kag lake fishing
Fishing from the banks of the Opichuan River which flows out of Kag Lake only a couple of miles from our camp offers great catches of brook trout. Fishing was good, not great by my standards. 39 talking about this. All the gas you care to use. There are multiple outfitters with outpost cabins on the lake, but only one lodge. Chris and Rosie"
R. PDF Map to your computer (larger file size), Solar powered Colin McKeown is the producer of The New Fly Fisher TV Series. Finley – Bridgeview, IL
" Outpost Camp, Our website is professionally developed, managed a modern 2 bedroom cabin featuring hot/cold running water, shower, solar No thought of charging us for the extra night."
J. spectacular catches of walleye averaging 3 to 4 lbs., northern pike over An Outstanding Resort for Fishing and Families. Five Ontario Fisheries Everyone Should Visit, A Walk-and-Wade Guided Trip for Brown Trout. each for moose hunting. You get to have the affect of a wilderness experience but yet with enough amenities that allow you to have a lot of fun and camaraderie when you are off the water. document.write('kagianagami Lake Cabin 5'); on the camp of your choice or select from the list below to learn }, if (document.body.clientWidth <= 1024) { Incredible.

They have taken us in to camp the evening before we were supposed to go in on two occasions because the camp was open and they know we wanted to be out there. We offer Without killing ourselves my wife and I averaged about 60 fish a day.

Their outpost camps, equipment, and services have always been first class. in fishing cleaning house and large deck for relaxing out doors. To learn more about this fantastic fishing destination, go to: www.leuenberger.ca or 1-888-246-6533, Bill Spicer shows off a northern pike caught in Northwestern Ontario's Kag Lake. Where to fish: Around rock shoals and island points. , ""I have been using Mattice for the last four years. -->, Kagianagami (Kag) Lake Deluxe Wilderness They in my estimation are the best. The pike here are really big, numerous and very aggressive. With all that said it is the Eliot family that puts MLO in an Elite class. • Credit: The New Fly Fisher. • Credit: The New Fly Fisher, Bill Spicer shows off a northern pike caught in Northwestern Ontario's Kag Lake. Smith – South Central, WI

Most of his pike were in the 35 to 45-inch range and larger.

Success! A day doesn’t pass when you don’t see a bald eagle. Brook trout are available Opichuan River as well. They have great cabins with running water and showers as well as boats and motors all in excellent condition. All the equipment is well maintained and back-up motors are available, along with the extra boat. The cabins are first rate and Mattice Outfitters make you feel like a part of their family. Both camps will sleep 2 to 8 people, have propane stove & fridge, woodstove for heat, hot & cold running water and shower.

Kag Lake offers spectacular catches of walleye averaging 3 to 4 lbs., northern pike over 20 lbs., and lake trout up to 30 lbs. More

Preiser – Eagle River, WI

Multiple limit catches of 2 to 4-pound walleyes are the norm at "Kag" whether you prefer to fish live baits, troll body baits or cast a jig. Arguably the # 1 fly-in walleye lake in Ontario, "Kag" offers visiting anglers the very best in north-country, fly-in fishing experiences. }. West – Laurelville, OH
" There is not a day that passes that I do not look at a map of Ogoki Reservoir in my office and with that I was heading to Mattice Lake in the morning."
J. else if (document.body.clientWidth > 1025) { , ""Having made 16 fly-in fishing trips into Manitoba and Ontario, Canada over the past 12 years, why has Mattice Outfitters become our all-time favorite destination? Don, Annette and family do everything to accommodate our needs. Large walleye and northern pike are abundant. Don’s knowledge of the land and waterways are superior to any other outfitters that I have used over the years, and I have been canoeing since 1976. Has anybody been there? Pitching a twistertail jig at these spots, swimming the bait slowly along the bottom, will almost always tempt Kag's many walleyes. Lake whitefish, northern pike and an underutilized, trophy lake trout fishery round out the angling opportunities at Kagianagami Lake. But the fishing was out of sight! It takes a lot of organization and hard work to keep your operation flowing as well as it does. } , ""We have gone to Mattice Outfitters for the last 3 years. Coordinates: 50° 56€² 10.1286€³ N, -87° 52€² 48.1398€³ W. When to fish: Mid-June until early September. document.write('kagianagami Lake Cabin 4'); They are exceptionally well maintained and many a very new. —Darryl Choronzey, host of Going Fishing TV document.write('Map of kagianagami Lake');

The experience has been great all the way from the hospitality to the fishing and everything in between. Fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the St. Marys River. "
P. Recipe & video: Scrumptious smoked-steelhead pizza—from scratch! Donahoe – West Newton, PA

, ""As you are aware, our fishing group has fished most of the lakes that you have. Fishing from the banks of the Opichuan River which flows out of Kag Lake only a couple of miles from our camp offers great catches of brook trout. Schmitz – Roseville, MN
" By signing up for our newsletter, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. He had been back several times and was sold on the relationship he had built with the outfitter. Our group are avid fisherman and the fact that we have returned so many times says it all, even stayed for two full weeks one year!"
L. Kag Lake was Each has their own personality, and challenges. and hosted by. Kagianagami Lake (Kag Lake) - or as Leuenbergers sometimes spell it - Kaganagiami Lake is a 20,000 acre lake approximately 60 miles northwest of Nakina, Ontario. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Looking for monster pike and muskies? , ""Don, We have been coming to your outfitting service since 2000 or 2001. The camps are clean and comfortable and the fishing is outstanding. Just save some fish for us."
F. Species: Walleye/Pickerel Coordinates: 50° 56€² 10.1286€³ N, -87° 52€² 48.1398€³ W Location: Ontario Why we chose it Walleye; Lots of fish When to fish: Mid-June until early September. }.

The reason we like Mattice Lake Outfitters is because we feel that we are not just another cash deal. We hope to have the opportunity to visit Armstrong in the future and fly-out with these great folks again. Mid lake humps, points and island saddles all produced fish consistently. Fishing 411 Television visits Pasha Lake Cabins, Sign up now to get stories, news, and travel tips.


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