.5″ of ground clearance so life is good.

ft. SAE corrected. Progress continues on the J32A2 V6 swap into the S2000. Right on! The starter overlaps the oil pan and clearance must be made to the pan for fitment. Lots of orders to Prowire USA for supplies. Note for anyone planning to run the ASP headers, mod these first before building the rest of the exhaust system or maybe ask ASP to tuck it up a bit higher and skip the v-band. The TPS sensor also turned out to be bad so I replaced it with a Acuity TPS sensor and ordered an Acuity Podium Oil Cap. how is the intake facing the passenger side?

At the 2016 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack the Civic set a 189.39 mph trap speed on 900 horsepower and 31 psi of boost. 189 mph?? Adapter Plate and engine mounts needed some modifications to fit: Picked up a magnesium intake manifold from a 2009 TL SH-AWD.

Much lighter than the J32A2 aluminum intake manifold and with larger T-body opening. Once done, I realized with the slips at the merge collectors, slips at the header-to-B-pipe, and slips at the 2-to-1 merge collector, it was impossible to install the exhaust.

A few stainless steel mandrel bends, a 2-to-1 merge collector, some tig welds, and b-pipe grafted to old 3″ exhaust. Your email address will not be published.

Thanks, What pistons are you running to have a low enough compression for 31lbs of big boost?

I’m keeping my SC’d F22C in case I don’t love the J-swap.

The baffle was covered in an oil compatible rubber sheet that extends past the baffle edges to seal off against the oil pan surfaces. It’s always neat for folks like you to show us just what can be done with a bit of ingenuity. The motor will feature eBay connecting rods, Holley intake, GM coilpacks, and LSx throttle body.

It’s been done many times, the motors are powerful, light, and compact. For the track, these motors have more power than I want/need. There are aftermarket aluminum replacements but they don’t have the factory female hex detail used to hold the crank for installing and removing the pulley. I designed this baffle to bolt to the block using the windage tray mounting screws with standoffs.

Harness is protected with Raychem DR-25 and Raychem/Sumitomo adhesive lined heat shrink at all joints and terminations. I did try some virtual dyno pulls but the numbers were significantly off and 3rd gear pulls often resulted in small amounts of wheel spin over bumps which really throws the numbers off. I have the body of the CRX wired for lights, horn, wipers, etc etc. I’ll be adding diffusers to the splitter in the future.

An LS swap makes a lot of sense. Makes me wonder why Honda didn’t stuff the V6 into the Type R, which would’ve been great. Adding a Rotrex supercharger bumps the whole curve up but still only makes peak hp in a very limited rpm window which means 95% of the time, I’m not operating at peak power. I will update the article. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. The engine upgrades include heads and cams from a Acura TL Type-S (J32A2), upgraded springs, and a 72 mm turbocharger. Total mass saved when using S2000 alternator and Pro Crank Pulley: 4475 grams / 9.87 lbs (mostly rotating mass). Head porting, 3.7 crank, and higher compression pistons could be in the future but it’s fine for now.

Fortunately, I had a 3″ v-band laying around so I added this joint between the merge and the resonator.

We stripped the harness and used the factory wire and connectors whenever feasible.

The factory inline-four has been replaced with a 3.5 L J35 V6 from a 2002 Honda Odyssey. The S2000 engine uses a starter that mounts to the engine. More holes in the hood to clear the intake manifold. Some of the advantages include the ability to use the S2000 transmission (which is one of my favorites ever) and differential which has been reinforced to handle increased power. The J32A2 oil pan has a fairly deep sump at the oil pump pickup. Project J35A S-10 is building a 1989 Chevy S10 truck for drag racing using a turbocharged 3.5 L Honda J35A V6.

It would scrape on bumpy roads and any sort of crown or steep threshold. Please email me some details and information.

Fabricated a new clutch hard-line to move it away from the header and fabricated some hard-lines for the fuel pressure regulator and brake booster. You said in one of the videos , you are running LS wiring and GM coils.

Both are used to get the required offset. As an obvious sign that this project has been going on far too long… I decided to make some changes to the alternator relocation even though it would have worked beautifully and I already purchased a brand new Honda alternator, belt, and Prank Parts relocation kit.

Cut a wedge out of each megaphone and tucked them up about 1″ higher and also removed the V-bands and replaced them with Burns Stainless slip fits and clamps. This post will catch up on some work done over the past several months. Assuming 15% drivetrain loss, this would be ~330 hp (~360 hp using MCE dyno numbers) at the crank. Are these engines that underrated or was the OEM exhaust manifold that restrictive?

Great build!

isn’t it usually on the driver side? Now I am at a wiring spaghetti nightmare. and I have all sensors , actuators, relays, ECM , controllers , etc etc from the Accord .

I think the weight will come within 20-30 lbs of the current engine/supercharger/intercooler. Instagram: instagram.com/sectoronedesign/.


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