jasper and steven fusion
Hybrid Fusions: Obsidian (Steven fusion) • Rainbow Quartz 2.0 • Smoky Quartz • Steg • Stevonnie • Sunstone Personal Status She is also capable of fusion, as shown when she fuses with Lapis Lazuli to form Malachite and later a Corrupted Gem to form a centaur-like monstrosity.

The bands or stripes on Jasper's body are an aesthetic meant to represent the appearance of her gemstone in real life and to give her a camouflage or army commando look that fits her character.

Only if they are dealt in contact with a Gem Destabilizer, or a similar attack from Yellow Diamond the fusing gems will retreat into their gemstones to compensate for the damage to the fusion. Either Jasper has very low willpower (not unlikely, considering her barbaric personality), or Lapis Lazuli has a great deal of mental fortitude (or a combination of both). Sugilite, a three-Gem fusion, was easily large enough and powerful enough to destroy the rebuilt Communication Hub with a single punch. ♫. After getting healed from her corruption by Steven and the Diamonds in "Change Your Mind", she still wears a sleeveless bodysuit, however, the torso now has a different design. Dark yellow Spikes protrude from multiple areas of her body, and she appears to have beige-colored mane/tuft of hair growing around her neck.

Jasper tried to force Ocean Jasper to remain fused, but the monster overwhelmed her and ran away when given the chance, leaving Jasper to be corrupted because of the fusion.

During a damaged de-fusion, the original Gems do not retreat into their gemstones to regenerate. Because you're nothing without them! I've seen what you really are.

Goals we-are-like-young-sharknados: I’m convinced.

Deep underneath her victory first and militaristic personality, Jasper does have an insecure side that sprouts on occasion. She began to attack Smoky and had a brief period of victory, but was easily and quickly overwhelmed, defeated and defused shortly afterwards, which led to Jasper's corruption. At that same moment, he also frees Ruby and Sapphire and gets them together, causing them to regenerate and fuse into Garnet again. In "Earthlings", Steven finally tells Jasper that he is not Rose and tells her his name, though she continues to refer to him as Rose.

"Hello! Fusions are formed when the participants are emotionally harmonious with each other. It's unknown if the fusion can speak, as her few utterances have been animal-like growls, cries, and one laugh, presumably from Jasper. This is ironic given Jasper's cruel and aggressive personality.

Lapis rejects her proposal and Jasper attempts to charge at Steven only to have Lapis knock her back into the ocean once more. Each fusion's dance is different. In a desperate attempt at victory, Jasper ended up fusing with the blue north gem monster and formed the unknown quartz fusion.

Lapis, and Jasper’s two selves.

Type of Villain She also keeps the horns and two teal-colored markings from her corruption, one where her left shoulder and bicep connect and the other covering the thumb, index and middle fingers of her right hand. The two fusions witness their fusees confront their negative feelings. Previous Jasper and Steven reach an understanding at last.

Garnet's Universe: Foxman • Hopper • Hoppy • Ringo In "Jail Break", Jasper describes fusion as a "cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger," while Garnet states that she fuses out of love. Malachite, Garnet, and Alexandrite, showed that one component Gem can take control of the fusion. Jasper was put in charge of overseeing Lapis, following her return to Homeworld. It is not known whether this is a general property of fusions, an unusual property of Jasper and Lapis' hostile fusion, or Steven's perspective on Malachite as viewed in his dream.

Break away from Lapis' control and unfuse from Malachite (eventually succeeded).Track down Lapis and fuse with her again (failed).Collect corrupted gems to make a gem army under her control (partially succeeded).Destroy Rose Quartz/Steven and avenge Pink Diamond (failed).

Stevonnie has no extra body parts, while Steg has two extra arms.

She came out as the perfect Quartz, as described by Peridot. If she was only a fusion of Lapis and Jasper, why wouldn’t she be around the same size as Opal? When Garnet's component Gems are arguing over Pearl's betrayal of their trust, Ruby ends the fusion by speaking through Garnet, saying "Then you can just go." This resulted in the creation of Zebra Jasper, who did not take long before she started to attack Smoky with some swift slashes from her clawed hands. Rose fought against the Gem Homeworld while Jasper fought on its behalf. The colors of the top half of her bodysuit have been inverted and is now a v-neck similar to her first outfit, and the knees are ripped. Then you need a partner who you trust with that light. During the fight, she uncharacteristically thanks the Crystal Gems for proving her previous opinion wrong – that fusion is not just some cheap trick. During their battle, Jasper pulls no punches as she expresses her disdain for Steven's reliance on his allies and inability to fend for himself alone, viewing him as pitiful. In "Mindful Education", Garnet explains that if at least one of the fusees is emotionally unstable during the fusion, it can cause the fusion to become "unbalanced" and lose touch with reality, hallucinate, and ultimately defuse. At the same time, she is visibly affected when Steven rejects her support as well, believing that she can no longer help him either and telling her to find something better to do with her life. After Steven returns to ask for help on controlling his powers, Jasper harshly trains him but is still impressed by how his strength has grown. When Sugilite is injured by her flail, she "poofs" back to Garnet and Amethyst. Steven Universe (hybrid: 1/2 Gem, 1/2 human), Steven Universe (hybrid: 1/2 Gem, 1/2 human). With no Diamond to serve and nowhere to go, all Jasper has left is to train. For example, Garnet can remain active for an indefinite amount of time, but Alexandrite requires a large degree of effort to remain stable.

