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Next, Socrates idealized Sparta, had aristocratic and pro-monarchical views, and despised Athenian democracy, spending a great deal of time in denigrating the common man.

37 - Eliade, Journal III,1970-78, p. 162. In the world of tradition stable socio-political institutions were in place. I was finding everywhere what I later called ³cosmic religiosity²: that is, the leading role played by symbols and images, the religious respect for earth and life, the belief that the sacred is manifested directly through the mystery of fecundity and cosmic repetition... »(42). If one boils water and it disappears or nothing happens or it turns into ice or as it does into steam then of course all science would be impossible the world would be meaningless and unknowable and there would be no science at all. The interment will follow in Calvary Cemetery. 9 - H.T. 5 - Walter Laqueur, Fascism: Past, Present, Future, New York: Oxford University Press, 1996, pp. (Evola rejected this interpretation as unsophisticated and as the product of a feminine and telluric worldview.)

She wrote of « the immense benefit that a receptive reader may gain from an exposition such as Evola’s », (52) and concluded that « the study of The Yoga of Power is particularly beneficial in a time in which every form of discipline is naively discredited. As I have previously suggested, it was typical of the imperial universalism to exercise a higher unifying and organizing function over and above any particular cult, which it did not need to deny or to oppose. » (53). My argument could not have been simpler.

According to Evola there are spiritual and ontological reasons that account for differences in people’s lot in life.

Stanley Jaki. Humanism was a reintrodiuction of humans into art music drama literature.

14 - Julius Evola, Il cammino del cinabro, Milan: Vanni Scheiwiller, 1972 , p. 162. In not seeking to recruit followers, he was probably mindful of Buddha’s injunction to proclaim the truth without attempting to persuade or dissuade: « One should know approval and one should know disapproval, and having known approval, having known disapproval, one should neither approve nor disapprove, one should simply teach dhamma ».(25).

As a Hebraic sect it would have remained marginal oddity amongst the hundreds of sects cults and religions of the Greco Roman world. At the end of his book Bobbio suggests that, « the main criterion to distinguish between Right and Left is the different attitude they have toward the ideal of equality. Quite frankly some of the nationalists seem totally fine with other kinds of social decay as long as the race is preserved.

26 - Julius Evola, Cavalcare la tigre, p. 175.

An atheist who prays?

Evola’s recommendation was that while living in exile from the world of Tradition and from the Golden Age, one should avoid the encroaching embrace of the multitudes and refrain from active participation in ordinary human affairs. Hansen, a pseudonym adopted by T. Hakl, is an Austrian scholar who earned a law degree in 1970. Evola, Frances (nee Martorana) Baptized into the hope of Christ’s resurrection on September 12, 2011. The traditional hierarchical view according to which loyalty enjoyed a supernatural sanction and a religious value, since every power descended from above, was undermined at its very foundation. Beloved wife fo the late Julius Evola. before

12 - This work has been translated into French and German. Generally speaking, the term tradition can be understood in several ways: (1) as an archetypal myth (some members of the political Right in Italy have rejected this view as an « incapacitating myth »); (2) as the way of life of a particular age, e.g., the Middle Ages, feudal Japan, the Roman Empire; (3) as the sum of three principles: « God, Country, Family »; (4) as anamnesis, or historical memory in general; and (5) as a body of religious teachings to be preserved and transmitted to future generations. 58 - Norberto Bobbio, Destra e sinistra: ragioni e significati di una distinzione politica, Rome: Donzelli Editore, 1994.

Evola, as a representative of the European Right, may be regarded as one of the leading antiegalitarian philosophers of the twentieth century.

In 1988 a passionate champion of free speech and democracy, the journalist and author I. F. Stone, wrote a provocative book entitled The Trial of Socrates. See his Elogio e difesa di Julius Evola: il barone e i terroristi, Rome: Edizioni Mediterranee, 1997, in which he debunks the unfounded charge that Evola was responsible either directly or indirectly for acts of terrorism committed in Italy.

Though one may reject it, this view deserves as much respect as the linear view of history upheld by theism, to which I subscribe, or as the progressive view championed by Engels’ « scientific materialism », or as the hopeful and optimistic view typical of various New Age movements, according to which the universe is undergoing a constant and irreversible spiritual evolution. By failing to live up to his civic responsibilities, Socrates was guilty of « civic bankruptcy », especially during the dictatorship of the Thirty. Unlike Guénon and his emulators, I believe I have nothing to write that would be intended especially for them ». Evola endorsed the notion of autarkeia out of his rejection of the human condition and of the ordinary life that stems from it. Therefore it seems unavoidable that fate will run its course.

First of all, how is it possible that Catholicism may have today that strength to operate a radical and universal conversion of which it has proved itself unable even when there existed material, moral, and intellectual conditions infinitely more advantageous? In a letter dated July 2, 1921, Evola wrote to his friend Tristan Tzara: « I am in such a state of inner exhaustion that even thinking and holding a pen requires an effort which I am not often capable of. » (5) Umberto Eco sarcastically nicknamed Evola « Othelma, the Magician.», The most valuable summaries to date of Evola’s life and work in the English language have been written by Thomas Sheehan and Richard Drake. This is all the more true of the man seeks to nullify the natural consequences of sex by a deliberate action, ensuring that all he gets from sex is pleasure, while also holding nature in contempt.

by R.J. Hollingdale, London: Penguin Books, 1969, p. 86.

In his quest for this privileged condition, he expounded the paths blazed by various movements in the past, such as Tantrism, Buddhism, Mithraism, and Hermeticism. (55). Walter Laqueur, in his Fascism: Past, Present, Future, did not hesitate to call him a « learned charlatan, an eclecticist, not an innovator, » and suggested « there were elements of pure nonsense also in his later work.


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