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He might be a tessenjutsu practitioner. Kalluto Zoldyck (カルト=ゾルディック, Karuto Zorudikku) is the youngest child of Silva Zoldyck and Kikyo Zoldyck and the younger brother of Killua Zoldyck. He is last seen witnessing Phinks throwing rocks at Shalnark and Feitan, in one of the Troupe's light-hearted moments. He. Kalluto's attacks are similar to those of. Hair Color Height When he realizes that Feitan had found the Queen he wonders how he should kill the Queen before Feitan could, but is distracted by a Chimera Ant, who calls him a girl and asks him to come over. Master of Stealth: Kalluto is very proficient in hiding and spying: he watched over Gon,Kurapika and Leorio completely unseen. Characteristics He is established to have a very good relationship with his mother. 10*[1] Even though he has a perfect Zetsu, his presence is still detected by Hisoka, who goes on to praise him for having a lot of potential. Milluki tricked the photographer Muna into saying 'No' to Alluka's wishes 3 times. Join the community. He was trained in assassination from a young age. [8], Kalluto during the assassination of the Ten Dons, Kalluto accompanies his great-great grandfather Maha and big brother Illumi in the assassination of the Mafia's Ten Dons, who have placed large bounties on the Phantom Troupe's heads.

Kalluto is the youngest male person that is known to have ever joined the Phantom Troupe. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Amanim/Anime Series and Characters on my website. After Killua successfully gets her to back off, Kalluto stands quietly and watches while Killua leaves, completely ignoring him.

Blood Type Manga - In addition, the unnamed Chimera Ant that has fought against Kalluto, like many viewers, mistakenly identifies Kalluto to be a young girl. [14] It is then revealed that Kalluto joined the Spiders with the intention of retrieving his older brother. His strength and physical abilities are largely unknown. from Illumi's pocket and identifies them as VVIPs. The technique is initiated when Kalluto lifts his hand and drops a certain amount of paper confetti. Even a normal person can do something like cutting through wooden chopsticks with a business card...", - In the official databook, his name is "Calltt Zaoldyeck".

His most commonly seen attire is a dark furisode kimono, accompanied with a yellow obi tied around his waist, and zori, which is a pair of Japanese sandals. Greed Island Player 1999 Abilities In Greed Island, Kalluto is introduced to Hisoka, who he replaced. He also has a mole on the left side of his mouth. [2] Again, in the nest of the Chimera Ants lead by Zazan he applied Nen-imbued confetti on his fellow comrades and followed their actions through his "Surveillance Paper Dolls" undetected. In the 2011 anime series Kalluto Zoldyck has light pale skin, thick eyebrows, shoulder length black hair that is cut in bobcut style in the 2011 anime series, and light pink eyes. His birthday is also a complete mystery. Though Kalluto seems to be very confident, he also displays a bad habit of questioning his own skills, and abilities when he feels that he is not good enough.

When Feitan is about to use his Nen powers, Kalluto is eager to watch, but is advised by the other Troupe members to stay away lest he be killed since Feitan's power has a huge range. Kalluto, along with his older siblings Milluki and Alluka, are out for a walk when they meet a photographer. He has a mole on the left side of his mouth. Its mechanics are as of yet unknown, but it enables him to detect a person with a certain Nen ability, as demonstrated when he found the Exorcist Abengane on Greed Island.[2]. [8], After distracting Franklin and Bonolenov, Kalluto jumped out of the window and quickly disappeared. Kalluto then gave him a pensive look as he seemed to consider what the word "friends" meant, before running off as his mother called to him. It is currently unknown what brother Kalluto wants to take back. - Despite wearing a furisode, typically a traditional dress for Japanese women, Kalluto is a boy:The 2004 Data Book seems to say that he is a boy with the tidbit: 「将来性豊かな着物少年」 (lit. His most commonly seen attire is a dark kimono (furisode), accompanied with a yellow obi tied around his waist, and zōri, a pair of Japanese sandals. Violet (1999) Pink (2011)

He was trained in assassination from a young …

He then thinks to himself that he should break his habit of playing with his targets before going over to where Feitan and Zazan were fighting. When the Chimera Ant Zazan took over Meteor City, Kalluto joined the Phantom Troupe to defeat the ants. Portrayal According to Kalluto, his abilities helped the Troupe successfully locate the Exorcist, Abengane.

1 History 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Gallery 5 Navigation Kalluto was born into the Zoldyck family. Due to all other (known) siblings having been at home during the Chimera Ant arc, Killua seems the most likely candidate. [17], Hakusen: Kalluto uses a folding fan made out of paper both as a weapon and as a medium for his Dance of the Serpent's Bite ability. Kalluto's appearance in Yorknew City arc. The current produced by the motion of his fan is strong enough to lift confetti off the ground.

He is also shown to be quite calm with good control of his feelings. Zoldyck Family Phantom Troupe He then asked Gon who they were, and Gon replied "Killua's friends", which confused Kalluto. He is the younger brother of Killua Zoldyck and Illumi Zoldyck. None One soldier takes an I.D.

But I won't give up. He also has become the newest, and most youngest member of the Phantom Troupe. Snaking through the air, the stream pierces into the body part where the confetti had previously stuck. It was tangled in a mass of vines and weeds but still continued to tick quietly inside the greenery. As a Zoldyck child who often participates in his family's assassination missions, Kalluto Zoldyck possesses high resistance to poisons and electricity, great agility and physical strength, and advanced assassination techniques. Kalluto has a silent and obedient personality, often seen doing what he is told. His most commonly seen attire is a dark kimono, accompanied with a yellow obi tied around his waist, and zōri, a pair of Japanese sandals.

Hisoka Morow | Chrollo Lucilfer | Bonolenov | Feitan | Franklin Bordeau | Illumi Zoldyck | Kalluto Zoldyck | Machi Komacine | Nobunaga Hazama | Pakunoda | Phinks | Shalnark | Shizuku | Uvogin, Chimera Ants He's an Ex-Pro Assasin from the Zoldyck Family who leaves his Estate in order to live his life his way and takes part in the Hunter Exam. After four days, the entire Phantom Troupe gather in the dining hall, where Chrollo hears the reports about their fruitless search for Hisoka.

Kalluto revealed he also possesses some sort of divination ability. [4], Kalluto prepares to take out the remaining Ants, Kalluto watches Feitan fight against Zazan, impressed and intimidated by Feitan's skills and speed, while getting irritated when the other Troupe members comment that despite the feats displayed, Feitan is still rusty and sluggish. Kalluto has a silent and obedient personality, often seen doing what he is told. [13], Kalluto seems to be very fairly talented in the field of Nen, with his natural category being Manipulation. Paper Manipulation:Surveillance Paper DollsPaper Fan BladeDance of the Serpent's Bite The name of Kalluto's Nen ability was changed to. He has become the newest and youngest member of the Phantom Troupe, replacing Hisoka as the new Member #4 after Hisoka's betrayal. Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters of the manga Hunter × Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi. Kalluto is next seen witnessing his mother trying to stop Killua from leaving home.

[4], Though Kalluto seems to be confident, he also displays a habit of questioning his skills and abilities when he feels that he is not good enough. Kalluto Zoldyck is a villain from the manga and anime,Hunter x Hunter. Kalluto offers to help Feitan at one point but is declined. By attaching a piece of confetti to a person's body and creating a paper doll of that person, Kalluto is able to hear anything being said within the vicinity of that person, thus allowing him to gain precious information without being detected.


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