Jasper quickly recognized that Amethyst is a Quartz Gem soldier much like herself, only an "overcooked runt", indicating that despite their shared heritage, she sees Amethyst as just another Crystal Gem rebel, and perhaps an inferior version of herself. Sugilite was much larger than Opal because while opal was made of Pearl and Amethyst, Sugilite was made of Sapphire and Ruby, and Amethyst. I've been fighting from the second I broke free of the Earth's Crust, because of what YOU did to my colony!

After realizing she could not win against them, she exclaimed that she would not lose against yet another fusion.

Because Earth is regarded as a failure on Homeworld, Jasper has developed self-image issues, believing that she might be a failure herself due to being made on Earth. Fusion will cause the creation of a new Gem; however, this does not necessarily mean that this Gem does not already exist. Jasper's origin seems to be the opposite as Amethyst's.

Centipeetle Mother | Gem Cave Creature | Big Bird | Ice Monster | Invisible Gem Monster | Lighthouse Gem Monster | Slinker | Great North Gem Monsters | Monster Steven, Other Ironically, that led to her fusion with her and transformation into Malachite, and subsequently being dragged down into the bottom of the ocean and her abuse by Lapis. She was also deeply power-hungry, as she wants nothing more than to become all powerful. ", When Gems turn their bodies into light during a fusion dance, the light is a solid mass, as shown in ". Opal, Stevonnie, some of the Cluster Gems, Sardonyx, Smoky Quartz, and the Ruby fusions have had fewer. Although the Ocean Jasper's gemstone is a hexagon, it is shown to be round while fused. The two fuse together to form Malachite, with Jasper initially appearing to be the dominant personality.

Because of their desire to stay fused, Sugilite began to lose her rationality.

She now resides in Little Homeworld, beginning to learn a new way of life. To 'thank' them, she attempts to unfuse Alexandrite by squeezing her with hands created by water and freezing them, as she sees there is room for only 'one abomination'. Like how I can make metal do my bidding! Another instance of a similar concept is when Garnet seems to converse separately as Ruby and Sapphire before starting to de-fuse in "Keeping It Together" and "Keystone Motel", giving light to their opposing opinions. Her face is taken from Jasper, but with the Ocean Jasper's mouth. Rhodonite - Primarily pink with veins of black caused by manganese oxide. She had also previously served under Pink Diamond and was loyal to her, but Rose Quartz had seemingly shattered her and Jasper had been mentally scarred as a result. She was even willing to fuse with a Corrupted Gem in order to beat Smoky Quartz, showing her desperation for power.

You think everyone needs help! Malachite, holding together, despite Jasper and Lapis Lazuli's conflict. In "Gem Hunt", she poofs two Corrupted Gems at the Great North. When Jasper attempts to coerce Lapis into fusing with her to defeat the Crystal Gems, Lapis eventually agrees.

She poofs back into her original Gems, Ruby and Sapphire. Why? Jasper can be considered an opposing counterpart to Rose Quartz. When she first arrives on Earth, she quickly dismisses Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as weaklings not worth her time. However, the corrupted Gem can escape the fusion if she fights back hard enough. Existing non-fusion type Gems will look different to that of a fused Gem. Zebra Jasper has dark orange-yellow skin with mahogany patches caused by Ocean Jasper's corruption. Attempted murder

Lapis and Jasper separate following this and, after she is carried out of the water, she falls into a huge crack made in the ground by the Cluster.

Jasper notices the Great North monster caged up, and fuses with it. Many fusions so far have had as many eyes as all of their constituent Gems put together. She initially considers them unworthy for her to fight personally and simply orders Peridot to blast them with the Gem Warship.

After being shattered in their rematch, Jasper is shocked but bows to Steven referring to him as her diamond, showing loyalty and that he now accepts him as her undisputed superior.


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