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And besides, black flags may have led some into thinking we had the medieval plague. In Empathy's Name, Trump the Disruptor Offers School Choice to #WalkAway Parents, Democratic Convention Ignores the Elephant in the Virtual Room: Big-city Violence, One Story from the Night of Looting in Chicago That Doesn't Fit the Narrative, Protecting Joe Biden From A Debate And Susan Rice 'By the Book'. “We have not lived at home for two months,” Krewson told the St. Louis Post Dispatch. And so, we've become unmoored, without time to process everything that's happening.

Zeus the Wonder Dog is most definitely a mammal, a lean 60 pounds. All of you have been unmoored, too, by the loss of jobs, the closing of workplaces, the fear in the eyes of bickering political leaders uncertain how they'll handle the chaos that might come.

What they don't mention is how Democrats opened the door to all of this. And those who feed the flames, including some pundits who see nothing but race, and celebrity actors playing to the outrage, contribute to the unrest, though they won’t admit it. But isn’t it also reasonable for citizens to consider their obligations, and think on everything we’ve witnessed for months since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and perhaps wonder if it has been leveraged, maliciously, for political purposes? Larry Elder's New Doc, 'Uncle Tom,' Will Frighten the American Left, CCPA - Do not sell my personal information.

But many didn’t want to listen. The next day, we signed the closing papers on the sale of the house. Could President Joe Biden Hold Back the Left?

It's small.

Trump, as I have said before, is not the cause of our national acrimony. It’s politics with a twist. This Jew Stands With John Kass Against Anti-Semitic Hit. There were others who said, wrote and tweeted worse, but their hatred doesn’t grant them mention here, especially now, when anger is the thing and politics is the thing. Over the past eight years or so, you may have lost friends over tribal politics. Yes there is legitimate anger over what happened to Taylor, killed when police executed a legal search warrant, announcing themselves after midnight at her home as part of a narcotics investigation of her former boyfriend, ex-con Jamarcus Glover, who was later arrested on drug charges. No event in recent memory […], Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass is not only a shrewd political commentator with a briefcase full of insider sources, he is also comfortable pulling up a chair and sitting down with local residents to bring back unique narratives about everyday life and culture. The son of a Greek immigrant grocer, Kass was born June 23, 1956, on Chicago’s South Side and grew up there and in Oak Lawn. I say “What if? Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. “We did it to de-escalate the situation … and importantly because our neighbors were being disturbed and threatened.”. Cheryl Dorsey, a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, said as much on left-leaning MSNBC, echoing others.

That game of “what if?” you played as a kid: So, what if, rather than liberal Democratic mayors in Democratic towns being overwhelmed by violence, things were reversed? If that firebomb had hit the police — with some officers burned alive and survivors sent to the tortures of a hospital burn ward — would we say their names? Something Grows in the Big Cities Run by Democrats: An Overwhelming Sense of Lawlessness . The Nov. 3 presidential election is just weeks away. Generations of Americans were not taught rudimentary civics.

The movers filled the truck. John Kass is a columnist for The Chicago Tribune. You can read it in the ruined garden of the mayor of liberal Oak Park, Illinois, The People’s Republic of Oak Park, the suburb just west of Chicago. These were the wretched black flags of our intent, made of barbecue equipment.

Politics. You can't hug them. Or perhaps you just keep your mouth shut, afraid to freely speak your mind as Americans once did, worried about the cancel culture that hovers over all of us like that damned virus. John Kass: Amy Coney Barrett will help save our nation from being torn apart by politics. But with all that went on, finding a new place, rushing through everything, we didn't have the time. Only one officer was charged, with recklessness, for wantonly shooting into another apartment at the time.

The new owners were nice, and they have little children and the big backyard is perfect for them.

Kass’ common-man sensibility and straight-talking approach allow him to put people at […], The Medicine Cabinet: Ask the Harvard Experts, Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle, Family Health Guide from Harvard Health Publications, Guide to Fitness from Harvard Health Publications, Investing by Life Stages from Morningstar. Early voting shattered, Wisconsin may hit record turnout as political tensions run high in the battleground state, Kyle Rittenhouse cried, vomited and worried about social media as he told Antioch cops, ‘I shot two white kids’, Chicago businesses board up windows, brace for possible Election Day unrest, Stress eat your way through Election Day with 10 restaurant specials and comfort food picks, Editorial: What the ‘Pritzker Tax’ result will say about Illinois voters, American Airlines slashes 100,000 flights in December, including steep cuts in Chicago, ‘to match low demand’.

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Email is so infuriatingly sterile. There were countless stories about it then, offered as objective news, and analysis. The hard left wing of the Democratic Party drives things and Biden dare not condemn them.

), Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, A group of college students drove more than 1,500 miles to help their friend cast her ballot, Olive Garden Is Opening Its First Location in This State. Column: What are Pritzker and Democrats really telling Illinois taxpayers? Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Trump's Stop in Kenosha Wasn't Risky. Why Hasn't Joe Biden Said No to Democratic Threats to Pack the Supreme Court? By David M. Simon. There, he worked at the …

Conservative anger against Democratic policy was presented as irrational and dangerous. And that begs even more questions, even though the answers are already known.

And everything is being fed to its flame. Justice sought by violence is not justice. And bleach wipes would ruin the penmanship. "In English that means that I interpret the Constitution as a law," she said, "and that I interpret its text as text, and I understand it to have the meaning that it had at the time people ratified it.


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